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Wow, this is an ambitious online multiplayer game made in Defold. I'll definitely keep an eye on it!

I agree with Pawel. This could be the start of a 3D runner (or perhaps tunnel racer?)

What a great asset! I really look forward to seeing what the community might make out of this!

Another great game from Ben! I really enjoyed it. I'd like to play an expanded version with more secrets, items, puzzles etc.

You should advertise on the Defold forum as well!

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Great game! One of the best so far you've released so far. I like the intensity on some levels!

I've uploaded a new version. Would you mind giving the new version a try? I think it should fix the problem.

Hmm, ok, what kind of screen are you using? It could be a vsync issue.

Thanks. Good point. Added!

The gesture detection is actually not that bad: and the definition for a symbol/gesture like this:

Strange. Have you tried both directions?

Yay, this is a nice little platformer. Which engine did you use?

The controls were a bit hard. Mouse+keyboard?

Great music and game play!

I dig the music! The graphics could have been improved upon a bit I think, but overall a fun and challenging game!

Well done to cover three themes in one. I think the horizontal movement could have benefited from some inertia. Interesting concept with the hint at what's coming in the next section, but I'm not sure how much it helped me.

Well done! I love the horse and bird animations. FUTR was a surprise!

Fun and well made!