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Thank you for such a complete review! I'm glad you like it. 

The game is still a bit buggy, but playable, I have to make the levels a bit more balanced, the "golden" (you mean the yellow ones right?) are a bit hard. I'm glad the game turned out have such a retro feeling!

And yep, I'm still making it (Console), but the current version was already good enough to create this game, which is pretty cool. Right now it's a bit like Pico 8, the code is mine (obviously ahah), but I intend to change some layouts and to create a color palette of my own and other stuff, Actually if I have the time, which will be hard this and next year, I would like to create a version just for the LowRezJam, it would be cool to see other people using it and one version with less restrictions. I published some info about it on java-gaming site. 

I'll leave the link, in case, you are interested in it:

Once again thanks for playing and reviewing it!