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Hello again! So I've been keeping up on your twitter and checking back here every once in a while to see if the Scrapyard update is up :P haha I just need more Nytro in my life, it's very fun!

I'm looking forward to learning more about Blender and 3D modeling, but as of right now I'm still trying to get my tech demo, a 2D platformer, released, so I haven't been able to utilize the great info and tips you've given me just yet.

So I hope development is going well for you and looking forward to any updates. 

Oh! Also, I had my girlfriend playtest Nytro, and she enjoyed it! With only one complaint, the camera movement while swimming made her feel nauseous, like motion sickness. 

My only diagnosis as to why the camera did that while swimming is possibly the slow turning of the camera while being able to freely move in the 3D space, much more than while on land. Though I'm not sure. I've been playing through the original Spyro trilogy with her and she stated that swimming in the Spyro games never made her feel that way. She had no problem with the camera in Nytro while on land.

So perhaps you could look into how the Spyro games handled the camera while swimming a little more and try to emulate its movement closer? I only ask because I would love to play through Nytro with her when more is released, but not if it makes her sick. I totally understand that cameras are a pain to get right, so no worries, but I hope that it can be improved :)

PS: I never found a problem with the camera while swimming personally, so you're on the right track!

thanks! Super in depth, which is perfect! Looking forward to throwing together my first test project :)

Awesome, awesome!

So on a technical side to things, you're using Unity? Are you modeling things in Blender?

I'm currently working on my own tech demo for a 2d platformer using GameMaker, but I've been looking to explore 3d for some personal projects. I also want to do low poly to satisfy my nostalgia, any tips for a beginner to 3d?

If production of this game will continue despite the kickstarter, here are a few things I want to point out to the devs:

The flight ability is rather tricky to get accustomed to. I'm not sure why.

The charging is responsive, but maybe too responsive. It can be hard to turn slightly. I noticed this primarily while trying to get the boxes/chests set in a line. If I was slightly off and tried to correct it, I would over-correct. If the player was not able to turn as sharply, it would probably help :)

Couldn't figure out how to dive or swim at all, all I could do was jump into the water to try to get the collectibles.

Whenever I died, my gargoyle friend would disappear upon respawning. I would have to use the flight ability to get it back.

I would encourage exploring being able to charge just by holding the charge button and not needing to press forwards as well. I instinctively want to just hold the button if I want to make sure I end up charging straight ahead, because sometimes the analog stick can slide to the left or right and cause me to die or fall off ledges etc.

So being able to charge without tilting the analog stick would be a plus.

Having to press triangle while having flight feels weird, why not just have the flight take off after pressing jump while in the air?

If the game is taking inspiration from Spyro, I would say to swap the punch and charge buttons. I totally understand wanting the controls to be different, but I know for myself and probably others, the square button being charge is set in stone within my mind. Makes me think about how League of Legends swapped the side of the screen the mini map was on. It makes players feel slightly uncomfortable to have things like controls be swapped. Just my opinion though, the controls are fine. If I were you, I'd ask testers which control scheme felt the most comfortable :)

Otherwise, this is great! Art really brings back childhood feels, and the sound effects, music, and voice acting sounds like it fits right in with the 90's. Great job and good luck!!

awesome! Will do.

Here's a couple more design questions:

-will each level be mandatory, like in Spyro 2 & 3, with mandatory items like talismans driving progression? Or will it be more open like Spyro 1, where each world has a different requirement for a certain collectible (i.e. 1,000 bolts / 40 gears / whatever else)? In Spyro 1, you can skip entire worlds if you so desire! I know Magic Crafters is able to be skipped for sure. Will your game follow Spyro 1's progression through worlds?

-how many collectible types will there be? In Spyro 1, you had gems, eggs, and dragons. In Croc (another classic I loved), you had crystals, colored gems, and Gobbos. Seems like 3 types is a good amount, but I've seen various collectathons go below/above this amount. So far, we've seen bolts and golden gears in Nytro. Just wondering if other collectibles are planned?

-will most of the enemies be of the same race, like Gnorcs dressed differently for each level but they're almost all still Gnorcs, or will each level have completely different cast of enemies totally unique to each level (zombies, dinosaurs, robots etc.)? I definitely like the Gnorc style better (where most enemies share the same race), because it makes the game feel more cohesive and connected. Plus, having the same race of enemies throughout the levels ties into the bosses better, such as Gnasty Gnorc being the big bad Gnorc leader. Though I can see the benefit of the other design, which makes the game feel less samey. Anyways, what way are you thinking?

Hope to see the next demo update soon :) good luck!

Awesome! Glad to be of help! 

Hey if you ever want extra help, I'd love to offer my advice/assistance as a co-designer :) of course, it's your project, so I'd only give my input if asked. I feel like I could offer value to the project as I absolutely love the Spyro games, and have analyzed their design for years. I would love to play a part in the design of a game inspired by the games that defined my childhood, even if it's just a minor role. I'd get it if you want to fly solo of course.

Also, do you upload dev log videos on your patreon?

awesome! Just what I wanted to hear!! Haha while I love all three original (and the only true) Spyro's, the first has always been my favorite.

It's your game, and I don't want to try to tell you how to make it, but here's a request from a huge fan of the genre: I would request that all levels be accessible within each hub world from the start as opposed to needing to be unlocked one at a time, as it makes the game feel much less linear and allows players to tackle whichever levels they want in whatever order per hub :) bosses are fine having to be unlocked though in my opinion

Again, that's your choice to make, but I figured I'd put my opinion out there.

I do, however, really like the idea that each hub world can have secrets to unlock. Will the hub worlds be interconnected with each other, like Dark Souls to an extent, or more like classic games where the various hub worlds are separated by portals etc.?

Here's an idea for the flights: the robotic character could attach itself to a rocket/spaceship and go into space for each flight or something?

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hello!! I absolutely love what you're doing.

Now, it's clear that there's an inspiration coming from Spyro, but I do also want to acknowledge that it's super cool that you're creating something entirely new and unique. So, when I do draw comparisons in my questions I'm about to ask, I'm hoping you don't take it that I think this is just a Spyro clone, as it's clear that you are also bringing in a unique vision.

Anyways! Here's a few questions:

From a design standpoint, which Spyro game will you be taking the most inspiration from?

Will your game feature a very open feel, where players can battle bosses (if there will be any) before finishing any other levels and each world having different means of getting to the next world? Similar to Spyro 1? Or perhaps closer to Spyro 2, where you collect items from each level that are needed to reach the boss/next world? Or are you thinking of having each level unlock as you gather more gears/other collectibles?

Will the game be segmented by worlds, each world containing levels, like the early Spyro games, or would it be more akin to a game where parts of the world are unlocked as you collect, and each part contains some levels?

If there are bosses, how major will they be? Will they be just difficult enemies with a level devoted to them like in Spyro 1? Or would they have a greater presence like Spyro 2 and 3, with a health bar and arena etc.?

Lastly, are those freeze frames I'm seeing when you charge into barrels/other containers? I like the idea but I could see it seeming a bit jarring. Just wondering if you plan on keeping in that pausing effect in the full game or if you're entertaining the thought of removing it?

Those are all the questions I can think of right now. Hope you can find time to reply to this :) and I hope you put out another demo soon! I'm beyond stoked for your game! Again, thanks for coming up with something new and exciting while so far staying true to what made classic collectathons great

This looks incredible! I may just have to get this soon

interesting game, though it is extremely influenced by Reigns. But good job making a more simplistic version

Cool game thus far! Spent probably a good hour or two on it. I hope it's still being worked on!

Firstly, love the style and atmosphere it has. I do wish there was more variety with the enemies and places, though that will obviously come in time, I'm certainly aware of how time consuming it is to develop a game!

As for the current enemies: each enemy feels different, which is great! Though some that looked the same took roughly 5-6 hits as those that took 1-2, so I was slightly confused as to why, since they don't scale with the level of the player, since the lesser ones still took just 1-2 hits.

Love how there's a heavy attack, but it seems quirky. As far as I could tell, heavy attacks did hardly any extra damage, if it at all had an increase. The knockback was unsatisfying. Sure a light attack seems fine without it, but a properly timed heavy should create some distance between the player. Or perhaps, since it's a stab attack, it could have extra reach.

I would personally recommend that leveling and judgments only increase stats by a tiny bit. This would make the game more skill based. Item drop increases become way too important when your level up items (light?) are just regular drops affected by the item drop stat. The stamina delay was also super important it seemed, because you use it so often and the delay is already pretty long. When I came across a stamina delay modifier, I dropped a pretty good item just for that so that I didn't have to always back off from an enemy all the time.

Hopefully environments will become more unique as development progresses. A map would be nice with the game the way it is, but if everything (or most everything) was unique, it would be harder to get lost.

Now this is a design choice, but hear me out: shortcuts. Locked gates, particular elevators, doors that open from other side etc.

I would personally suggest more shortcuts and less checkpoints. Makes the game seem less linear (though it's not! But it's so maze-like that I found myself just crossing my fingers, picking a path, and hoping I find the next checkpoint. This is because doubling back to check the other routes got me lost a few times) or at least more connected.

Just a few more notes, which are obviously just suggestions from one dev to another. Ultimately it's your game, so do what you think is best for your vision! But I study game design and I think these notes could possibly help :) Sorry this is long.

HUD bars and whatnot are rather bright compared to the greys and blacks of the game. Love the look of it and whatnot, I just think the colors should be dulled a bit.

Camera gets a little glitchy while running into a wall. Being able to dodge through caster's attacks would be welcome.

Lock on button could maybe be bound to the 'S' key instead of 'Q', Since left and right are the only directions of movement, S could be a nice resting place between the movement buttons. Also, you could possibly free up the Tab button by having the lock on button change the locked on enemy when pressed and unlocks while held.

Please implement a sprinting mechanic, unless there is one and I missed it. Maybe Shift while moving? (I would suggest lowering the amount of key bindings as much as possible. That hurt my first game, having too many buttons for people to remember)

There isn't currently a way to save yet, is there?

All in all though, it's a fun game!! Sorry if it seems like I tore it apart in this, but honestly, I took the time to write this because I see potential in this game and I would like to see it be the best it can be!

I'm impressed with the visuals and the pacing feels nice! Good job!! Hope to see this project get finished. Take care!

No problem! It was a fun little game :) I'm interested in the genre right now as I'm currently working on my own racing/car combat game. I'm hoping to maybe upload it onto Itch.io once it's done. I know how projects can be left alone for a while with hopes of returning to them, I've done that countless times. Well, good luck on whatever you're currently focusing on

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Ah that's too bad, I've been feeling like trying a car combat game out. Still downloaded it, it was pretty fun, but I can definitely tell where the other person was coming from. It's a little strange, yet oddly fun, to be able to fly around as a car by constantly shooting at the ground. I like how the enemy cars drive off when you die. Wish the shots fired upwards had the same affect, so it looks like I was shooting forward instead of up, but oh well :)

Hello! I've stumbled across this and might download, but I read the criticism below and I'm curious what changes have been made since then and what the state of the game is now :) Any feedback can drastically change whether I download this or not

ohhhh do you play as a little ninja dude? Hahaha this whole time I thought you were playing as a bird with ninja stars! Not saying anything bad about the art, I think it's beautiful, I just could have sworn it was a parrot or something (I thought the eye in the shadow part of the character was the beak) and you have a feather item so I just assumed. Cool game though! Excited to play it

I believe it's the view, but I could be wrong as this is my first jam

Created a new topic Delve Progress
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Hey guys! Finished my title page for my game Delve! It's an exploration platformer about descending into a dark cave, where your torches are your only ally and defense against the darkness.

I like the close up look of the main character. Almost reminds me of a Tim Burton movie character or something

Created a new topic Delve progress

Hey everyone! Posted a gif of my game progress to twitter cause I haven't quite figured out how to post her exactly.

Delve is coming together! pic.twitter.com/c97PJuyWiC
Created a new topic How to post pictures?

Hey I'm new to itch.io and I cannot for the life of me figure out how everyone is posting pictures of their game process. I would like to do the same

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This looks amazing!

Looks awesome!

this is my first jam and first game I've coded myself. Well, besides some online help here and there, but I'm excited! I'm doing a relatively basic platformer, can't let my scope get so large that I can't finish it

I believe so. This is my first jam, so I'm not positive, but the color of the fonts apparently count towards the the 4 colors you can use, so I imagine that black does count as wel

quick question, besides the use of actual art, would something like the color of fonts be subject to the four color limit?