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You and I have very different definitions of "very bad condition". You have a really good foundation here. I like your pixels - great scale for the 64 resolution  - everything is readable and the viewport isnt too crowded. If you do continue work on this, some simple things to consider adding: 

  • This game could greatly benefit from a "shoot/fire" sound effect and a "hit" sound effect, at minimum. If you didn't add any other sounds, those too would help provide so much feedback to your players and they are pretty simple/basic sounds to come by.  
  • Camera shake is pretty easy to add (you already have a nice working camera system in place) and adds so much to a shooter.
  • Push Back. For enemies and the player when they get hit. Possibly to the player when they fire. Again, adds so much feedback and "weight" to the gameplay.

Wow. Thanks. I am pleased to see such a review. I will take into account your wishes and try in the future to add them to the game.