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quick fun game : ) very dramatic music

took me a moment to figure out what i was supposed to do : ) some explanation of the controls might help.

Good job, the game is pretty fun. Sound is alright, but I really like the graphics. Nice and calm color palette

Cool use of the pico8 palette! and the intro is a nice touch

cute game! I have a soft spot for bitsy type games hehe

Sweet! I like that you try to embrace to enemies and have them join you rather than making it so you have to kill them or something. Minimap is a really good addition!

I ended with a score 171

very cool, polished game! cute animations and smooth camera panning makes this a joy to play. With some more time I bet you could have come up with more cool puzzles : )

just a nice and relaxing game. Restoring the buildings is very satisfying (with the sound and light).
I'm not sure what the ghosts do? Overall pretty fun!

the game looks really really nice, overall it's pretty fun. Is there a way to tell when a hand will grab you from the shelves?

really fun that you put those cutscenes and voice acting in! game feels great, screen shake is a plus

very nice and good looking game! pretty music too, really sets the mood for meeting stranger around the fire. I would have loved to see more writing and dialogue with the characters : ) one of the best i've played so far

fun but pretty difficult hehe

cool that you were able to work some cutscenes in!

This was kind of interesting! I am little unsure about what i had to do, but i really liked the different characters, like the one you meet in the store. Cool TV screen shader too!

great visuals, cute song. Love the turtles but boy are those hares scary!

Cool and uncanny. Love the cole kush vibe.

This is great! Fun concept, fits the theme perfectly. We had fun competing for a high score. Lovely 'guins. The morale mechanic is a great addition.

This was good fun! Screenshake, pixel residue and music make it look and sounds really nice.
I guess the theme wasn't really there though

For other people trying this game:
We figured out (by accident) that pressing middle mouse button swaps you to the next character. From there you can probably figure it out ;)

I like the idea of two characters being seperated but helping eachother

It was pretty fun, the most interesting part was definitely the custom graphics themed around covid and whatnot. Wish there was more of that.

First game I'm trying tonight, and it's fucking great. Smashing things is so satisfying, especially the computers. The ending is great too ;)

my favorite entry so far! love the intro sequence especially. Good pace! Fine work

I added the porn just for you circa

I really love the vibe on this one. Awesome graphics and tense music. I get stuck at the dummys however, am I missing something?

Sweet music :) lpve the sprite for king keru.

I think the gameplay loop is a little easy? Perhaps make it faster/make some of the bugs move. Either way lovely entry

I didn't really understand what I was doing, but had fun with the brushes. Love that it saves the end result. Nice little artsy game

Nice graphics. Love the little boats and water trails. Sweet main menu dude

Hey :) lovely entry. Took me a little while to figure out what to do, but once I got it, I had fun.

The music is way too sharp though, and far too loud by default. I'd look into lowering the volume

Great entry! The one problem I have is that heavy detailed areas like yours are pretty rough on the eyes in a low resolution like this.  I'd love to try it again without the low res filter maybe. Love it either way

Very nice, polished looking entry! Good track in the background.

Pretty cool. When I started the game I shot very slow, but when I rerolled once, I became a full on gattling gun :D
However after 2 enemies, there was nothing left to shoot?

Very cool entry! I played until all ships got stuck in the corner..
It's awesome that you put a tutorial in the game. Really helped me.
And a nice BG track to top it of :)

Awesome Entry! Graphics are very well done (except the texture for the sea is so noisy it's hard to look at). Fun to explore and find islands.
The BG music is a nice track but a bit screechy tho. Plays really well.

(I ended up getting lost at sea looking for this guardian, maybe a compass would be nice?)

Pretty cool! I survived for 90 seconds :)
At first I thought it was pretty easy, but it ramps up quickly

Cool ship customizer. I love how the ship flies out of the menu and into battle at the start

Cute character :) I love how his arms swing when he moves. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do though?
Also the prompt to press 'space' to start was gone before I could read it the first time.

Nice infinirunner. First jump is the hardest bc you move so slow. And after a while you're just jumping over platforms :D
My final score was 1657

(The music was driving me crazy tho)

Really funy intro :) Very abrupt, I was not ready ;)