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On the FIXED version? Hmm strange you are the first one to report that. Thanks.

Nice game, here are the things I think could be changed:

- the speed going that high isn't really relevant

- the big blocks should have a visual effect to show they are destructible, like the little ones, because at first I thought they couldn't be destroyed

- sometimes/often, a big block appears right under a little block you just destroyed

Keep up the good work!

Very nice sound design, graphics and visual effects! The gameplay is good too, I just wish there were more variety (enemies, weapons, mechanics). Seems you used a bunch of cool tools, I'm gonna check them out.

Thank you! I wish I had enough time to use my ghost gameplay more.

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it!

Thanks for the feedback! If you possessed the boss then you had one of the endings (it's very short, yes), if you launched the game again from the menu after that, yeah I didn't even try and it's probably bugged.

Thanks mate, too bad the ghost part is so short though, it's like 80 % of the game is the introduction ha ha.

Well done, it's very well designed. Unfortunately I wasn't able to finish it, I couldn't find how to beat the computer when I was in the right eye of the skull (left eye from my point of view).

Really great game on every aspect. Nice feedback to the player.

Hello, I really want to play the game more but it is too hard to see in the dark! Here are some suggestions:

- make the game a bit lighter or the enemies more visible in the dark

- add a quick spell switch, like mouse wheel

- make the sword more effective (this way we don't rely on finding mana potions or going to a mana source) and add a sound when it touches an enemy so we know that we did

Btw I like the effects and the style.

The colors hurt my eyes, man, haha. I'm pretty sure I won't be the only one to say that.

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Not bad, it's a cool highscore game with evoluting gameplay. But you should really change the background.

Wow, thanks, I didn't expect a so nice comment. There are 4 endings, depending on: a) whether you discovered the name of the bad guy or not, and b) whether you took the spear (touched it while possessing an enemy) or you stayed as a ghost and possessed the bad guy. So if your ending only shows the bad guy killed by the spear, that means you didn't discover its name and possessed it instead of taking the spear: you said your own name after possessing him, forcing Katunga to kill you both. This ending is the one called "Sacrifice". I'll add a "Tips" section on the game page to explain the endings.

I'll play your game right now. for sure

Excellent use of the limitation, awesome gameplay concept, I would like a game based on this! So much potential! The graphics are cool too.

Amazing entry. The graphics are insane and the gameplay is perfect. Plus I really LOVE Terraria so you just touched my heart.

Press Enter to read the tooltips.

I'm the kind of players that start going left at the beginning of a level x)

Good looking game, nice use of the low resolution, the world seems big even if it's only 64x64.

Nice work on design and sound. The gameplay is cool too, especially against the boss, that works very well.

Nice game and nice art, I can see you follow Heartbeast.

Nice little game, needs more content.

Nice art and sound!  The gameplay is really simple but it's fun. I think that would be funnier with more controls to handle.

It's so cool to have a collection of cards, but there isn't really any subtility in the gameplay since we can play all the cards we have and there is no weakness system that could make the choice of the card matter. Still it makes me want to play for some reason.

Nice little game, the art and sound are pretty good.

I like how it really looks and sounds like one of those ZX Spectrum games.

Nice little game.

Very nice sound and cool art (love the title screen). The gameplay is nice too but there are some bugs and the Escape key doesn't work :( Good job.

Your game is not in 64x64 :/

Impressive. Despite the low resolution, we can clearly see what are the objects from far away, because you know how to show the player what he has to see. The sound design is awesome too. The gameplay is neat. Too bad I couldn't finish it because the lag is really strong after a while. Congrats.

Nice puzzle game!

Thanks! I sure will!

Found a  treasure but then realized I'm just a fish.

Quite fun to play, managed to become an orca. Liked the fishes style.

Imagine if great white sharks could fly.

Hello, sooooo... Now... How do we see the past jams we have joined?

It seems.

Really cool art and idea, I mean a versus game with robots, do it! But yeah it's not really enjoyable right now.

I kinda like the simple art and what's going on, even if I didn't understand.

It's too bad it doesn't become harder. But the style is neat (Pico-8 über alles) and the interpretation of the name is funny and quite describes your game indeed.

Nice interpretation of the name and fun to watch the football player flying in the depths of space.

Cool art and gameplay but I had no idea what to do after destroying pink and yellow hard blocks.

Thanks mate!

I really like the art, too bad it's not finished, it could have been fun.