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That's a good point! If I ever do a post-jam build i'll probably tone down the jump sounds! Thanks a bunch! 

Thanks so much for your thoughts! :D

Thanks for your feedback!  :D

Very cute little game! I loved the slime effect! 

Thanks for your feedback! :D

Yesss! I'm glad Bruce has left his mark! Lowrezjam is definitely something I want to continue doing so expect more Bruce Bee in the future! <3

Aw thank you!! 

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for your feedback! :D

Thanks so much for your feedback! :D There was definitely plans for other elements but unfortunately time just got away from me this year!

Ahh! Thank you so much! :D

Aw wow that's super nice of you to include us! Thanks a bunch! :D

Thank you so much! I thiiiink the reason it looks that way is that the animation might be a couple less frames than the regular run! Appreciate your feedback! 

Thank you! <3

Thanks for your thoughts! :D

thanks so much for your feedback! <3

I really enjoyed this! Super cute and simple to play yet a proper challenge! 

This was very cute and simple! The classic songs were a nice touch! 

I do wish she moved a little faster, it felt a bit slow getting around but overall nice job! 

Cute idea! The camera got janky on the 3rd hole so I couldn't see what  I was doing but before that happened it was definitely an enjoyable little game! 

As a rule I'm pretty garbage at these sorts of games! I didn't manage to escape the jail :'D 

I dig the concept though! 

Simple yet pretty entertaining! The visuals are very cute and good choice of music too! 

Pretty good for a first unity game! Simple and straight-forward! Really nice detail in the world too! 

I'll echo that last comment about the level progression and i found the music a tad repetitive (though it definitely fit the feel for the game!). Overall, really well done! :D

Ahh so nice! Thank you so much! <3

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks so much for playing! :D

Thanks so much for playing and for your feedback!

 I will say it needs a few updates especially regarding the camera! In the next couple weeks I'll give it a going over which will hopefully make it more enjoyable! I've also gotta make the secret areas less secret because Lord knows nobody's found them yet 😂

At the very least I'll do a post-jam fixed camera version since that seems to be the feedback across the board! Thanks a bunch! :)

The camera does move a little bit but I think you're probably right in that it could use a little more view!

Thank you so much for your feedback! :D

Since I'm working tomorrow during the deadline, today's gonna basically be it for getting this game finished!

As optimistic as I am, I'm definitely starting to feel the pressure! The list of things to do seems to be getting longer not shorter, but the end is definitely in sight! Still some minor things to program in and we've only skimmed the surface of level design! 

Another 5 hours or so and I'll finally be back to work on this! Praying we get it done in time! 

Getting down to the wire now but we're getting close! Set up parallax this morning and fixed a couple minor things! Other than the boss room we've only just started on level design! Think it's going to be pretty last minute before it's ready but I'm still feeling pretty confident we can get it done!

thanks dude! I'm pretty jazzed about how it's looking so far! Our artist is great at the tiny sprite work! 

Didn't have a ton of time today but managed to squeeze in a few minor things! Added in some new sprites, got the UI more or less sorted, health is replenishable, and a few sound effects are in!

 I didn't realize the spider sprites were in reverse, so apologies cause' they're totally running backwards! 

The weirdest thing is that it only seems to happen on the 3rd game restart (not second or 4th 5th etc. But it never happens on a room restart or so far as I can tell yet, any other time! 

Sounds like I've got some digging to do!

Thanks for your insight! :D 

I meant to start this devlog days ago, but better late than never! My time for gamedev has been cut in half for this jam but I'm not detered! 

Myself and J.Omar have been working on a little platformer about bees! 

Basic collisions and movement all went off basically without a hitch! Even solved my half-pixel collision problem that I also had in another project. Everything was great until it came time to deal with the health mechanic. I'd never dealt with any sort of melee attacks before so had to take some time and do some learning. I'm happy to say that so far as I can tell, player attacks, damage and enemies are all working! 

NPCs were next and without issues! 

The boss battle has definitely been the biggest challenge of this project so far! It's still very much a WIP, but the boss attacks & takes damage now! The timing between different states needs to be tweaked for sure & nothing happens yet when he dies. I'm also getting a glitch where the boss stops creating it's hitboxes if you restart the game a few times. 

Unforunately I've been on the road for the past 4 days (and again for the next few) so I've lost a lot of time on this. There's 100+ things we've been thinking would be awesome to add to this so we'll see what we can manage! Hoping to make this game the best it can bee! 

Here's a little mockup of what's to come! (by J.Omar)

I really enjoyed this one! The art is gorgeous and the game play felt super smooth! Well done!

This is definitely a great start for a game & I thought being able to remove the turrets was a nice touch though there didn't seem to be a need to move them at any point

I really struggled to figure out what to do and then when I did it was impossible to lose. This game needs some balancing for sure but it definitely has potential! 

Thank you! :D

I'm so glad you liked it! :D That is definitely an interesting glitch you found. Thanks for the heads up! I've got to agree on the shark sound effects. "Better death sounds" is on my looong list of wants but didn't get around to.  :p

A million thank yous for your feedback! 

:D Thanks for playing! I'll pass on your kind words to the artist! 

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Ahh! Thank you! I'm not really sure what happened there but  it should be all gravy now! 

a quick edit to say thanks for your thoughts! 

Having the car drive at the end is definitely an idea we played with, but we did what we could with the time we had. It's certainly something we'd like to look at adding in the future! 

Thanks for your feedback!