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level 2 doesn't seem to load properly (no sign of the sun) in the mac version

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even on fantastic the rotation is still spastic. (may be a mac specific bug)

you can stick to walls as if it were a platform. bug or feature?


occurs every frame

good game.

needs mouselock

doesn't provide an option to lower resolution despite horrendous framerate

rotation-sensitivity is not evenly distributed. unplayable.

mouse rotation has a tendency to speed up while trying to turn slowly, please fix.

during the robot/toy section you can be pushed out of bounds, fortunately the actual arrangement of rooms allows you to re-enter the world through the sky of an earlier stage

mac version is broken

at least your mistake is better than the average of claiming it as both (and optionally linux), when it's only Windows.

No Mac executable, so WHY CLAIM IT AS SUCH?

A. only hotspots are rendered when quality is less than 'fantastic'.

B. bedroom door pushes player outside of house.

needs a win-screen.

I tried that but it only shows 1680x1050 as an option

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load-game button doesn't work

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A. Jumping is too unresponsive.

B. Key structures aren't rendered until you practically bump into them, often ruining what would seem like a clear shot.

The description is a bit deceptive, but ...
some call it the 'undiscovered country',
others call it the 'final journey'.

Short as it was, I liked the presentation.

Replied to Gamad in quality/framerate

problem: download claims to be win, mac & linux, but only contains a win executable.

mislabeled, game is windows only.

Replied to Gamad in quality/framerate

that might help, but the feeling I got was that the game renders even the most distant objects at full detail when low-detail should be more then sufficient for those.

mac version damaged/corrupted.

Replied to Sam in WAVE comments


Created a new topic quality/framerate

could you add options to reduce quality? The frame-rate is choppy on my system.

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crashed on selecting replay

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do not be deceived, this game is Windows only.

what to do with the red ghost?

one flaw: the cursor obscures the 'press e to ... something' messages

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Had a small hunch that was a possibility but wasn't certain.

super-laggy, no option to reduce resolution (fixed at 1680*1050) to make it somewhat playable on my Mac.

data corrupted after 1D part on mac.

Gglitched through a wall. This should trigger a reset, not let the character fall for all eternity.

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checkpoints do not trigger/work.

edit: checkpoint-portal did not show up during first play

concept is good, but the mouse-tunring is way too fidgety.

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Brightness needs work. While it's technically 4 shades the brightest two are indistinguishable, reducing the effective number to 3 shades.

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only one complaint: except for fullscreen the game's resolution doesn't scale with the canvas.

When asking the player to type a word, explicitly state you want the English word ... during my first try I lost all my hearts from typing the word to be translated instead of the English translation.

A. the 'speed-up' is unnoticeable. (would be better if you make it complete the sentence in one go)

B. I've had it with three of the bosses so far

bug: mouse-look doesn't give the full 360 in a single pass, and unfocusing and refocusing the browser doesn't adjust the center-point of mouse-look. (common solution with most browser-games with this issue)