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Could you (at minimum) please add some training dummies?

boss doesn't respond to anything.

Whenever I try to take only a single step, the game responds by making the character go two spaces. (If this is caused by a speed difference between our computers, then you need to brush up on your key-debouncing)

I have the feeling (but nothing more) that you are conflating first-running and single-running a game.

picked up items do not enter inventory.

on title screen

Crashes immeditely after clicking on start.

movement seems to be stuck in run/double-step, making it difficult to maneuver in tight areas and/or line-up for a shot.

It's too easy to push a jump-box into an unpushable position while trying to push it down a 'stair', so could you please add a key/button for pulling them?

the gap between the vault PIN clue and the Japanese numbering clue is too large to decode without additional information (that seems to be absent), and the PIN clue is too blocky to manually match the glyphs with googled Japanese numeral glyphs.

only upper-left quarter is rendered, can't read initial message, unplayable. (firefox, win-7 home pc)

does the glass have any use?

or has quadrant 4 not yet been added?

manually installed:

A. could use a boss-hp indicator
B. just a bit too frequent that boss-minions do not register that they are hit, resulting in them hitting the player-character when they should already be killed.

could you please searate the win and mac versions? the itch app installer is crashing on the mac-content.

Well, the house is smarting now. ;)

(1 edit)

visual/loading glitch rendered the first object invisible in the web version.

Second: for some of the books in the second room the textures are misaligned

third: mouse should be released when returning to menu.

web version doesn't seem to work but graphically it looks good. (will try windows version in hope of better luck)

webversion gives black screen

can move objects, but that seems to be it.

I experienced this where said crates did not even appear until after the problem areas to begin with. (and the throwing of spears in those areas made them lost forever)

got into entrance tunnel, can't get out.

found second angel in secret room back home... double jump doesnt reach high enough to get back out, so needs either platform in the entrance 'pit' or a busstop in the room.

I may have been a bit too tired, but a frequent warning given by the webconsole is:

warning: 2 FS.syncfs operations in flight at once, probably just doing extra work.

as for checkpoint hp restore: now that I have thought some more on it, it doesn't actually need to be a full restore, a restore to 25% should suffice (for those cases where one triggers the checkpoint while at one hitpoint left.)

too many points where knockback throws you into a portal to level select combined with impossibility to regain spears after returning to a level make this game unplayable.

I've tried it on my home PC again and it seems that you may be using a few synchronization calls too many per frame.
You may shave of some cycles if you wrap the sync-call routine into a function that checks if it has been called before in the current frame and only updates the sync variables during the first call.

my at-work pc doesn't suffer from the lag.

But could you consider allowing full hp restore at checkpoints?

lag-skip is when lag causes an object to, effectively, skip to a location instead of properly moving to it.

Full screen toggle doesn't respond to anything,
Neither does resolution.

running on win 7

Could you please add the option to remap the controls? (on my controller, the defaults you use make for a highly idiotic layout)

the frequent lag-skips to the left/right make the character completely uncontrollable. (and have caused all collisions with enemies I have experienced so far.)

Settings do not work at all. (prefer to play in windowed mode to reduce workload on graphics-card.)

insane difficulty spikes, have to give it an E.

in the tunnel with the third gravity sword, just after the pit with the spiked walls.

also found another soft-lock: if you fall down to the right from the ledge where the first dash sword is found, then you won't be able to take it to the first barrier. (possible solution: place right-side floor higher so that a loaded down double-jump can clear it)

level 2: second jump is impossible (platform higher than apex of jump)

not need it? just got my self in a cul-de-sac. (need to get double jump sword to continue, backtracking blocked by active gravity sword, gravity sword itself unreachable as well.)

win 10, chrome, during initial load.

would help if the baddies don't constantly respawn. (especially when you are punched into the previous screen and into the heart of a group of thugs)

checkpoint system is screwed up:

A. camera doesn't always focus on respawn point.

B. nothing to stop respawning in lava. 

C. does not reorientate character if rotation becomes majorly skewed.

crashed with: Cannot read property 'getParameter' of null