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not as good as imscared but still not bad :)

left me very upset, my partners youngest son died in a car crash, in which he was driving, this game has really shown me, how he feels, wanting to end things, but keeps on fighting, keeps on living for the ones he loves. thanks for opening my eyes to the pain of losing  a child and a member of the family. seeing the photo of the little girl and her dad made me want to cry.

i couldnt get the game to work.

game very laggy, controls are terrible. hope things improve as the game develops

i agree

too short, but very cool.

darn i came here thinking it was a game about the band the rolling stones :P 

well, its all pixelated, not very clear. but good point, i guess it would look fine on a screen the size of a gameboy or ds.

3 squares? whats that supposed to mean

resolution could be better.

i cant get it to unzip. at all.

would be so much better if you could get right down to the skull.

Hope this game is finished soon. its pretty cool

its very much like the game raft. pretty cool