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I saw the gifs during development and I loved the idea, but I didn't think it would be this fun to play around!

The mana felt a little too punishing though. I didn't really understand how the two bars worked, and I feel like it was bugged on my first try? Like, the top one wouldn't fill completely, and when I ran out of mana I still had 3 or 4 potions.

But I still tried a few individual levels with the selection and it seems I had more mana to play with, even without all the potions from level 1.

Really funny game! I couldn't reach the other side in one piece, but I did try, and every time I failed was still fun. Seing my charecter roll on its own while the board fell was definitely worth it :D

Interesting idea! I wish it was harder though. I feel like the risk/reward balance is a little broken here :D you can basically spam your ping. Waiting for the perfect moment might even be riskier since you don't know where new enemies could be.

Cool game! I'm also very confused :D But it was fun learning how the different types of blocks worked!

I got stuck after the 2nd crane in the 3rd level I think. I see the checkpoint but I can either thow my crate or get there without it :'( I feel like I'm missing something with the crane but there's no way to interact with the box when it's in the claw.

So I'll answer here as well :

when the game restarts after a short music, it means you died

when there's a music and then the game closes itself, you won!

The rotating key idea was very good, but it feels like you gave up on it almost instantly :(

It's definitely something that could be expanded upon, but the whole ball pushing part isn't really interesting and it doesn't really take advantage of the rotation or the shape of the key.

Yay :D

Hi, bought the game a few days ago, loving it so far.

I have a small question though: Could we please have a little confirmation thing for fleeing combat? I've lost like three runs by accidentally clicking on the arrow instead of doing lethal damage to my enemy :'(

Heyyy I don't remember exactly where you can use commands in pico8, but there's a "export gamename.html" command.

I wish trees and walls were a little more different, because when you're far, it gets really really hard to understand what's what. Or maybe some kind of effect to help understand distances, because everything tends to blend together.
Some dialogues are a little too long.
And as other said, once you visit the area with the locks, the game starts lagging every time there's slimes around. Also it's a little frustrating to open a door and finding another lock behind it, having a thing with three locks, clearly saying "you need 3 keys" would have felt better.

I gave up after the labyrinth (the one which seems to go in a spiral), a big level with what seemed like rooms everywhere, I got the "coin", got passed a wall and had to heal to fight a red enemy, and had no idea where I was or where I could find heal.

It's really interesting that you got that much in such a low resolution, but I didn't like the switch to labyrinth levels, since you see so little it's really hard to know where you are, and sometimes you don't even know how much you moved.

There are a few little "bugs" (like falling on a "fruit" will not eat it, even it it's in the same spot as your head), and the difficulty curve is a little weird (I feel like the hardest level is in the middle, then you get the one when you need to eat all the red stuff at the bottom which is pretty simple), but this is a very good spin on snakebird, and the digging mechanic added some fun puzzles!

it's one of the upgrades :)

Je viens de le finir et c'est tout pile ce qu'il fallait niveau correctifs, surtout le niveau de la lave qui devient beaucoup plus clair ! Et le délai de la mort rend le tout bien plus agréable

Ooh okay, je retenterai ça. J'ai effectivement pas tester d'enchainer l'attaque avec le dash, mais par contre j'viens de me souvenir d'un autre petit problème :D

Le dash diagonal va super loin, je sais pas si c'est vraiment volontaire ou non, mais j'imagine que c'est la distance verticale et horizontale qui s'additionnent ? Enfin on s'y fait, mais au final il est super dangereux et j'suis mort plein de fois en allant trop loin :'(

Pour le temps je sais pas du tout, plus de 30 minutes en tout cas *_*

Je suis bloqué à 9 pièces, y'a un raccourci en haut que je sais pas comment ouvrir (mais qui n'a pas l'air important) et une dernière porte bleue en bas à droite qui reste fermée. J'ai bien fait le tour du monde en longeant quelques murs et j'ai tué tous les ennemis, je vois pas du tout ce qu'il me reste à faire.

Au delà de ça c'est très cool et j'aime beaucoup le style, mais y'a quelques trucs qui rendent le tout un peu trop frustrant. Déjà tout est très lent, ça peut passer mais les animations de morts devraient être raccourcies, surtout que y'a pas mal de morts un peu bête des fois (par exemple dues aux checkpoints qui nos posent pile au bord de l'eau).

Quelques petits problème de clarté dans le donjon où les bords de plateforme sont en gris clair et ont plus l'air de blocs ou de sol différents.

Et puis surtout pour les combats, comme on est assez lent et que tous les coups ont du lag à la fin, il y a un truc vraiment gênant : le manque de hitstun contre les grands robots. Même en attendant qu'ils soient pas rouge et en gardant la distance en les frappant, ils peuvent décider d'avancer et de nous frapper, et on peut rien faire :(

En tout cas c't'impresionnant pour un jeu pico8 !

C'est très cool mais ouin :

Thanks :)
Yeah I had some problems finding an intuitive solution to discard a petri dish, I tried a few stuff but was afraid it would happen by accident, so I went for this non-obvious way, which is also a bit weird. Anyway, glad you had fun with it.


Actually, since the theme of the comic is kinda based on wrong interpretations of feedback, I didn't want to make one or more "solutions". So you always get the 5th bar at one point, but it is indeed random and you don't really have to do anything :D

About the picture it's hum.. an "unsolicited"photo of your friend, hence the "don't trust them". I found the idea funny because they're just stickmen

I'm not sure what you mean by "hard to visualize".

Maybe what you can pick up ? Every object is interactive except the grey ones (which are too big anyways)

I don't think so, I'm using the steam version... But it's my first time using Godot, maybe I've done something wrong.. ?

On peut télécharger le jeu via l'entrée de la jam, mais pas sur la page du jeu, c'est normal ?

Thanks ! :)

Merci :3

Pour Cthulhu faut réussi a chopper le bateau et "l'attaquer" avec :D
(il a une chance d'appraitre après les "SCARY" ou en appuyant sur un mauvaise touche)

J'aime beaucoup les animations !

C'est beaucoup trop bien ! (mais c'est aussi beaucoup trop dur :'( )