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Pretty retro, pretty simple, pretty FUN! :O It does have that retro-challenging feel, thanks to the sounds and graphics, and it's got a really nice concept!

The way the game was built also made it pretty intuitive to me (how to play, etc.) and it's quite easy to get, even without reading the how to play instructions. :P

Loved it! :D I kinda always die when the "golden"  blocks start  falling :P

Also, you made the console/engine? That's neat! :O

Thank you for such a complete review! I'm glad you like it. 

The game is still a bit buggy, but playable, I have to make the levels a bit more balanced, the "golden" (you mean the yellow ones right?) are a bit hard. I'm glad the game turned out have such a retro feeling!

And yep, I'm still making it (Console), but the current version was already good enough to create this game, which is pretty cool. Right now it's a bit like Pico 8, the code is mine (obviously ahah), but I intend to change some layouts and to create a color palette of my own and other stuff, Actually if I have the time, which will be hard this and next year, I would like to create a version just for the LowRezJam, it would be cool to see other people using it and one version with less restrictions. I published some info about it on java-gaming site. 

I'll leave the link, in case, you are interested in it:

Once again thanks for playing and reviewing it!