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Posted in Vogue comments

BUG: purchasing is checked against the next item on the list, not the current item on it..
EG: purchasing third of endurance is checked against the 4th of endurance.

blank screen, console reports a plethora of unsupported textures.

Finally had a change to try the game again: 'Z' doesn't work on Mac.

(Edited 1 time)

a genuine bug: dying during the gun-run corrupts its first layer's pattern until it has become all guns fire at once. forcing a full restart just to try again.

and it seems that the delay between the vertical turrets and the horizontal turrets of the third layer of the gun-run has been shortened, making it impossible to reach the other side before the bullets, forcing one to 'ride' the bullets until death

please add ' R' to restart. ran out of fuel in a steep 'crater'.

steering wheel has only three positions: extreme left, extreme right and center(which is nearly impossible to return to), this makes the game unplayable as any swerve causes an immediate crash. 

unreachable platform(s) on first part of 'towerstone' section.

third platform left, blocks jump to third platform right from second platform left.

My advice: allow switching between camera-mode and aiming-mode.

the 4-directions-of-firing we currently have has a tendency to put us in positions where we need to aim using a majorly obscuring angle,
meaning we can't tell wether we have hit our target or not.

please allow the selected purchase to stay selected. having to reclick the purchase every time could easily cost too much time during the more hectic phases.

Posted in Newton comments

' jams'  after every spot on the ground is filled.
two solutions:
A. let this trigger the win screen.
B. Apples rot away (possible with an odor that is to be avoided)

I've successfully run 64-bit only games before so that shouldn't be the issue.

mac version doesn't boot up (not even getting an unsafe-program warning)

sluggish response to spacebar, impossible to judge what peg it will do.

are the any options to reduce quality? barely getting 5 frames per second.

(Edited 1 time)

steps 'display' is unreadable, please use the most contrasting colors in the palette to make it readable.

feels challenging, but could you:

A. lock the arrows to just the playfield? (page keeps scrolling away from game)

B. add a  restart button?

needs check-points (90% chance of not making the trip on the first moving platform)

Posted in Drive comments

Disregarding the fluff-toggles, it's still more playable than Desert Bus.

The wall-jumping was kind of a given considering the way the character sticks to walls.

level 2 doesn't seem to load properly (no sign of the sun) in the mac version

(Edited 1 time)

even on fantastic the rotation is still spastic. (may be a mac specific bug)

you can stick to walls as if it were a platform. bug or feature?


occurs every frame

good game.

needs mouselock

doesn't provide an option to lower resolution despite horrendous framerate

rotation-sensitivity is not evenly distributed. unplayable.

mouse rotation has a tendency to speed up while trying to turn slowly, please fix.

during the robot/toy section you can be pushed out of bounds, fortunately the actual arrangement of rooms allows you to re-enter the world through the sky of an earlier stage

mac version is broken

at least your mistake is better than the average of claiming it as both (and optionally linux), when it's only Windows.

No Mac executable, so WHY CLAIM IT AS SUCH?

A. only hotspots are rendered when quality is less than 'fantastic'.

B. bedroom door pushes player outside of house.

needs a win-screen.

I tried that but it only shows 1680x1050 as an option

Posted in Skyne comments

load-game button doesn't work

Posted in Skyne comments

A. Jumping is too unresponsive.

B. Key structures aren't rendered until you practically bump into them, often ruining what would seem like a clear shot.

The description is a bit deceptive, but ...
some call it the 'undiscovered country',
others call it the 'final journey'.

Short as it was, I liked the presentation.

Replied to Gamad in quality/framerate

problem: download claims to be win, mac & linux, but only contains a win executable.