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Binary Moon

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I'm intrigued by these, they're very different to pixel art but there's something about them that appeals to me.

Your terms say they can't be used for AI but does that include generative art? If I were to write all the code that places the tiles then I assume that would be ok?

These updates look great. Will they be GBStudio compatible?

Thanks! I've purchased it :)

Sounds ideal! :)

Looking forward to seeing the expansion

I am a big fan of this set. I'd love to see more biomes. Snow, Desert, Cave, Dungeon, Interior etc

I've be happy to pay for these as additional sets, they don't have to be added to this one directly - although I'd be happy to see more things added to this as well :)


Will do :)

This looks so good. Would you consider a bundle for all the little robo sets (and your other themed sets) so I can buy them all at once instead of individually?

Awesome - great time!

Making it speed-runable would be fun. What would need to change/ be added for that to be a thing?

Well I didn't know that was a thing, thanks for the tip. I've changed it to a download so you can try it out if you wish :)

Hi - yeah, I made this in 2007.

I uploaded it here a couple of years ago as a historical record, and then Adobe killed the plugin so it can no longer be played at all.

If you make more biomes (which I would also like) then publish them as a separate pack, assuming the price is similar I'd be happy to pay for more of them! :)

Awesome - thanks! :)

I made this for a game jam, but I have it on my list for further development in the future. I think it could be a fun little explore em up

I'd love to but I'm afraid not. That would take a lot of effort, and since the game is very small, and not played by many people - it's not worth the time it would take.

If you want to play it offline, you could use the app and download the game in there. 

Hi - thanks! :)

The game was made with the Phaser framework -  - and the level was built in Tiled (which is awesome :))

Hi there - thanks for the feedback! Really pleased you like the style. I love adding secrets/ tricks to my games - it was always my favorite part of the early Sega and Nintendo games so I like to do the same here.

What about the jumping made you feel uncomfortable? Is it something I can fix?

Thanks! But surely you can't have too many secrets? :)

Fits the rules well, but the creatures moved super quick so hard to hit them. Might have been ok had the resolution been higher but at this size it's hard. I wasn't able to kill any of the monsters unfortunately :( Seemed like a promising start though so perhaps the souped up version for the second jam will be better :)

Thanks for the feedback - ran out of time so didn't get to add sound. Will have to experiment a bit more with the controls since they seem to be a common concern.

Thanks for the feedback :)

I'm at the age now where I just want to enjoy games, and actually be able to finish them, so I don't want to punish people. But some people like a challenge so I hid some extra coins around for them.

What's wrong with the controls? Is it just the speed or is there something else you think I could improve?

Thanks - pleased you like it!

Thanks - I had a feeling it might frustrate some people. I tried to add some clues to show where the secret areas are but they may be  bit subtle and there's a couple that are quite hard to find.

Thanks - appreciated! :)

The wall thing was for the secret areas. There's quite a few of them scattered around. I did consider hiding the character when you go through the wall but thought what I did was clearer.

Thanks for the feedback. I didn't have enough time to add music and sound effects but if I did I think I would have kept it quite minimal.

Regarding the outdoors section, if I were to turn this into a full game then each level would be a different planet, so the outdoors would be different on each of them.

Great to hear you liked Pixel Peak too :) I started making a full version of that but got a bit carried away and it became bigger than I could handle. I hope to revisit it at some stage cos I enjoyed working on it. But I also want to make a bigger version of this now as well :)

Thanks Stuart - appreciate the comment and the feedback. You're right about the glitch - it is a side effect of the collision engine I'm using. I thought it made the platforming more forgiving, and even used it in some areas to have platforms that you shouldn't be able to reach.

I like the idea of adding a little animation to it to show him climbing onto the platform. I shall see if I can work that out.

Looks great and the retro sound effects work nicely with the style. I didn't entirely understand the gameplay at first but once I understood what was going on it was a nice little game. I did find the controls a bit fiddly/ jittery - possibly to do with the collision. The biggest problem was doing big jumps on the mushrooms. Still, I think it is a fun concept that could be easily expanded with more plant types.

Thanks! My thought is that this is an exploration game where you take your time hunting out all the secrets. I do see what you mean about the ladders though - they can be a bit tiresome going up so I might tweak that.

I'd love to make a full size version with lots of planets to visit and things to unlock. Not sure how much interest there would be in terms of making it commercially viable.

Thanks! :) There's quite a few secret rooms - many are relatively easy to find but there's a couple of more difficult ones.

Thanks, really appreciated. I wish I'd had time to add sound as well but real life got in the way.

I'll check out your game too :)

Fun little game. I didn't read the instructions so took me a while to realise the map scrolled. I thought I was kicking butt, except I was restricting myself to the initial 64x64 grid.

Thanks!  :)

Thanks! And yeah - I ran out of time unfortunately. Needed another week to add everything I wanted :)

Glad you got it in the end! :)

It's possible to do it quicker - just takes a bit of practice!

Thanks. Glad you liked the game :) I shall revisit the audio - the Whee sound was added at the last minute so I'll tweak the volume there in the next update.

And there's me thinking people would find it too easy! :)

I have an update planned that's a bit more forgiving, and adds more sign posts so you don't have to guess so much. Just waiting for voting to end before I publish it.

Awesome - thanks! :)