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rsvp asap

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Thanks so much!!

It's looking good! 

Thanks!! <3 

Some days are harder than others, but it's crawling forward! One of these days I'll have something worth playing! 

Thank you!! <3

I completely agree! Every 10 minutes is 10 minutes closer to the end-goal! Plus there's all the passive things not really mentioned, like thinking of dialogue, quests, items and so on! I keep a file that's just for brainstorming and let me tell you, it sees some action! 

I'm pretty sure the font is just whatever the default "pixel" font is here on itch! 

Thank you so much! <3

I did have collision setup for them but the issue then is the size of the motion planning grid. Since the buggy is larger than the grid the NPCs just get stuck. I think my best bet might be to change the grid size if they have a buggy, or similar to what you said, flip the sprites if a collision is too close. Right now only it's only a 10% chance of spawning with a buggy so that one's gonna be a polish issue someday! 

Cute and simple! Well done! <3

Thank yoou! <3 

thanks for checking it out! <3

Thanks so much for checking it out! <3 

Thanks so much! :D

Thanks for the feedback! :D

I feel the same! Memory games were easier as a youngster!

Thanks! <3

Great feedback! Thanks for playing!!<3

Thanks so much!<3

Thanks for checking it out!!<3

Thanks so much for playing and for the feedback! <3

Great feedback! Thanks so much for checking it out! <3

Great atmosphere! Im impressed with the amount of art in this game! 

It's endless! Thanks for checking it out! <3 

I'm not very good at it either haha! Thanks for playing!! 

Thank you!!

Thanks for playing! <3 

Thanks so much! <3

Thanks! I was actually surprised that it turned out to be a little difficult! 

Thanks for checking it out! <3 

The direction change was a nice mechanic! Nice choice of tunes too! 

This is super hard but really fun! Love the music and the concept! 

Short and sweet! Well done! 

Very cute! Nice palette, nice art, nice music! Love it! 

Reminds me of Cosmic Ark for the Atari! Love the palette too! 

I didn't know what to do at "Recurrency" but this was fun! Well done! 

Great concept with cute art! Really well done!

Nice art and music! Always love a block pushing puzzle. Nice job! 

Thank you! 💙 

thank you!! <3 

Thank you! <3 

thanks for the feedback! tiny islands was great so thanks for that link! <3 

thank you!! 

thanks so much for playing! <3