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shouldn't be too far off - expect it in early September.

very charming presentation and intuitive mechanics! greetings from another dev who made a monster-catching game :D

this is pretty fun, just like VVVVVV! great music!

thank you for the thoughtful feedback! and glad you still remember Apoplex! :))

due to lots of feedback about the difficulty, i've made a post-jam version on the TIC-80 website where the minigames advance at 50% speed:

(the build on the itch page is untouched.)

yeah balancing is tricky, and i still easily fall into the trap of 'developer difficulty' - making the game challenging for myself, and then noticing it's almost impossible for others.

i'm glad you had fun, that cheers me up!

wow, it's just as fun as it seemed from the gifs you posted during development! there's a lot going on but it's still intuitive. definitely 5 stars for this.

thank you, i spent a lot of effort on the visuals! i think i'll make the minigame easier in a future build.

thanks for playing!

hmm that could work! 

if enough players feel like it, i will consider slowing down the letters in a future build. glad you liked the flavor text!

glad you liked the combat system, i'm pretty proud of it :D there's a total of 20 monsters, each with their own special ability. i will admit that the game's not perfectly balanced, and can feel unforgiving sometimes.

too bad that you had such an experience. anything i can do to make the minigame easier?

the goal is to catch all 20 monsters. there is a victory screen if you manage to do that!

heck yeah! it is indeed a WR, i've had someone else speedrun this and they took over a minute.

pretty unique concept and fun to play! nice audio too :)

which keyboard layout do you have?

alright, i've now fixed all reported OOB glitches! the game is more stable now, so go ahead with the article!

i'm wondering if i should limit star room making to the one room where it's necessary. it would break internal logic but save players from glitches.

thanks, i'll let you know. 

an article would be great, but i would like to fix the collision issues first. many playtesters have reported clipping out of bounds.

thank you for playing! you will definitely see more of it - i see that you've followed me, i post devlogs regularly so check your feed often!

it is a bit of a pun - 'press Star T'. so the asterisk key on your keyboard and T.

they spawn in the right place, but you've got to turn the room into a star room to wrap around the edges and get the S scroll. the character is giving you a hint on how to do so...

>Another issue is if you die when you hit new game you go back to your old save. (this might only be possible when you clip though).

yeah, i think that's a clipping problem. i purposefully don't want to format the save file when starting a new game.

>this comes up if you shoot a bunch of letters and then walk into a checkpoint.

thanks for reporting, should be fixed now.

thank you! there will be more content very soon 👀

your image seems to be broken.

i *think* i've fixed this now. at least, i haven't run into this issue after disabling x-collisions with textboxes when there's been a y-collision on the same frame.

you and me both!

i'm thinking i could vary the common sound effects in pitch to make them less repetitive.

i used TIC-80:

you can also press Enter now. what would be a good button in your opinion?

i've noticed that a couple of times while testing, unsure of what causes it. for now i'll just adjust the textbox positions.

i'm glad the added message helps! i will do my best to finish the game.

oh, i can see why you got confused, you're not supposed to get back from the void. that's where the game ends currently. i've now disabled this behaviour. 

this is an enjoyable little game!

sorry, this is TIC-80, not PICO-8!

suggestions are always ok. thanks!

could really benefit from some instructions, but it seems to be a very creative game.

quite original!

is there anything i can do to help with that? was there something specific you did not understand?