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oh no, no need to fight the hunter without taking damage! Go to the bat statue in the Silenced Cathedral (close to the first boss, the bat queen. Behind a breakable wall). That’s where you’ll get the reward. Then you can fight the hunter like normal, but be as efficient as possible because you’ll have to fight the secret boss afterwards

Beating the last boss and walking off screen to the right will end the game and let you know what your completion % is. So at least you’ll know how close you are :)


If you have 100% and beat the boss, wait on that screen for a bit ;P

Have you collected all of the royal bat blood? (Blue blooded bats). My guess is that is the thing you’re missing. It’s a tough challenge, requiring that you avoid damage. Collect them all and return to the bat statue to receive a reward. You can at least fast travel, so plan your route.

If you’ve already done that, feel free to post a pic of the map you have and I can probably point you in the right direction.

hello! Sorry I just read your messages. The game is definitely challenging and could use some balancing tweaks. That being said, I’m glad you managed to beat the bosses and discover where to go!

As for the hunter’s full screen prayer, it can be avoided with a well-timed dash. Try to deal as much damage as possible while he’s busy praying. The blood arrow ability deals more damage than your sword attacks, so try to use that as much as possible.

You’re so close! Good luck!

PS: if you manage to get 100% you can fight a secret boss. You can always go back and find things you’ve missed after beating the game. Although I would avoid interacting with the statue that spawns in the starting room because that will restart your save file on the hard mode

I love the aesthetics of this game. The visual design kind of reminds me of Mork Borg, but with its own unique style. Haven’t played yet, but definitely keeping an eye on what you make next!

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Is this still being worked on? It looks really great so far!

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Loved it!! As always, your adventure games are some of the best. I especially loved how the graphics reminded me of Quest for Glory. I’d love to see some small rpg elements in one of your adventure games like QfG! That would be awesome. But back to this gem, it’s really really good for a small introduction to a story which will hopefully be built on!

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This is awesome!! :D wow! Wonderful map! Congrats on getting 100%! Honestly this is super cool to see someone create this for my game. Thanks again for uploading your experience with it!

Also, while I'm sure you're tired of Bloodseeker by now, there is one final hidden thing in the game. Just DO NOT mess with the statue as that will reset your progress in a sort of hard mode. Go beat the vampire hunter one more time and just wait around in the arena now that you've got 100% ;)

I’m like 2 months late to this fantastic news, but hey this is awesome that the game is back in action! I had concerns that I wouldn’t get to see Griff again, but I’m glad to be wrong. Haven’t had time to try out the new demo, but I’ll do so asap. We need more undies to bring back the 3D collectathon platformer, keep it up!

Thanks for playing it and leaving some feedback, I’m really glad you liked it!

There are definitely some mechanics and hidden things that I wish I had explained better, but ran out of time. As for opening the wall in the catacombs, if I’m thinking of the correct wall, opening it has to do with how an enemy type interacts with  something in the background.

Thank you so much for recording your gameplay! I’m really looking forward to watching your experience with Bloodseeker :)

Thank you! And thanks for trying it :)

Thanks for testing it out and leaving some feedback! Really glad you enjoyed it :)

Ah yes, that was absolutely something I was really worried about. Part of me felt like intentionally messy art would cause less people to be interested in even downloading it and even if they did I was worried that they might think we just suck at art haha

But it’s been pretty reassuring to hear that the art direction seems to have paid off and that people have said it fits the game and adds to the charm :) again, thank you!

Thanks for trying it out and giving some valuable feedback! Glad you enjoyed our really wacky and random game! We really enjoyed coming up with all those random ideas that really made that sort of weird humor shine :)

Oh dear, crashes are not a good thing at all. I haven’t personally encountered any crashes on the mini games. If you wouldn’t mind and if you remember, could you perhaps give some information on which mini games caused crashes? Any further details on crashes would be incredibly helpful!

We plan on updating the game post-jam and I really want to ensure it’s as bug-free as possible

No problem! Thanks for making such a fun little game! It’s still pretty dang impressive what you’ve done in 10 hours. I’m really glad to hear that you’re going to keep working on this project! I’ll be sure to keep my eye on the devlogs. I hope you’re able to add some more movement abilities into the game too!

Haha that’s pretty funny although unfortunately about the music not looping. It’s a simple error which hopefully people take into account that it’s supposed to keep playing when rating. In one of my previous game jams, I accidentally did something even worse and forgot to check if music was already playing and so you’d come out of a level and the music would start playing the same song over the song already playing and they’d both keep looping. So basically you’d play 3 levels and the music would sound horrible with 3 versions of it looping on top of each other. Now THAT was a nightmare hahaha

Glad my suggestions can come in handy! Looking forward to seeing the game progress :)

I'd really love to try this game out but for some reason the file says "Failed - Forbidden" when downloaded :(

Congrats on your first jam! It's a big accomplishment, so definitely enjoy what you've put together :)

The idea of playing as two characters in a puzzler that requires both to complete the level is perhaps a little predictable for the theme but was executed very well! Plus, there's nothing wrong with doing something a little more straightforward, especially for your first jam where you should probably focus more on execution than unique concepts. My very favorite part of your design is the fact that abilities are locked away inside boxes that you pick up in the levels. I find that to be quite clever and unique. That idea alone bumped up my rating for your design by 1 star (won't give away final rating, but just know I think it's very well done).

The presentation of the game is also expertly done. The font, especially the title, is really cute and captures the essence of the characters really well. The characters themselves are incredibly adorable. The colors are pleasant. I really just love the design of the characters, and I appreciate the extra touch of having player 2 have a sad/worried mouth as opposed to the happy player 1. It would've been easy to just recolor them and keep them identical, but that extra touch and attention to detail is sometimes what takes a mediocre game from a jam and gives it the necessary charm and love that it needs to make it great. And I definitely don't think that the game is mediocre.

The puzzles themselves were fun and at least a little challenging when suddenly one character couldn't move or jump. The music is really chill and definitely fits the aesthetic of the game. I will say that at one point the music completely stopped for me, which unfortunately made the game feel a lot more lifeless. Had to restart to get it working again. I will note that I do wish there were more sound effects. For example sound effects for jumping, pushing, landing on the other character, and ability boxes falling would have really increased the feel and enjoyment of performing those actions. 

I also feel like this game could've gotten away with a bit more flexible characters. Stretch and squash would really add to their characterization. When they jump make them stretch quite a bit more, landing from a high fall should make them look short and fat as their jelly-like bodies adjust to the movement. If player 1 stands on player 2, a similar short and fat look could occur and maybe have the player look like they have a headache as they look up at the player on their head haha

Oh and unless I'm mistaken, there's no button for quitting the game/exiting to the menu. That would be a nice addition.

Of course, just like everyone else's games, there's only so much that can be added in 2 days and I'm sure there were things that got cut. But these little touches would have really been awesome to see! :)

I'd love to see this game updated after the judging is over, if nothing else then at least to fix the music. You've got a really neat game here! Again, good job and congrats!

glad you like it, thanks for trying it out!


Haha thanks! Yeah that one's pretty strange and funny

Yeah for sure, I definitely used a mix of melee and ranged. But I suppose it all depends on the maximum length of the frog's tongue. Either way, the removal of the dash could make for a little hard mode challenge or something haha

Hey congrats on your very first jam! It's a really big accomplishment, definitely take the time to enjoy the post-jam hype. Now on to your game: it was fun! I really like the style. The flooded forest idea is pretty cool and the unique colors of the trees with the vibrant blue water makes for a pretty neat palette. The audio, while not too fancy, did its job.

The boss was fun to fight and the game felt good. I do feel like the dash maybe covered too much distance to where it was harder for me to estimate where I'd land. So I actually ended up beating the boss without the dash at all, which added some nice challenge to it. I do feel like the ranged attack is a little too useful. So maybe if the player didn't have a dash they could spend a bit of their stamina by using the ranged attack. But I'm not here to tell you how to design your own game.

The design is overall really good! While I think the relevance to the theme could have been a bit stronger, the game itself was quite fun. Keep up the good work!

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Yeah, this was made in GameMaker and I don't think I have the html5 license, but we really wanted to make it browser based. Maybe we could update it after the jam to make it play on browser

Thanks a ton for the high praise! :D Really glad to hear that it’s able to stay fun and engaging even after the first few tries. Thanks for trying it out! Let me know if you’re able to beat the dev team’s highscore of 21 haha ;)

Glad to hear that the mini games were fun and engaging! We felt like such a wacky and chaotic game deserves a similarly chaotic art style :)

Thank you so much!! We had a ton of fun making it and we're super glad that you're loving the vibe!

Thanks for trying it out!

This was super cool! The concept is pretty neat, the art is really nice, and the feel is really good. The audio is also pleasant. For example, the feeling of the jump along with the jump sounds really adds to the punchy/weighty feel of it. Very well done! Not to mention the creation of a dialogue system. Again, really neat game!

Just spent some time in the prologue. Unfortunately didn't have time to get through all of it, but from what I played, I can say that I am really impressed! Solo development is tough, but despite that hurdle, the game is already looking super promising!

As to the trend that I mentioned, it's clear that this game takes plenty of inspiration from Disco Elysium (great game for those who haven't tried it), but that is not to diminish the identity of this game. DE is a wonderful and super smart game to be inspired by, and I think this is the first game that I've seen follow in it's footsteps of exploring a different way to play rpgs (without combat).

So, about Clam Man 2 specifically. The writing is definitely the star and most prominent piece of gameplay, and it's good! Quite clever and well written. The premise of the game is unique and interesting. Never thought I'd play an rpg about a bunch of aquatic critters with a focus on stand up comedy, but here we are and I actually love it. The world is quaint and fun and relaxing to explore. I personally didn't get to do stand up part of the game yet, though I plan on playing more tonight. The idea of the repertoire as a substitute for the thought cabinet is really good. I had been thinking of ways that someone could do a similar sort of idea, where the character's (not so much the player's) thoughts impact the game, and the repertoire works well (in concept at least, I still have yet to see it in practice). The quest system being used is seemingly identical to DE's quest system and I'm perfectly fine with that. It's still a fresh new take on how to do quests. Traditional quest structure seems less interesting to me than the "my character wants to do a thing and put it down in their notes" style which DE and this game adopt. The stats are interesting and I think that having only four for the scope of the game is probably fine. It would be neat to spread some of those skills thinner into more defined subsets of comedy, though I do understand that the dev wanted to give each skill as much use as possible in and out of comedy. So they probably combined them to achieve that goal. Plus the more skills there are, the harder the game is to make. But if the dev is able to add even 2 more skills, that would increase the replayability and make each playthrough feel more unique. That's why DE's 24 skills work so well, there's so many of them that each playthrough will probably feel very different based on the chosen skills. Obviously 24 is a lofty number and a bit unreasonable for a single dev. Also I saw that I got +1 towards Al, which is neat and I'm sure it would be more apparent what that means during the comedy sections of the game. I hope that things you say and do will adjust skill checks like how you get modifiers in DE, as that makes your choices feel like they really matter. I think that is the case with Clam Man 2, but again, didn't really get to see those modifiers in action.

All in all, I just want to sing the praise that this game deserves, and it's not even out yet (and I did not even get to the "main" part of the game - the stand up! But I don't have to in order to know that this game is a gem. Definitely check it out. I'm sure we'll be seeing more games like this and like DE coming out in the next few years. If there are any others out there in development, please point them out to me so I can keep my eye on them too!

Bummer! I definitely should have informed players in game before letting them wipe their save. Shoot my bad!

Interesting feedback on the bosses, thanks! Any issues you’ve had with them are totally fair too. It’s neat to see the diversity in opinions on them. A lot of the difficulty is determined by the path players take through the game and the order of bosses they fight. So for instance, the gargoyle can be fought really early on (3rd boss) or one of the last ones so he can be very tough or not too bad. Same with pretty much all of the bosses, which is neat because players struggling with one boss can probably find another to fight.

I think my personal favorites are the gargoyle and the weaver. I especially like how claustrophobic and tense the weaver fight can get if fought early in the game. Though I’ve also heard a lot of people struggle with the weaver, which is understandable too.

There is technically a way of getting your save file back! Though it will probably take some trial and error. If you want, you can go into the game’s files and adjust values until you get back to where you were :) I know it’s not ideal, sorry again about that!

Hey thanks for playing through to the end! Really glad you liked it :) I haven’t even beaten bloodlust mode haha! I’m curious as to which boss was your favorite.

I totally agree that the difficulty is certainly a bit too high too early. But it does dip down a lot more late game due to both power ups and player skill, like most metroidvanias. If I make another metroidvania anytime soon, I think I’ll have a better idea on how to make a better difficulty curve.

If you do ever want to get 100%, there’s a secret after the final battle ;) If that’s something you’d be interested in doing, feel free to contact me if you’d like any tips on getting stuff you missed during your first play through.
(If you haven’t converted your save file to bloodlust mode, you should be able to continue from the last save right before the last boss)

Thank you for the feedback! Glad you liked it, I’ll be certain to reduce the Speed of difficulty ramping up for future iterations and games :)

Thanks checking it out! Glad you’re having fun with it, and congrats on beating the Weaver!! :D definitely a tough boss. 

Remapping buttons is definitely something I thought of doing, but simply didn’t have time for the game jam. Now that the jam is over, I’ll look into possibly adding that :) I would definitely like Bloodseeker to be as accessible as possible. 

Thanks a ton for the feedback! Good luck on the boss fights to come ;) feel free to update me on your progress.

I actually found an error I left in the jam build that was making her so difficult for an early game boss. I accidentally tripled her health, which means you had to spend 3x as long in her third phase, so chances of death were high. Oops! Haha oh well, just view it like a demo build where the first boss isn’t supposed to be beaten ;P

Hahaha well you've gotta make those nasty bats pay for their treachery! :P Thanks so much for trying it out! Glad you liked it! Out of curiosity, did you manage to beat the Bat Queen? You're not the only one that's had trouble with that boss. She's definitely a tad difficult for a first boss. Especially when she gets down to the wire and spawns so fast. Now that I'm not rushed to meet a deadline, I can take the time to balance the game to make it more fair. I'll take note of the spike respawn and address those issues. Well if you're interested, we're currently working on an update that will get more content into the game; including a new attack, new enemies, more collectibles, new songs, more story elements, and maybe a new boss ;) So keep an eye out!

Thank you!

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I believe I've found and fixed the issue with the projectiles :) I'll update the game asap, once judging for the jam is over. As for the bats, could it be that the attack is only hitting their wings? Their hit box does not include their wings. If not, is there any chance you could send me a quick video showcasing this little bug? That may make this easier to pin down what is going wrong. Thank you for taking the time to tell me! :)

I’ll definitely look into that and see what I can do to get that fixed :) The bats and projectiles shouldn’t have any immunity time, so I’ll see if I can figure out why they sometimes go through your attacks. Does this usually happen when the projectile/bat is very close to you?

Firstly, thanks for trying it out! Secondly, I’m sorry that you’re struggling with the timing of the boss :(

I’m very interested in doing everything I can to make this game feel fair, so thanks for informing me! Once the judges have finished judging the jam entries, I can upload an update that fixes balance issues.

Just so I can address the correct issue, is the issue with timing because when you attack, the boss recovers from the attack too quickly, while you’re still inside the boss’s hit box, causing you to take damage?

In the meantime, before I’m allowed post an update, if I can suggest you give it another shot with this tip in mind: I find the first boss a lot easier if I chase her to the left side of the arena and use that platform to attack her quickly and duck under it when needed. Hope you’re willing to give it another go :)

That's a pretty neat game! I like that it's peaceful, more about exploration and a bit of platforming than anything else. That's not something most metroidvania games explore. I did only make it 25% though, so maybe it gets more tense with the story and platforming. Unfortunately I had to stop because I kept getting too lost, partially due to the lack of a map and partially due to fairly similar room layouts without a lot of defining features. But all in all it was a pretty enjoyable game! Congrats on submitting!

Thank you! Glad you like the style. I was basically going for SotN meets Hollow Knight. The game definitely opens up and picks up after you beat the intended “first” boss. But the game is pretty non-linear if you sequence break and discover secrets.