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Unlock stuff with a key, with very minimal controls. ~5min
Submitted by papercookies (@adampi) — 2 hours, 3 minutes before the deadline
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Very original. I'm not quite sure how you could take this idea further, but I'd love to see.


The rotating key idea was very good, but it feels like you gave up on it almost instantly :(

It's definitely something that could be expanded upon, but the whole ball pushing part isn't really interesting and it doesn't really take advantage of the rotation or the shape of the key.


I won :v)! Really cool idea overall! Graphics were simple but looked lovely! Puzzles were fun and challenging but fair! The only thing that messed with me a bit was the screen transitions. Other than that I really have nothing but positive things to say! Would love to see a larger game around the same concept! Great job!

Would love if you could check mine out too! Or not, no pressure ;)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Very original and unique! The idea is so simple yet very clever, makes me think why I haven't came up with this idea before. If only the game had more levels to it that discover the tricky elements of the mechanics, the game would be a very interesting puzzle. The key implemented very well, it doesn't stuck on the walls and it doesn't go through them. One of the uniquest games I've played so far in this jam, great job!


Thank you! I'm glad you thought the idea is neat, I'm working on some more stuff for this game so stay tuned if you're hungry for more. :)


I'm just gonna put a general reply here to the ball clipping and camera issue. A simple mistake on my part and it's really just one value change. So please be gentle with the ball :) I've prepared an update which I'll upload after the voting period, thanks for understanding! <3 Also, thank you for the kind words everyone!


I'm part of the "pushed the ball out of bounds" club! Actually, the whole "turn the key to open doors", it's neat idea. Not sure if pushing a ball was necessary, and/or part of the core.
Check our game!


True, I would have liked to combine the two mechanics at the end to make a conclusion out of it but ran out of time. Thanks for the feedback! I will definitely check out your game as well :)


I've never seen a game like this before. It's cool that you have to use the environment to rotate yourself in the correct position but also the same environment provides a challenge by purely trying to traverse it. I would've liked to see a part where you are confined in a smaller space where you almost lack the proper surface to turn but you have to figure out really how to do it. Or like a room where you have to turn yourself in a direction and then a keyhole at the end of a maze that you have to traverse without getting bumped. Or creating areas that halt the rotation so you have to think ahead of time and can't just solve everything by furiously wiggling the mouse (although my game is just that so I should't say anything :P).
All around amazing game, also cool looking. It was fun while it lasted, I wanna play more of it, please continue :D


Thank you for the thoughtful comment! I might expand on it, as I really want to explore the mechanic further. So keep an eye out for something in the future, maybe! :)


Cool idea! I would like to see this game being continued working on :)

I bugged it out so could not continue as the ball dissapeared. It was kinda hard to go between levels also.

(1 edit) (+2)

I really like the originality! And the controls feel responsive which I didnt expect for this kind of game. I got stuck at some point though because I slammed the key into the ball and it went flying through the walls lol


I think that this is an absolutely awesome idea and great design! My only problem were controls and getting balls into place. Other than that, great!


Pretty interesting puzzle game. But switching screens makes it so much harder to control the situation.

(1 edit) (+1)

Feels like a weird Golf game ;). The only annoying bug was when you cross two close scroll points you kinda bug out a little because you don't actually know where your cursor truly is and sometimes scroll back and forth ;d. Very interesting.


Thanks for checking it out! Yeah I need to tweak that a bit :-) thanks!