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oh, i completely forgot about this message! okay, 3 years after, if it helps: there's a wardrobe in the green building that allows you to change cursor.

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i figured it out. for anyone else who wants to show collections' full taglines on their game page, the custom CSS is

.game_grid_widget .game_cell .game_text {
white-space: normal;

i tried to expand the tagline text area with custom CSS:

div.game_text {

..but it still doesn't show the full taglines, only the whitespace grows. any pointers?

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thanks for the response. however, i didn't mean font clipping, i meant how the taglines for the lower games are cut off with '...' because they're part of a collection. this seems like an intentional change; i wonder why is that?

has there been a layout change on creator pages?

the 7th featured game on isn't centered anymore, and the descriptions for my games in collections are cut off.

these may be little things but they lower the usability of my page, i'd like the old layout back.

just doing my best!

if you really wanna see more, you could try and - they're the earlier bullet hells in this trilogy

this comment really brightened my day :)

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i'm aware of the crash, it's been fixed in the post-jam version:

if you still want to see the final boss, you don't have to play all stages again - just select Practice mode and go to boss4. 

i will fix this :)

this is certainly unique! i think it could use some in-game explanations for better approachability.

cool upgrade system! the difficulty seems just right. the player's hitbox is maybe too big, but it's not game-breaking.

i'll certainly check it out!

thanks so much for the thorough feedback! i'll see what i can do about these for the post-jam build. as for the slowdown, i would add downloadable builds, but uploads are locked during the voting period.

glad to hear you found it a learnable experience! the replaying is inspired by Touhou 15's Pointdevice mode.

pretty creative game! there's a lot of game mechanics here, i'm impressed that you finished all of this in the jam's time.

the enemies creating new walls is a great idea, and so are bouncing bullets! the difficulty ramps up just slowly enough, i only think that maybe the enemies have just a bit too many HP (i already mastered the attacks before they were in low HP).

i'm having a lot of fun with this one! it seems incredibly polished, and there's a *lot* of content. (my game also has 4 stages - hi five!)

only thing that's missing is holding Shift for focused movement.

i'm liking this low-poly art style. the enemy waves last a bit too long i think. the music's great, did you compose it or is it royalty-free?

solid 4-star game! definitely goes well with the theme, difficulty is spot-on. oh and i liked the music (especially when the amen break drops)

wow, i'm honored!

thank you for the constructive criticism, i'll take these into account in the post-jam build.

boss 3 has the cube pattern, i wish you luck in getting that far!

thanks for your thorough feedback!

for a post-jam build, i think i'll add a stage select feature so players can at least preview the later stages.

hehey, it's you! yeah i'm still hustlin'! glad you liked.

thanks, i'll look into this.

decorate castle or go extinct.

it seems that embedded youtube videos refuse to work while this setting is active.

now there is one :)

talk to the horse in the lower left corner of the starting town and pick [yes]. left/right to select a herb from the inventory in the very bottom, Z to insert it for crafting, and Enter to actually craft when you have a proper recipe.


thanks, i'll look into this.

well, it is what it says on the tin. very simple but oddly enjoyable. i actually like that the word resets on wrong keypresses, it's better than having to reach for the backspace key.

really fun game with responsive controls. the music is a perfect fit.

pretty original concept, a little finicky on detecting the destruction though.

the audio was nicely used to create mood. pretty simple game but enjoyable nonetheless!

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pretty clever time travel mechanic, and a lot of content! in level 4, it was a bit difficult to make out which platforms are solid and which are not. also the character accelerates very slowly, making precise platforming unnecessarily difficult.

very cool for a first game! congrats on finishing a game :)

quite simple and easy to understand! i think the quakes could be a bit more frequent, there's a lot of waiting around.