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this is soo cute ToT

Oh I'm so glad you got it to run!! Thank you so much for your trouble and your feedback! <3

Thank you! <3

Thanks so much for your feedback! :D

Thank you so much! :D

Cute little shooter! Simple but fun! I liked the cutscenes, but they felt a bit wordy maybe! Really nice job though! 

oml this was was super fun but really hard! Love the artwork! 

I'm honestly not sure what it could be! I'm also running windows 10 and it worked for Firefox that time too. Seems like you might be an anomaly! Sorry again that it didn't work for you! T_T

These were some really well thought out puzzles! Really nice job! :D

Super nice job, especially for a solo project! That's a super fun take on tetris and a clever way to incorporate hot dogs! 

That's super strange! I just downloaded the windows version to see, and it seems to be working fine on my end! Curious what version of windows you're using, and also what web browser?  It was only tested in Chrome. I'd love to get to the bottom of that though! Sorry it didn't work for you! 

hahaha!! Thanks for playing! <3 <3 

Great art and music! Love the GB look! 

This was so simple, yet so fun! I really enjoyed this one! 

This was super good! looks great, sounds great! 

This is cute! definitely gives the feel from the original game! I'd echo what others are saying about the camera, but I thought this was a good entry! 

I absolutely adored this! My only complaint is there's no multiplayer! I'd love to play this with friends! This might be my favorite game from this jam so far! Suuuper well done! <3

Every time someone does 3D in these I'm always so impressed! The puzzles were cute and simple, though it took me a minute to realize you had to turn the handle in a specific direction! Really nice job! 

Really nice job on the art! Your cover art is particularly nice! Glad you submitted it even though it's unfinished! Well done! 

This was such a cool little idea! Really impressed! 

big time this. team green n'all! 

Great music in this! The UI & controls were a bit overwhelming, especially at the small resolution, but it played nice! I like the vibes of the artwork! Well done! 

So cute!! Took me a bit to figure out the fishing, but well done! 

This was a super cool idea! I'm impressed! 

this felt super nice to play and it was soooo cute! Well done! <3

Thanks so much for playing! :D

The sounds are amazing & the art is adorable! This was way too hard for me :'D but super nice job! 

super cute! <3

This looks great and played really nice! Really impressed you fit the gameplay into such a small space! Well done! 

thank you so much! <3

Thanks so much! <3

No worries at all! Good luck on your future projects! :D 

Aw, that's really sweet! Imo you had some of the most clean & readable sprites I've seen so far this jam, and that is nothing to sneeze at! Again, well done!  

aw, thank you!! <3

Thanks so much! <3

Thanks so much for your feedback! :D

There's a few reasons! You'll often get windows firewall stopping it from running with spooky messages about how it could be a threat, I'm assuming because you're not a verified publisher, but I'm not super sure about that. Also If you don't generate project images then you get the default GMS2 images which takes away from the polish of the end result. But most importantly, a zip is way more convenient for the end user when all they have to do is unzip and play! :D

Our team struggled with the same thing our first year. Cameras are hard at tiny scales! It wasn't a bad compromise either, since it lets you see more!

This is beautiful & definitely has that "one more try" vibe! 

Loveeee the GB style graphics! I  honestly suck at platformers so this was  super hard for me,  but it's really well done!