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ah, it would be nice to include that tidbit in the instructions.

A. Post-level messages last too long. (please add way to skip)

B. Too often fails to jump when ordered to do so.

C. level "paths" has too many false hits. (land on top of wall, registered as landing on spikes on side of wall)

I've reloaded 5 times already, but I'm not getting mouselock, so HOW do I turn around?

I THOUGHT it was lag, but it seems that the web version has the mouse set way to sensitive, which makes it seem like it is responding to unprocessed input when in fact it's responding to microscopic movement

extremely laggy, impossible to orientate.

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Doesn't help, it's immediately after loading is finished. (Assuming it's not occurring midway loading)

Edit: seems to occur 9 out of 10 starts. This could indicate that the ghosts have a tendency to spawn inside the player-character.

I've tried the game again and it seems that the control scheme is being made nonfunctional by poor calibration (a major problem with any unusual control scheme).

immediately jumps to "gameOver".

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glitched trough the grass, had to reset just to get out.

(occurred when shooting seed into upside-down grass I was rooted to)

player attack animation doesn't stop when triggered.

can't jump while running left due to key-jamming. (is there an alternate  jump-key?)

jump-key too unresponsive.

water segment in Impossible-mission-base actually is impossible.

A. It requires precision timing, but direction timing and special action timing are too out of whack compared to one another. (it takes low bounce too long to activate)

B. too many false (as opposed to just wonky) hits in the area.

C. might be solved with an extra beacon

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during my previous plays of the web-gl version that cloud was non-solid. (perhaps a loading error)

there is too much distance between the platform holding what appears to be the first checkpoint and the platform you jump to it from. (or the intended platform is missing)

I think you need to work on collision detection. (too often that a nailed landing ended with the player being pushed off into the abyss)

Agreed, either the jumping needs to be improved, or their hitboxes need to be smaller.

The recovery mechanism needs some work. (just lost a lot of progress due to one missed jump as most of the safe points were between recovery points and thus missed.)

At the moment the ninja can't (or simply doesn't) duck, creating a zone where you will always be hit as your jumps never clear the height of your head, making its projectiles undodgeable.

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Web-version: even at low quality there is too much delay between input and action to make the game playable.

Legal issue: while the engine has been released to the public domain, the game as a whole has not.

Is it possible to add a buy-25 option for the saplings? (buy just enough to fill the field)

too spastic for anything

"sound byte"? either that's a too short to hear sound, or you meant "sound bite".

fails to load due to 403ing on c2runtime.js and jquery-2.1.1.min.js

fullscreen renders only half of screen

given how small the problem is, any change could easily ruin the whole game ... sorry.

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Glitch in download version: resizing doesn't start until after the screen-size has been set, resulting in either too much cut off or garbage being visible outside the playfield if the game is opened at any screen-size other than the intended one.

it would help ( I think) if you could control the Y-impulse of a jump, at the moment every jump is at maximum impulse, which is what I expect is the main cause of the wonkiness. 

(EG: short tap is low jump, long tap is high jump)

It feels a bit too much like you're trying to pad a story that fails at show-don't-tell through the gameplay, but only a bit.

I'm only getting one frame per second at best in both versions, so could you please add the option to play at a lower resolution?

A. Doesn't render properly. (many glitchy textures)

B. game seems to break too easily.

If you already have upgrades implemented, could you please give a sign of them?

if else, could you please add a workspeed upgrade? (make the wait-circles go faster)

please add a save-system.

So the spikes have a square hit-box, the way you implemented it made it look like hit detection was based on the spike-shape.

good concept, but I think you need to adjust the hit detection for the static spikes, as they currently don't even allow you to be off by half a pixel. (could be even worse when the game is lagging, but that has not been encountered.). 

Le Samurai community · Created a new topic softlock

after getting into the room with the first boss in the lower right, the directional keys and boss stop working. (had the boss functioned i could have died and through that regain movement)

Glitchy as all heck:

A. ladders rarely respond.

B. Environment has a tendency to launch you in random directions (frequently while climbing ladder when THAT is working)

C. Environment frequently not loading properly after death.

nice, but I would have liked it if there was an ending-cutscene instead of just an ending-text.

(by the way the first thought on 'running out of space' was the player getting stuck in an shrinking room until until he has run out of space to maneuver in.)