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Submitted by Kur0mega (@Kur0megaa) — 1 hour, 26 minutes before the deadline
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Engagement and general#14.0004.000

Ranked from 1 rating. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Game Maker Studio 2

Vivien Moll/ForteFortissimo/OkapiandPaste/Liceon

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Hey! When i started i immediately thought "no enemies!?" but then as i played it really fits in the theme since the character is struggling within. very chill atmosphere! you should consider a mini map and maybe a bit of dialog when getting the memory fragments. Good job!

Code related: "restared room to avoid crash" :D :D


We got a story! Yesssssss! Gameplay is very simple, graphics are simple but nice, the music goes perfectly with the atmosphere. Felt really nice to play! Hope it become a big game!

one of the doors is closed in both eras and I think the last memory-fragment needed for the good end lays behind it. (making the fragment unobtainable)

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I've played through a couple of times, and all memory fragments are obtainable. (I'm on the team so I have access to a map though hehe)

There is a fragment that requires the Form of Firefly ability, so keep an eye out for small passageways.

There seems to be a bug that might be rendering one (or more) of the fragments unobtainable when triggered.

the one-shot flashbacks can sometimes end simply by switching rooms.

(and I already knew of the one you spoke of)


I think I see which door you're talking about, there's nothing behind it I put it here to make it symmetrical with the other side of the castle haha

Also as Marlow said all the fragments are obtainable in the game :)

it seems that you do not know the difference between being obtainable in a perfect run and being obtainable in any run. (it's the latter that seems to be at issue)

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May you elaborate on this a bit? I've played through multiple times and I've been able to obtain all the memories and fragments. If you initiate the sequence near the end where you follow the feathers through the levels, the memory fragments become locked off, but I can't think of another reason why you wouldn't be able to obtain them? It could just be that it's pretty hard to navigate the world since there's no map, and the level changes depending on whether you're in the present or the past. I know I had trouble finding them all the first few times. If you can explain what you think is wrong in more detail (i.e. whether it's in the underground or the castle and whether it's in the present or the past) and provide a screenshot, we'll take a look into it.


this should show one iteration of the bug I spoke of, in this case also making firefly unobtainable.


This bug is fixed on the last version on the game available here :


That's a pretty neat game! I like that it's peaceful, more about exploration and a bit of platforming than anything else. That's not something most metroidvania games explore. I did only make it 25% though, so maybe it gets more tense with the story and platforming. Unfortunately I had to stop because I kept getting too lost, partially due to the lack of a map and partially due to fairly similar room layouts without a lot of defining features. But all in all it was a pretty enjoyable game! Congrats on submitting!


A nice peaceful game which blends the obstacles of the world with the narrative very well.