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Saw your post on facebook and decided to try out. The beutiful visuals got me :) Overall, I liked it! It has this "Crash" feeling. Grabbing elemental powers is a cool mechanic, has a potential for some nice puzzles. Also, I like the block pushing puzzles in general, so that part was good as well. Didn't finish the bird-chase part. It was too long and there were no checkpoints as far as I can tell (it would be ok if there were some checkpoints). Camera controls didn't feel that good. May be stick to the fixed angle? The framerate was quite low but I guess it will be improved.

This game definitely can use some polishing but overall it has a great potential! And pretty good job for a 10 week project. I enjoyed it :)

Awesome game! Hope to see a full version someday!

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :) I cannot promise anything at this moment but I'm definitely interested in developing this game. I have few features to add and bugs to fix in mind :)

I think typing is a nice feature but option to disable it would be great. May be disable it after the first playthrough?

Interesting experince. I wish it lasted longer thou...

- Visual feedback added

- Win condition added

- Bug fixes

Geomancy community · Created a new topic Change Log

- Somewhat decent lobby is added (you don't need to type server ip to join anymore)