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Thanks a lot!

I have to look for the code in my stuff, but if I find it I'll share it with you, no problem! Can you send me a request on

Próximo game jam da UFSC alguém me avisa :)

Damn! I loved your game. The sound is amazing and when the boss roared at me, it gave me chills!  

Congratulations on such a great game :)

Nice game. The colours and sound made me feel I was inside an old TV :)  

I best marks were L:4 S:56

#LOWREZJAM 2018 community » General · Created a new topic Ratings

I've got a little sad that after all my efforts, my game only has 8 ratings and 3 comments (I've seen games with nearly 40 ratings o.o).  

Feels like most people I've rated didn't take the time to rate me back. I was kinda hoping for more, and the game is browser playable, which makes it even easier to give it a try...  

I'll put the link here if anyone wants to give me a hand on this final rating hours:  

GBJAM 6 community » General · Created a new topic My mistake :/
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I really thought the jam would last for about 2 weeks instead of one :/ my mistake. I'll probably won't get to make something in time, but maybe I'll give it a try. Can't wait to see the amazing games this year :)

Nice platformer. The graphics are really good and a lot of thought was given into the background.  

Some sfx would have cheered the game up a little. I think there's maybe too many secrets?

Haha great idea for a game. The art is excellent!  

It got me wondering what were the customers saying to get him so pissed off.

Haha very cool game. The expanded version has some twisting ideas (like lv3 for example) and it's with grief that I say that Mr. Bernt lost his head. R.I.P.

Nice game with cute sprites :)  

Gotta say the movement doesn't respect the 64x64 resolution though

Cool game, it got me some time to understand (and I did read the rules) and I almost gave up, but when I got the grip of the game I kept playing until I got the best deck and was strong enough to beat the AI on hard :D

I gotta say from this point on it's just click to win though ^^

Nice entry! Quite challenging.  

The amount of blood spilled when the samurai kills you is perfect, Tarantino would be proud!

What was I thinking? Maybe that's why I wasn't able to go through, I was trying to eat apples instead of tomatoes :p

Cool game with nice graphics.

Wizards are too OP, I only got to the enemy tower with the gladiator and after a lots of gladiators later still couldn't win :/

Maybe if there's a way to spend money to recover your tower's HP...

Cool idea. I was really into it but got stuck in round 1 for some reason, couldn't move forward to next round :/

Your game really has it all, congratulations!

I found some bugs when I kept repeating a stage and sometimes less apples appeared and I couldn't finish the level. 

I really liked the atmosphere of the game.   

Maybe there could be some sfx when you enter a door, go upstairs or even for the dialogue.  

The ambient sound is on point and the lighting system is great!

Nice little game, a simple idea very well implemented :)  

As mentioned below, there are some bugs and the hit indicator would help. Moving around the delt clunky, I believe you used different hitboxes for each sprite of the penguin, was that it?  

I got to level 15 and enjoyed all the ride. I'll be sure to rate you on LD42 too!

Nice idea, I love metroidvanias. The art is very good, too bad you didn't get to put some sound in it.   

I couldn't get very far because the restart (R key) didn't work for me so I had to keep refreshing the page everytime I died :/

Hey there, remember me from LD42? Cool entry :)

Hahaha, the cover sells the game pretty good. The art is very nice. Damn Don gets me everytime, I guess we're doomed.

Loved your sprites! The ambient sound really sets a medieval mood.  The gameplay is interesting but the AI is not very smart (at least the ones I faced). There's still some bugs and the game always freezes when I go to Maria. Btw where are you from? I remembered playing your submission to GBJAM5 last year :)

Thanks :) 

Is there an "oficial" palette for this? 

I had a lot of fun playing it. 

The red arrow is a little detail that has a huge impact on the gameplay :)

Too bad I couldn't join so I can't rate :/

Great game! I really liked it! The graphics are very cool and the color pallete works great. I looked your other games and they all have the same style. I liked all of them, great job!

Consider joining the next GBJAM, as a max 4-color pallete is one of the restrictions and yours would work very well.

Congratulations on your game again!

Your game is amongst my favorites for this jam. The movements are perfect in my opinion and the arrow shooting and climbing mechanics is really cool.

I agree with the last comment, camera is a little issue and some music would make the game even better.

Congratulations on your entry!