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Wow, super impressive entry! The music and SFX were great and fit the tone nicely. The tutorial was really well done. Graphics were gorgeous. Great use of the small space - I have to admit, while most games in the jam look like the graphics could have benefited from a higher resolution, this game felt spot on. 

Solid and really polished entry - great work!

Hey great work! This is one of my favourite types of puzzle games, and I like the twist you put on it - you don't necessarily need the "optimal" solution if you're quick enough to dart across the fading squares. I actually made it all the way to the end and really enjoyed the levels. The controls were indeed tricky and I found myself wanting a strafe, but to be honest, I think part of the challenge of this game is that you can only move forward and I would be hesitant to change that. Great submission!

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah it seems a few people would have preferred keyboard for movement. I'll pass along your comments to the rest of the team as it means a lot that you appreciate what we've done :)

Cute game! It was fun switching between the characters and exploring the different locations. I also enjoyed the songs and liked how they changed in different locations! Finding new items was a pleasant surprise and I found a few fun/silly uses (hammering down a tree). Really cute retro feeling game. I actually think if you were going to continue it, to maybe bump up the resolution (just to fit more fun exploring stuff on screen). 

Great entry! :)

Really cool game! It was impressive what you did with the graphics - so small but still able to identify everything the character is doing. The camera movement was great to compliment the high jumps (only moving up when on a platform) - reminds me of the older mario games. Awesome entry, well done!

Really cool game concept for the jam! I can see this being easily expanded with lots of different levels progressing through space. I think as someone else mentioned, the fact that they do spawn in the same place means the player can restart and predict where they are (eg. just hug the walls and go full speed), so perhaps having some randomisation or movement in there might be cool.

I'd love to see more if you were to continue with it :)

Wow this was super impressive. Great use of space - the camera perspective was so smoothly handled! The particle effects on the different terrain was really effective and added a lot of "juice" to the game. The controls were tricky to get a handle on at first (like anything new) but really fun once you get into it! Great job.

Nice work! Great SFX and execution of a simple but fun idea. I enjoyed the political message and poking fun at Don too :)

Love the simplicity of this game. Really really neat idea :)

This is such a good idea I really enjoyed playing this! loved switching between the characters and the music was great. Nice work, would love some more levels :)

Gosh this was actually quite hard it was so fast ahah! Sfx were great. Well done!

This was such a good idea to add another element to a space shooter game! Very cute and great simple palette.

I'm sure a lot of us can relate to this game. Well done.

Very cool to have made this in 64x64 resolution! Sfx would have been great, as other people have mentioned, but this was a fun little game :)

Thank you! Glad to hear the length was good for you :)

This was so well polished! The graphics, music, and gameplay all came together really well. 

Wow I'm amazed how much detail is in this game, I can't believe it was done in time for the jam! I really loved the atmosphere of the environment and the soft palette that was used. Mysterious and a little creepy. Big fan :)

I always love witch games! I like the palette you used and the music was fun. I was a little confused with how to use the fire, it didn't seem to damage the spiders? But really cute and well done completing it all for the jam!

What a cute platformer! The music is so much fun and I LOVE the sprite for Wally. I found the movement a little difficult and felt they could have been a bit smoother/more precise. But I have to also note that I have manicured nails that make it a bit difficult to press keys dextrously haha. Very well done :)

Wow! This was so beautiful. The attacks were really fun and satisfying and I really enjoyed the wordless story of this. The graphics were perfect: simple and not messy, and so atmospheric for the 64x64 limit.

Very neat game. Wondering if you had some frustrating customer service experiences that inspired this haha?

This is very sweet. I agree with another commenter who suggested this would work great as a mobile app that people could access every day!

Super simple but actually really addicting and fun. The jump felt a little awkward (no slow curve at the top) but it kind of adds to the retro/nostalgic charm. Awesome job :)

Cheers! Mad props for sticking it out till the end haha, thank you :)

Hey, thanks! Will definitely check yours out too.

Hehe this was a super silly game but a lot of fun to play. The combination of goofy graphics and uke playing was incredibly charming, and I had a lot of fun playing it. Great work!!

Absolutely gorgeous art! I appreciate the amount of polish and bounciness in all of the mechanics. Everything felt great. It's a shame as others have said that there was no sound. You utilised the small amount of space so well - nothing felt cramped, and there was a great amount of details. Good pacing with the "tutorials" and introduction of mechanics. Classic metroidvania. Great work!

This was so cute and very satisfying when you have to re-try levels, learning as you go, and eventually nail it! I thought it was a little confusing when some of the backgrounds were similar in colour to the worm and it made it a little difficult to track what was happening. But other than that, I loved the movement and screen shaking and splashing tomatoes everywhere!

Cute little game! Like others have said, the movement seemed slow at first but I think that's just a bit of bias from having played lots of platformers - after a while, you get into the slowness and it does suit the game's vibe. I think there were a few areas where I was able to move through the wall (or at least I thought it was a wall because it was red). I wasn't sure if this was a secret area or a glitch. 

The graphics were very cute and retro - I love the protagonist. I appreciate the amount of polish in the mechanics too, eg. falling from greater heights changed the landing and added dust. 

Great work :) 

The music is so perfect. Great simple concept executed well :)

Great concept, very entertaining :)

The colours are gorgeous!