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Chequered Ink

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Thanks leaf! :)

Want to create your own stacked-sprite pseudo-3D game like Nium or Step? We've created a handy little tool to help you out! SpriteStack lets you preview your stacked-sprite models by loading in a sprite strip. You can continue to edit the sprite strip in your favorite graphics program, then simply refresh the model in SpriteStack to preview the changes!


We don't have any plans to add this yet but it's certainly something we'll consider!

Some of the earlier games in the pack used drag and drop (back when I was still learning the basics) but most of them are written entirely in GML, especially the newer ones. I can't say there's any one single way to learn GML. Mostly if I wanted to do something and I couldn't figure it out I just looked up online tutorials and the answer stuck with me. I guess I'd advise the following:

  • Look for D&D to GML converters (here's one on itch) and try getting into the habit of replacing simple D&D actions with the relevant line of code.
  • Look for and download a few very simple demo projects written in GML. Some come with GameMaker already, some are available on the Marketplace. A lot of demos are well commented, so it should help you learn the code.
  • Set yourself a few simple tasks to learn before diving into any complicated game mechanics. A lot of the tasks required for puzzle games make good learning tools. For example a "lights out" style game is quite easy to make in GML.

Hope that helps!

Hi! Yes, all 50 games and the launcher itself are all made in GameMaker. Originally some of them were made in GameMaker 6, 7 and 8 but they were all updated in GameMaker: Studio before the pack was put together.

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Thanks! Good luck with all your future game projects :)

Thanks leaf! really appreciate it :)

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What does it take to become a game developer? Years of the practice, a whole bunch of failures and the occasional diamond in the rough. That's GameDevDan vs Life in a nutshell. https://ci.itch.io/gamedevdan-vs-life

GameDevDan vs Life is a pack containing 10 years worth of games from one half of the Chequered Ink dev team (hence the title name "Dan") - all wrapped up in a neat little launcher in the style of a plug-in & play console. You can play jam games, commercial games, dodgy little tech demos. There's something in the pack for everyone!

Every game in the pack, and the launcher itself, was made or updated in GameMaker: Studio and pretty soon we're hoping to release some tech blogs about the dev process, so please keep an eye out for those!

Let us know what you think. #notatGDC

Created a new topic Official Bugs Thread

We're only a small team and this pack is available across multiple stores, so we'd like to try and keep bug reports in one neat-and-tidy place!

To get your bug logged as quickly as possible it's best to use our contact page on our website. You can also check our known issues page to see if there is already a solution to the problems you are seeing. That said, we will check here as often as we can for bug reports, so feel free to reply to this topic with your issues (and please provide as much information as possible!)

Hey everyone, I'm looking for advice on the best way to export 2D sprites with good lighting - specifically sprites that connect together. Example:

Here is a block that could be the corner of a building or a road or something:

I export it at isometric (30 degrees) in all 8 directions with the batch export tool. I'm left with the following issue:

At different angles the lighting is drastically different. The pieces don't connect together well at all, because there is a clear color difference created by the lighting applied to the model. I've tried different combinations of the shadow / occlusion sliders in the export window but none of them give a decent effect.

Am I doing something wrong / is there a better way to do this? 

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :)