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Cool! We'll look to update the pack (or this page) soon to include the pixel size of each font. For now if the font is available on our dafont profile you can search for its name and it will show in the top right of the font page e.g.

The character support varies from font to font. The most comprehensive font, "Nineteen Ninety Three" supports the following characters:

Most of the fonts support fewer than that. If you want to check a specific font you can search for it on fontspace and download it to try it out before buying:

Thanks! We'd love to see whatever you make with them

We'd love to see it when you have screenshots to show

Thank you 🥰

We make fonts for a living, and we know licensing fonts can be expensive. That's why we've made the EveryPixel Indie Font Pack: Every single one of our pixel fonts, all in one place, all for one low price - $3 🌟

What do you get?

  • All 46 fonts shown on the project page in .ttf format.
  • Install the fonts on up to 5 PCs on one license.
  • Use the fonts commercially in your games, graphics, comics, videos & documents.

Grab the pack here:

Try before you buy:

You can even download and try the fonts for free on our Fontspace page. If you like what you see, come back to buy the pack and save big money vs. the cost of buying a bunch of our regular commercial font licenses.

We'd love to see what you make with our fonts!

If you buy our fonts, be sure to leave a comment below showing off your project. Thank you 💚


From what I can tell through Googling, the SONAR.etc alert appears to be a semi-frequent false positive result with games made in GameMaker. The latter, I cannot find any results at all about. The native game should not be accessing any area of your PC other than Localappdata (for storing your save file), and needless to say, there're no harmful files in Revolver and Co. Besides save files, everything in the game happens locally and offline.

My recommendation would be to perform a thorough scan of your PC just incase you have anything malicious hijacking .exe downloads, then delete Revolver and Co as you downloaded it and try redownloading it again and see if the issue repeats. If it does, you could try reporting it to Norton as a false positive. 

Let me know how things progress, am happy to help out further.

Allison James
Chequered Ink Ltd

Ever wanted to play a game where you're a wizard who throws cheese at roast turkey monsters?

How about casting X-rays against a living fondue pot while dressed as a potato?

Test your mettle in Plunder Dungeons, a card-collecting, monster-bashing Adventure!

Itchio: (free demo available)
Nintendo Switch:

  • Crawl through randomised dungeons to discover treasure
  • Collect 100 different weird elements and use them as either weapons or armor
  • Battle 52 types of monsters and try to avoid permadeath
  • Get your name up in lights on the global leaderboard (on each platform)

The game is 25% off for launch week on all stores, we hope you enjoy playing!

Thanks! The tutorial pop-up does show you all six sides of the die, but it's probably not clear enough that's what it's doing. Each die is:

1 Shield, 2 x 1 Sword, 2  Swords, 3 Swords, Dragon 

So you have twice as much chance of rolling a single sword as you do any other result.

Thank you very much 😊 I am currently working on a big update that adds new rounds with new questions, I will look into implementing a save feature for Endless with that update.


Quickly! Earnpoints community · Created a new topic hi


Pippu - Bauble Quest launches today on PC and Nintendo Switch!

Take Pippu on an epic platforming adventure to defeat the nefarious Obkins and retrieve the stolen Baubles!

Pippu is a heroic little creature from the world of the Beandrops. One day her planet is visited by hostile aliens called the Obkins, who travel from place to place stealing precious treasures to power their dangerous and wacky machinery.

Run, climb and swim your way through 14 worlds to bash the baddies and save your planet.


  • Colorful, vibrant worlds with lots of nooks and crannies to explore.
  • A kooky cast of weird and wonderful characters to meet.
  • Collect all 56 Baubles to restore your world to its full glory.
  • Fun for all the family, young and old, beginner or seasoned gamer.

Itch Page:

Switch Page:

Congratulations all!

Well done to everyone for taking part, congratulations to the top 20 in each category for the public vote (that just includes us, exciting!)

This jam has been a hugely positive experience and really one of the best things to come out of it is the amount of useful feedback / constructive criticism / feature requests we've seen when browsing the comments. It's really going to help us take our game further so thanks everybody for that and thank you YoYo Games for hosting!

Thanks for playing & including us in your video :)

Thanks for the comment!

No worries, in response to a similar point in other reviews we're pondering the idea of maybe having a speed setting in future versions. That way players of higher or lower skill levels can set the game how they want it - or even complete all the levels at various different speeds for replayability.

Haha, we didn't design the game for ease-of-cheeto-eating but we're very pleased to hear it came through as an unintended bonus! :P

Sorry for the delayed reply - yes multiplayer does require at least one gamepad. Player 1 can use the keyboard, but additional players need additional controllers.

It's quite difficult - but fun to play once you get hang of the controls! I love the visual effects, especially the neat little holes in the background which seem to reveal a whole world of particles beneath. I also like the inclusion of a cute character but abstracted into the neon style - something I also tried to do in my game. You definitely pulled it off! nice work.

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

That feedback is useful, but it's also definitely a tough balance to achieve. Because the resetting the level every time comes with its own problems to be solved: everything snapping back to its start position at once can be visually jarring, so we could hide it with a fade-out fade-in... but then that adds time to the game between attempts which might be frustrating.

I do agree though that it seems just more universally "fair" if the player is presented with the same challenge every time they die, rather than all of the obstacles being in different positions every time. It's something we'll have to think long and hard about for a solution!

Thanks Evan - as I've just posted in a reply below it might be a cool idea to add a speed setting in future to make the game more inclusive / accessible and add some replayability (because players could always start easy and then play again at a harder speed later). Something to think about :)

Wow! Thanks, that's a particularly glowing review ;)

Yep music-wise we definitely need more tracks in any future version. I think it fits the game well but a single track on repeat over 40 levels / 2 hours is bound to get annoying eventually, so in agreement with you there. I also wonder whether we could add difficulty levels or accessibility settings in future... so maybe you could choose the setting of your ship's speed. It would add replayability too I guess - players might want to retry all the levels in gradually higher speeds!

Thanks for the review and the useful feedback.

Thanks! :) Yeah as with my reply to a comment below, will definitely be looking at re-ordering the levels in future versions based on how many fails made in each one when testing.

Thanks - and you make a very good point! For future versions I think what I'm going to do is play the game through a few times and then re-order the levels based on how many times I failed each one... I'd have done that for this jam if I had more time. Heck, I could have implemented some anonymous analytics to pull that data from everyone's playthroughs if I'd had an extra week haha. Feedback much appreciated, cheers!

You should add some screenshots at least, so us GameMaker users can see what we're missing out on ;)


Thanks for playing :)


Thank you!

Thanks! Yes we're hopefully releasing a more detailed version in future and it will definitely have an options menu with volume control :)

Thanks :)

Thanks :)

Super cool use of those stacked 2D sprites to create a 3D effect running through the whole game. Nice music, although the sound effects overpower in places.

At times it was hard to get my ship in the right place because of the perspective. And those flashy death particles could definitely trigger a bad reaction in photosensitive people - so it'd be nice to make them a little more comfortable to make the game more inclusive.

Nice visuals and an interesting way to reveal the map with that sort of "fog of war" mechanic. It both adds and takes away from the experience - because it's super cool to look at but turning the whole camera with the mouse doesn't feel as smooth and easy as it could do.

Good sound design and nice effects for the glowing blood splatter and the particle-like bullets. A good entry.

Interesting puzzle game with decent progression of mechanics, nice graphics and nice music. Compared to other entries it seems a little less "neon" because the graphics are shaded in a more sort of flat way.

Ah I see! In that case it's likely that I thought I was plugging it in, but wasn't quite managing it - so yeah any extra visual feedback on that would be great.

For more feedback I guess another thing that could improve it is maybe the white outlines when you hover over plugs/sockets could be drawn above the hedges? Sometimes I found it hard to pick up a plug because I couldn't see it, even though I knew it was somewhere close to me behind a hedge.