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Binary Moon

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You're right - the comment on the dark water was a red herring.

The last milk is the one in the shed? You probably need to get the milk in the hidden area. You can find it by walking through some of the trees in the area to the left of the one with the sign post. Come out of the house, go up through the garden to the main landscape with the sign post. Then left. You can walk through some of the trees in here.

thanks for the link. I'll take a look.

I opted to disable smoothing then use css to disable the blurring. The problem before is that I had only tested it in Chrome. I think it works everywhere now :)

Nice little game. I like the artwork. Would be nice if there was a bit more challenge - like something to avoid/ attack. There was a bit too much text as well. Took too long for me to get to the game itself.

Just restarted the game. Totally didn't see the controls menu :)

Still - I think it'd be worth making it more prominent as I don't know many gamers who read controls until they need them.

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This is quite enjoyable and looks really good. The only thing I'd suggest is adding the controls to the description as it took me ages to work out how to change the characters orientation. It's easy once you get the hang of it - but it wasn't something that can be easily worked out.

he hee :)

Hi Charles. Thanks for the feedback - really pleased the game worked (mostly) ok for you :)

Seems there was an issue with the html5 canvas scaling. I had removed the sampling in Chrome but it wasn't working in all other browsers. I've now tested Safari and updated a fix. Hopefully it's working for you now?