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Take on the role of the vampire count and reclaim his castle in this little metroidvania.
Submitted by Bifflestein — 5 hours, 47 minutes before the deadline
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Engagement and general#14.0004.000

Ranked from 1 rating. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

GameMaker Studio 2

Luke Pierson & Austen Kinney

Comments on the jam
This was a ton of fun to make! Making a metroidvania in such little time (I only had two weeks, as I joined late) is such a fun design challenge, as they are often broad in scope and the map is usually quite large! So narrowing that down but still hopefully keeping the fun was tricky!

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Bats attacking a vampire!? Literally unplayable! :D Jokes aside i love the art on this one! I think the respawn after hitting  spikes should be a bit more forgiving. Got my ass handed on the bat boss since when we was low he spawned  3 consecutive green bats that zerged me down! Witch is a good thing no?! Games that create stories for the players that play them!  Throw in a story and more content and i would gladly pay money for a future iteration of this game! Nice job guys!


Hahaha well you've gotta make those nasty bats pay for their treachery! :P Thanks so much for trying it out! Glad you liked it! Out of curiosity, did you manage to beat the Bat Queen? You're not the only one that's had trouble with that boss. She's definitely a tad difficult for a first boss. Especially when she gets down to the wire and spawns so fast. Now that I'm not rushed to meet a deadline, I can take the time to balance the game to make it more fair. I'll take note of the spike respawn and address those issues. Well if you're interested, we're currently working on an update that will get more content into the game; including a new attack, new enemies, more collectibles, new songs, more story elements, and maybe a new boss ;) So keep an eye out!


Didn't manage to beat her (only tried 3 times though.. I had to check the other submitted games as well and had little time). Yeah I agree you might want to tone down the respawn at the end or at least restrict the spawn of ranged bats. I'm liking your plan for the game! 😁


I actually found an error I left in the jam build that was making her so difficult for an early game boss. I accidentally tripled her health, which means you had to spend 3x as long in her third phase, so chances of death were high. Oops! Haha oh well, just view it like a demo build where the first boss isn’t supposed to be beaten ;P


Wow! Controller support! Awesome! The music is nice and the gameplay is simple. Awesome menu, simple but cool art. Great game!


Thank you!


A nice SOTN chibi like game. I like the simplicity in the Art style to capture the right mood for each section of the game. The enemies (Bat and Wanderer Skeleton) seemed well done and responsive. The bigg'em skeleton was a tough one but fun to beat one I got a good rythme going.  


Thank you! Glad you like the style. I was basically going for SotN meets Hollow Knight. The game definitely opens up and picks up after you beat the intended “first” boss. But the game is pretty non-linear if you sequence break and discover secrets.