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Looking nice, and the updates are very informative.

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monster-catching game in bullet hell world

Been in development since Nov 2016. Full-time since 2017
Episode 0 is titled Summon ~ Cunning shrine design.
made with

follow updates here or at

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Ah, sorry, the controls should be stated more clearly. It's Z+X together to launch a menu - but inside the menu, you use arrows to move and Z to select (or X to cancel).

In the case of verbs, there's something in the village that lets you change your action. The level design is meant to nudge the player towards that discovery early on, but it's still possible to miss.

A lot of the lag was about texture swapping rather than draw distance. I've now uploaded a fixed version with improved performance (game is otherwise the exact same).

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* download TIC-80 from

* type folder in the TIC console

* copy lowrez17.tic to the folder that opens

* in the TIC console, type load lowrez17.tic

* type run

Additionally, if you were to create a standalone Mac build with the command export native, I would gladly upload it! I have no way of doing this myself.

fruit glitch

Reminds me of the first Zelda a lot, as you said. The movement-based attack and tough enemies make you watch your step carefully.

Bug report: the hit point text was misplaced for me, breaking the 64x64 limit. 

This is a unique take, it's really stretching the limits of low res gameplay. Her mannerisms are enough to hint a bit about her personality - however, she got stuck in the "yay" position after finishing the fighting game.

Moody visuals. For all its simplicity, the enemy types seem to have their own personalities. Appreciate the little details like particle effects and score turning yellow once you pass your previous record.

Maybe it's just because I'm a Touhou player, but I think the difficulty could scale a bit faster. 

I love that you have this continuity going on between Lowrezjams! Pretty ambitious, there's quite a bit to explore and interact with here. Looks cheery and the screen doesn't feel too cramped.

Sounds like you stumbled upon the developer features of TIC-80. In the current version, there's no way to disable them in exported builds.

Pretty fun and ambitious, but with a simple core mechanic. Traditional moving and jumping were almost unnecessary because of how versatile and snappy the rotation is. For further development, maybe you could focus solely on the rotation, use falling height as some sort of variable for combos? 

The sliding is a cool touch, and cute character designs are always a plus. No real negatives to say about this.

it's a very☆ nice

Interesting, requiring certain amounts of health for passing thru locked doors. Perhaps this could be expanded to using health as a currency in general.

Right now the collisions seem to simply subtract your velocity, which causes a stuttering effect - collision events could be used to align the character pixel-perfectly.

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(by softmagician on Discord)
had some nice progression.
starts slow enough, and after it's established that not jumping makes it easier to hit enemies (no need to rotate the turret except for discrete 180 deg increments) it challenges you with the double jump
eventually the missiles turn this into a rule and you start worrying about health

it's a very nice

Guaranteed to spark your imagination.