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Dash menaceView game page

An action/puzzle game in a post-apocaliptic setting
Submitted by dindow12321 — 2 days, 2 hours before the deadline
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Authenticity (Use of resolution restriction)#953.9064.429

Ranked from 7 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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That was very fun to play and the design of the levels was well balanced. Good job! :-)


I had a blast playing this! The mechanics feel really satisfying and you did a excellent job on the level design and how you introduce new mechanics. The graphics are simple but work very well. The audio is good, but the music gets a bit repetitive after a while. I would have preferred an automatic camera system though. Having to use the mouse to move the camera felt a little bit unintuitive to me.


For me, this mouse controlled camera system always felt natural for some reason, so I didn't even think about a different approach. I'll definetly look into that for future projects. Thanks!

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Wow, the game-feel is surprisingly good! And gameplay is quite addictive for me. If there is anything that needs improvement, I think that's the graphics. It should be fine like this but I think smaller sprites might also work and the most important, a better, more catchy color palette will help it looks more fun and easier to identify objects. Very good job btw! 👍


Thanks! Next time I'll try to team up with someone who can actually draw, but for now this is all I could do... I'm more programming focused, so altough I'm learning how to make sprites, I'm still not too good at it.


It's nice to see that you didn't use the idea in just an arcade way, if you know what I mean, but you actually created a story. Very entertaining game, good job!

PS: If you have the time, please try out my entry (don't forget to rate it : ) )



Thank you! Albeit the story is quite crude, I wanted to create at least something. Not sure I got the balance right (not too much or too little dialog), so thanks for the feedback!


I like how punchy the game feels. Simple and satisfying to play.

The view controlled by the mouse is a little weird. Maybe reducing the sprites size to display all the level is the screen, and keep the screenshake for the feedback would be better. But that wasn't too bad!

Good entry.


Thanks for the feedback! At first, it was going to be that way. 8x8 tiles of 8x8 sprites, but than I realized that it was very small. I couldn't create levels, so I decided to add this camera. I fiddled around with it a lot and I did the best I could, but I couldn't make it feel just right.


I like the feel of the game. I love that I feel like some out of control tank that can only stop when I hit a wall. Something about my power coming from reckless abandonment is enjoyable to me. This a fun little puzzler with a nice progression of mechanics. The tank tracks are a great, simple add for indicating to the player where the "rooms" exit is going to be if off camera. One little suggestion I would have is moving the first "recall system" so that it can't be missed. I managed to miss it on my first play through. I saw something that looked different and wanted to investigate but was then shot through one of those one-way tiles that sent me to the next room with no way back. Then when I died I was sent back to the first room. This would potentially cause some players to stop playing right there. But really, great job. I'd love to see this continued.


Thanks! I would say I'm usually good in game feel and programming, so I tried making a game as focused around that as possible. As for the level design, I couldn't get a lot of play-testing done, so thank you for the feedback. Continuing this project would certainly be nice, though I'd need an artist or get better at it myself, but thanks for the nice words!