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cant wait til this game is finished, looks great

bit dissapointed that you have to sign up to a website to download bits for the game. i thought everything was included :(

is there a point to this game? :P

1360 X 768

wont download through the program

not fitting on the screen for some reason, cuts half the words off.

Nice one Alex! congrats on another awsome game!

yes, the discord is full, u cant get into it

we cant get into the official discord! its full!

Please try this game, alex is a fantastic and talented game maker. :) 

might givethis one a go, will post vid link when i do it. congrats on another good game alex

Very Very weird game, but really enjoyed it :) keep making good games such as this

cool game, might do a vid on it sometime

No idea what the game was supposed to be about, but very odd. 

keep making games, this game is cool :)

really did enjoy it, although now i find cows creepy lol

the bookshelf scared the crap out of me!  very good game, keep up the good work

really enjoyed it, very odd game, but would play it again and again :)
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all your games are awsome alex, btw did u know has a discord :)

uh, your welcome? Lol

it was ok :)

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text is way too slow, graphics are ok, pretty scenery, not sure about the shadowy figure becoming a tree, very confusing on which direction to go, not trying to be harsh, just an opinion.

really bad, end up running in circles for ages,and when you get to the basement of the house the game just ends...

didnt work for me, wouldnt open etc

crashed my computer when i tried to run it

bad game, but great graphics, the mechanics of the game are fantastic, but.. there is no storyline, no meaning. still, interesting anyway.

crashed after a while, had to reload the game

VERY Verry laggy, please put out a low graphics mode for us with shitty computers

too short, not enough scares. but the graphics are great. really dissapointed at how short it was.

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i have a decent pc, the turning is too slow, and the movement is somewhat laggy, and no offence, its a pretty stale storyline. still the graphics were pretty cool

looks awsome, cant wait til its finished

not as good as imscared but still not bad :)

left me very upset, my partners youngest son died in a car crash, in which he was driving, this game has really shown me, how he feels, wanting to end things, but keeps on fighting, keeps on living for the ones he loves. thanks for opening my eyes to the pain of losing  a child and a member of the family. seeing the photo of the little girl and her dad made me want to cry.

i couldnt get the game to work.

game very laggy, controls are terrible. hope things improve as the game develops

i agree

too short, but very cool.

darn i came here thinking it was a game about the band the rolling stones :P 

well, its all pixelated, not very clear. but good point, i guess it would look fine on a screen the size of a gameboy or ds.