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I had a lot of fun playing it. 

The red arrow is a little detail that has a huge impact on the gameplay :)

Too bad I couldn't join so I can't rate :/

Great game! I really liked it! The graphics are very cool and the color pallete works great. I looked your other games and they all have the same style. I liked all of them, great job!

Consider joining the next GBJAM, as a max 4-color pallete is one of the restrictions and yours would work very well.

Congratulations on your game again!

Your game is amongst my favorites for this jam. The movements are perfect in my opinion and the arrow shooting and climbing mechanics is really cool.

I agree with the last comment, camera is a little issue and some music would make the game even better.

Congratulations on your entry!

Cool game!

The art is great and the color pallete that you chose was perfect for it.

Great entry!

Cool game. The art is really good.

I like games like this where you shouldn't rush your actions.

I missed music and for some reason the instructions screen skipped every time :/

Good game! The old man from Zelda deserves recognition :)

You could try bfxr.net for some simple sound effects. I also agree that using the mouse interfered with the gameboy feel a bit, but it wasn't a restriction anyway. Keep working on it!

Nice game. It's good to bounce enemy bullets back at them :)

I felt the movement a bit weird, maybe something to do with the high gravity and the horizontal acceleration.

Awesome game! It really has this Super Meat Boy feel, specially because of the way you kinda get glued to the walls while jumping (which I personally don't like veeery much, but I know that's just me).

The character is very charismatic too :)

I'd say it's a great entry! Congratulations!

Super fun game! Once you get the hang of it you can't even see the time passing :)

Great entry!

Yeah, the ending screen was the best.

This game is as addictive as it is hard! Great work!

Nice :) keep on joining as many game jams as you can! (Not all at the same time, of course ;p)

I'm very new to this too and I find it a great way of learning and keeping you motivated.

I didn't manage to get out :( got stuck in a room without and "arrow and out"

I got to the end but it seems like there is still a lot to explore, which is nice :) and I really liked the drawings explaining the mechanics.

Can't help the feeling that the artificial body was kinda useless though :/

I really like the game mechanics and the end was shocking o_o

I'll follow to check on updates after the jam.

Good work!

Loved the game! You really should keep working on it.

Sad you didn't get the time to add sound and stuff.

This game is very addictive! Good art and music. Kept playing 'til wave 34 :)

Nice little game!

When I reached the tetris piece I wasn't very sure what happened so I went there all over again before figuring out I had to go to the other side now .-.

A very good entry :)

Good game, too bad I didn't find a checkpoint before the wolf :(

The art is really nice too!

Art, sounds, gameplay, history (what a plot twist!) everything is great in this game :)

It's just a bit too difficult. I never got to know whats further to the right :/

And the boss.... what a pain in the ass! Hahaha. But I had to defeat it! I'm all about making hard bosses, but yours took me over 20 attempts! (I might or might not be late to work because of this...)

Excellent entry! Perfect score!

I really liked the concept, with some improvements.

It's hard to know where the puck is when you don't have it...

I encourage you to continue working on this game. I can picture myself playing this for hours straight!

Cool game. The art is very good. I missed the ability to attack somehow.

I loved the graphics, the visual effects are incredible :) Nice relaxing sound while on the boat and exciting tune while swimming after fishes. Congratulations! I give it a perfect score!

Awesome little game! The art and the music are amazing!

It really is quite challenging to end with any points left.

Excellent entry. Congratulations!

Great graphics and sound :)

The bomb could me more effective or maybe I am the one who couldn't use it very well.

Nice entry!

I saw by the submission feed that this appears to be no problem, so I'm adding the html5 version.

(Also got no replies here, so...)

Hello. I submitted my game only for windows because the html5 version was full of problems, but I'm working on solving the problems and should have it ready in a few minutes. Is it ok if I add the option to play in browser now? I don't think it's a big issue since it's the same game, but decided to check here first...

Nice game! Really addictive! I've played all the 24 levels :) couldn't stop.

Great work, congratulations! Which engine did you use?