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Thanks :)
Yeah I had some problems finding an intuitive solution to discard a petri dish, I tried a few stuff but was afraid it would happen by accident, so I went for this non-obvious way, which is also a bit weird. Anyway, glad you had fun with it.


Actually, since the theme of the comic is kinda based on wrong interpretations of feedback, I didn't want to make one or more "solutions". So you always get the 5th bar at one point, but it is indeed random and you don't really have to do anything :D

About the picture it's hum.. an "unsolicited"photo of your friend, hence the "don't trust them". I found the idea funny because they're just stickmen

I'm not sure what you mean by "hard to visualize".

Maybe what you can pick up ? Every object is interactive except the grey ones (which are too big anyways)

I don't think so, I'm using the steam version... But it's my first time using Godot, maybe I've done something wrong.. ?

On peut télécharger le jeu via l'entrée de la jam, mais pas sur la page du jeu, c'est normal ?

Thanks ! :)

Merci :3

Pour Cthulhu faut réussi a chopper le bateau et "l'attaquer" avec :D
(il a une chance d'appraitre après les "SCARY" ou en appuyant sur un mauvaise touche)

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J'aime beaucoup les animations !

C'est beaucoup trop bien ! (mais c'est aussi beaucoup trop dur :'( )