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hey, not bad for your first project.

keep making games <3

Thanks, dude! <3

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Hey! Thanks for the feedback! 

About the physics, I will fix the character movement now that the rating week ended.

About the finishing point, it was kind of intentional. One of my goals was to try to see how clear I could communicate goals without text and with reaaally subtle hints. For example, the 'destination_door' (as it's called in my code, haha), appears with a different delay that the rest of the elements of the level, and its sound effects has a different pitch. Not only the feedback was different, but the level design is arranged in an incremental way, so it should be pretty clear which door is the destination in every level.

I'm sorry for the wall of text, but I wanted to elaborate in the subject.

Thanks again for the feedback!

Thank you so much for your kind words! <3

hey, glad you liked it!

i will improve physics and character movement once the rating ends.

thank you for your feedback!

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The memories! I really liked these type of games when I was a kid. And the twist of not knowing how the finished puzzle looks like adds a hidden aesthetic to the game. It's no longer just trying to figuring out where should everything goes, but also it adds a memory component, because the game lets me know when a square it's in his right position, but since I still need to move it, I need to try to remember each of these positions. 

Great job!

PS: It's also nice to see other entries made by Godot. It's refreshing not seeing Unity games. Not that there is something inherently wrong with the engine, but I found awesome to see devs picking up other development tools.

welp, apart from the sub-pixel movement, the game is played on a 64x64 grid, scaled by 7 (which is something allowed in order to avoid having tiny game windows). 

but hey, thanks for your comment! A lot of people has mentioned this issue, so i'll try to comply with the 64x64 restriction for the next edition :)

thanks! glad you liked it!

My favorite game so far. Pretty simple but really challenging. It's like playing a simple -but still hardcore- version of chess.  I'm curious what kind of new mechanics you could add to the game to give it a little more complexity.

Great great job!

I think it's fair enough. I did manage to get a movement that snaps to the 64x64 grid, but it felt weird and unreliable, so I decided to go the other way. Maybe I went a little too far and made the controls 'too smooth', hehe.

Thanks for your feedback! <3

hehe, thanks!

glad you liked it!

I liked your game a lot!

Everything -graphic wise- was clear and cute. I think you did a great job there. I know that there is some sort of 'rock paper scissors' dynamic between the units, but I would like to have more combat options for mages and archers. Maybe if you add the option to attack from distance I could feel more the difference between units, but maybe it makes them OP.

Overall, a really nice entry, specially from a one dev team. 

A good revision of the classic pipes games with a twist: multiple pipes rotating at the same time. 

I couldn´t get past the 2nd level, but it was a nice game. What I found a little bit frustrating is that I couldn't know which pipes will be rotated when I click. Maybe you could add some form of highlighting that is applied to the pipes, depending on the mouse position. I think that could improve the 'planning' phase, which is something I think enhances the experience you want the player to have.

Music was nice, nothing too fast-paced and fits the gameplay.

Good job!

Hey! Thanks for your feedback.

About the physics, it's entirely my fault! I used this game jam to learn Godot, and I lacked the experience to make controls feel better. 

Since I am a programmer/designer and not an artist, I feel confident that I will be able to fix the physics, so i'ts not something that worries me too much , but having people that likes my 'art' is a big deal to me.

Thank you so much again!

I just played 5 minutes and I loved the concept.

Just a suggestion: maybe in the future you could re-arrange your action buttons because it looked pretty weird to me that the first button you need to click is at the end of the list. If you don't want to change their order, maybe you could introduce them one by one, explaining what each of one does?

Anyway, great job! I would never have thought this concept!

I really like how much 'juice' and feedback your game has. Each hit feels important, and that shows me that polish is just as important to you as content. I love when devs put so much attention to details. Props to you.

Everything was clear, including abilities (it took me a little while to figure out how to move but I managed), but to be honest, I found your in-combat sprites to be pretty hard to read. Maybe it's because I don't know much about pixel art, but it was difficult for me to read them. That's pretty much the only thing I didn't like about it.

Keep the good work!

'That's just cruel' 

Loved that line when I tried to kill the rabbit when my shovel.

Great job!

thanks! <3

It takes some time to get used to it, but yeah, it can be a little frustrating.

Glad you enjoyed the game though!


The music fits the game and you respected the 64x64 restriction.

The mission was pretty clear, but I found that combat was pretty frustrating.

The initial spell, fire, only seemed to work in a melee distance. The thing is that I felt that collisions worked against me because when I approached enemies to hit them, they hit me first because their box collision is too big. So it's difficult to maintain high HP.

You could also add some more feedback to the game. Sometimes I hit enemies but they don't flash, as if they didn't take any damage.

I hope that helps!

Good job!

I got stuck in the second level: I managed to extinguish the wildfire, but the path was still blocked by some rocks, and although I moved them, I couldn't get to open the path. 

I'm not a fan of walls of text, but sometimes they are needed. I think that maybe in the future you could add some initial levels as a sort of introduction/tutorial, so the player can get used to the controls.