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I don't really understand what's going on the screen :(, my spells doesn't seems to do damage and I can't unlock upgrade.

The game is fun, even without sound effect and with bugs. It could be really fun with a bit of polish and some bug fixing. 

The art is great, too bad you could not finish the game.

Excellent, it feels like a finished game and the art is great !

The only negative point is that the expensive units are really not strong, their attack speed are slow. The minotaur get killed so easily that I ended up filling the rooms with rats and bats and it worked xD.

Thanks for playing !  I thought I would be too easy otherwise

Thank you for the comment !

I made a second version where I drastically improved the performance and fixed other issues. I will for sure publish this version one day.

Thanks for all your comments !

Thanks !

I removed the road due to performance issues.

Great !

Beautiful visual and fluid controls, too bad there is no sound.

Well done !

Thanks !

Yeah, if I let the background, the game is unplayable, but i will surely update the game.

Thanks !

It worked !

Thank you for sharing this.

Well done !

The idea is good, with some polish (sounds and better graphics) it could really be a great game.

Thanks !

Yeah the mouse cursor has some bugs, i only saw it once i uploaded the game, 10 minutes before the deadline...

Perfect ! 

And no bugs

The loading time is really long, more than 2 minutes :(

Cool !

Though really hard, fire is moving faster than me.

Cool gameplay and art style, could be better with sounds !

I love the musics, the speed of the game could be a bit faster.

I love the graphics !

Though the gameplay is a bit repetitive

I've found the first item but it doesn't seems to change anything, even after talking to the three pnj and i can't go to the north :(

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Cool gameplay !

But it's really hard to see around with this resolution.

Good game ! 

Too bad there is not sound :(

Great game although the screen shake lower a lot the legibility in game

Well done !

"This is not a bug but a feature"

That's true !

Thanks !

Unfortunately, PICO-8 doesn't manage those controls.

Pretty fun game

Cool !

Thanks for playing and making a video on my game, really appreciate  !

Minotaur defeated !

First i thought i had to beat him, nice you indicate to the player that the monitor is hurt when touching pike. 

The sfx, music and graphic are all well done.

Great game !

It was tough but I've made it !

Game design 5/5 

Great game, that's a lot of  levels for a game jam!

There is one thing that annoyed me, the jump animation is too long, was really  frustrating.

Otherwise all is great !

Well done !

Too bad you haven't put sound 

Really interesting gameplay !

Thanks !

Ah ah merci pour le commentaire !

J'ai régler ce bug dans la version finale du jeu ^^ 

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J'ai surtout manqué de temps pour la musique, j'ai dû me contenter de 4 ou 5 notes pour la faire :(

En tout cas, merci pour ton commentaire ça fait plaisir ! 

Merci pour ton commentaire !

C'est vrai que le jeu est un peu trop punitif, le rapport avec le thème est que le concept viens du jeu Death Race 1976.