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Hello I'm a pixel artist and animator. I love the character designs on your site and would be excited to work on their sprites and animations. Here is some of my pixel art  

Hey I can do pixel art and compose music. If any of your personal projects could benefit from my help please let me know. Here is some of my pixel art and music

Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Working on the mobile version now and hope to add a few more baddies. :)

Thank you very much! If you're not careful, You're going to give me a self esteem :). Thanks for playing. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I enjoyed your very polished game as well!

Nice game! My little Biff died for my entertainment. 

Graphics and sound set the tone nicely. Strategy gameplay is fun and a little easy. The game crashed after I won the third battle. I like this game a lot though. Nice entry!

Nice entry with a unique mechanic!

Cool idea and graphics are impressive and clean for all the information displayed. Nice job!

Great idea to make a LOWREZ pinball  game. Nice entry!

Cool game! Some sound fx would greatly improve gameplay. Sometime I didn't know I was being hurt until it was too late. Nice dungeon crawler!

Great concept and animations! 

Really want to play this as I love maze games but every time I click on the downloaded file it just downloads another copy in chrome. Not sure what to open it with so it will run.

Very nice entry! I loved being able to control everything with the mouse. Very intuitive controls. Great job!

Awesome entry! Had a lot of fun playing this!

Some of my favorite graphics in this jam! I wish there was a small tutorial as I was immediately lost and had no idea what was going on. Kept playing though 'cause I wanted to play with the cool looking characters.

Cool game with great graphics and sound. I felt the controls were a little uncomfortable (but I'm not a savvy keyboard gamer).  Great submission!

Perfect score from me. I love these types of games and this was very well done. Lots of nice little touches from the maze background to the light reflection on the mouse being constant (upper right) no matter which direction it faced. Love the soundtrack as well.  I think the game actually crashed when I beat the boss though.  The game window went away and an error window appeared. Great entry though. Fun game that looks and sounds great!

Really great graphics and controls feel nice. Wish there was an arrow or something to help when I get lost. Nice work!

Sorry no I don't. Will it not play in your browser?

Thanks a lot! I really enjoyed your game too! Had to look up Hugo I hadn't heard of that before. Now I want to play it :). Thanks for playing and commenting. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Oh no I took his head off! Great game. I laughed a lot and had a big goofy smile on my face the whole time playing it.

Fun strategy game. I like how the win screen is  covered in blood. :D

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Love the graphics in this game! The player character looks so cool I kept playing after dieing  a thousand times just because I like taking that little dude on an adventure. I wish there was an option for the up arrow to make you jump. That way I could control the navigation of the character with one hand and combat with the other. The jump felt too high. When jumping lava pits you lose sight of where you are trying to land. Great entry. Had a lot of fun playing it! 

Really enjoyed the graphics and sound! Gameplay was fun but I would have enjoyed it more if the corruption didn't grow back. Great entry!

I liked this game a lot! The screen constantly filling up with obstacles is a nice touch that puts the pressure on!

Good idea well executed.  I like the gameboy palette and pleasant soundtrack. :)

Good tiny game. I wish the game would stop when you die to show you what your final score was. 

Great game! Very atmospheric with awesome graphics and music!

This game is sweet! the music and visuals put me in mind of Metroid and Blaster Master.  This I believe is the most low rez submission I've played. Everything is so tiny but still completely readable. great job!

Whoo buddy that's hard! Great idea and well executed. I wished the curser where the pipes will flip was a solid outline. Some of the fonts looked like they were anti aliased and might look better sharp.  Great submission!

Had a lot of fun with this game! I loved exploring the world to see what was stashed around. It could benefit from a tutorial each time the mechanics change. Also I wish every other ocean tile was a different shape or maybe color so that as you move through open sea, you can tell your boat is moving. Those are my only gripes. Love how you fit a full world to explore in 64x64 px.

Thanks for playing and commenting! The death screen was definitely a compromise. A drawback of being both the artist and programmer. But I agree there is a more elegent solutuin  to make that screen flow better. Probably should make a new bg image to work around a larger font. But in the timed confines of the contest I rolled with the large bg art and small scrunched text. Pro tip for the demon doors: even if the opening is on the opposite surface you are on, you are only two taps away from getting to it. ;) Thanks again!

Hey thanks! I had the old Tiger wristwatch games in mind when designing it. I appreciate the comments and glad you like the sound and visuals. Makes all the stress worthwhile! :)

Thank you very much! Admittedly the swords are pretty unfair. The ghosts started out much harder but I toned them down when I saw people struggling with them. hoping to tweak the rough edges, add more baddies and make a mobile version. Thanks again for playing and commenting!

I don't usually play games with the keyboard so I wasn't faulting you for the controls. I think I was just out of my element.

My favorite so far. Solid all around. Great storytelling through gameplay and the weapons are so satisfying to use! Congrats on your creation!

I like the gameplay sound and character graphics a lot. Sometimes the tiles and bg were too busy and messed with the readability of the characters. That's my only gripe. Great game!

Something all of us finishing the jam can relate to! Very funny and well done!

Mouse arrow was offset down and to the right for me as well (using chrome on windows).  Nice looking and fun game though!

Love the look and sound of this game! I was awful at controlling it. I wish the up key was the jump.  Still had a lot of fun playing it.