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you need to capture left-alt at an earlier stage or use a different key for firing arrows. (at the moment pressing left-alt causes the game to defocus)

short, now there's an understatement.

QOL: After prestiging at least once, it would be nice to see how much power is needed for prestige to once again give benefit.

controls are too unresponsive.

A. some levels seem to suffer from instadeath-objects synchronizing in such a way that they leave no gap to jump through.

B. while attempting to skip level 25 I discovered that the "L"-cheat has no safeguards against skipping out of bounds. (level 26 doesn't seem to exist in the level array)

Done some tests: rebirth fails to reset activities to off, combined with the fact that you have to manually turn off the running activity before you can enable another can easily bork rebirths. (current work around is to turn everything back off before rebirth, but it van easily get beyond tedious)

tried again, but that doesn't seem to be the main factor.

However, it seems that the collision system can't differentiate between vertical and horizontal collisions (meaning you can't jump from a corner because the raised step or wall that forms the vertical part is treated as a too-close-to-the-character ceiling)

has a nasty tendency to ignore the jump-button (even when the character is standing still)

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had what appears to be the same issue: seems that (when dialogue is originally triggered by an action and not Z) during the first frame after exiting dialogue the z-press status is stale triggering an immediate restart of dialogue (but you can still move by one pixel every time and slowly crawl away)

game ended only a few seconds after starting due to the dog,fox whatever reaching the edge of the field, I suggest that you give it a preference to explore the tiles closest to the fire first so that the team has at least a chance to escape on their own merit.

play button doesn't render, making it impossible to start the loop.

clipped through the ground, and now the detector seems to be borked. (ps, could you make it flash periodically, based on at least 2 levels of proximity?)

fullscreen has an abysmal framerate on this computer (win 10, chrome), so could please add an option to disable it?

QOL bug: Fastest Infinity reports 0 seconds. (possible fix: set fastest infinity to float.positiveInfinity on first run or when it's literally at zero, should at least allow one to know the fastest subsequent infinity)

AutoAscend doesn't do anything.

Would it be possible to show the adjusted rates on the buttons? (bought a few code managers (and two steroids), but the Employees still show just 250 per second)

game has soft locked on me. (villagers refuse to get out of the scared state, making it impossible to get new coins)

up/down buttons need to be a bit slower (constantly overshoots to 0- or 4+ while trying to select something)

Have kept income positive so can't check that, but it doesn't switch from red to green while mouse hovers over it. (but as I said before, it's only a minor aesthetical issue)

minor issue: button color doesn't update when resources reach minimums while hovering over it.

even in fullscreen the webgl version is severely cropped.

by "playable" do you mean "runable"? it's a bit too glitchy for my definition of "playable".

mute keeps on deactivating on it's own, please fix.

fullscreen feels more cropped.

reminds me of an interview I had a few years ago.

(tried to get to it at 12:00 on the 11th, when it was scheduled for the 12th at 11:00)

currently has too many fake hits to be considered playable.

the constant control lockups render this game unplayable.

Reminds me of Accolade's The Games: Winter Edition. (used to play the hell out of it as a kid)

level four box refuses to be pulled while screen is in motion.

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better-tree-arrows tend to glitch out. (makes it hard to get optimal speed/wood-production)

right from the starting area, in the area just after the narrow squeeze green stairs.

there is at least one situation where the only accessible yellow spot is rendered useless as reaching the next one (for properly resetting) requires two jump boosts.

level 11 seems to be larger than the view, but there is no way to scroll it.

with both arrow keys and a/d keys. (it could be a case of lag, but for the rest the game feels somewhat responsive)

seems your dual state fix also fixed the wrapper-blocking-button glitch (might have been a symptom of the dual-state glitch)

when playing on keyboard double tapping only fires approx. once every five times.

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when collapsed the container/wrapper for the stock-plotter (if its class-ID is anything to go by) places itself over the main button, rendering the button unusable. (playing on waterfox, but this is most likely the issue with it not running on normal firefox)

doesn't help that switching tabs puts the stock in a dual state where it's both open and closed, (requiring two clicks on the separator to open it back up properly.)