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How many times does it take to learn not to claim a win-only game as being for all operating systems?

controls are too imprecise to justify the relatively high starting speed.

Created a new topic inconsistent steering

the amount of turning you get when using the oars doesn't seem to correlate with how much you use the oar.
(one moment little force led to a left turn while the next it lead to heading straight forward.)
neither does it seem to correlate with where exactly it is used.

If there are other factors, we should have feedback about them. (EG: change sound dependent of what 'soil' the oar gets stuck in.

you may want to limit your draw-distance, frame-rate and sound quality drop while in large open areas like the meadow in the east (assuming 'library' is south)

basically same issue

after generating the " !!!" the sphere holding the "+" becomes unusable after the symbol is removed, refusing all symbols as if it already has one placed. (verified on level 2 and 3)

The mac-native version works now , but the web-version (for those who don't have the privileges required to download) needs a little adjusting too.

Yeah, using a mac.

your 'cursor lock'  doesn't work on multi-monitor set-ups

Posted in Aura comments

choppy frame-rate, precision movements almost impossible.

Posted in Runeji comments
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bug: at the bomb-level one of the bubbles starts to host a non-existent symbol, making it impossible to continue.

Replied to Gregg in Runeji comments

The hand and ' blank'  symbols gave the vibe of being a no-item icon and a inventory icon respectively. 

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Only part of the game that responds is a bubble with yellow glow, but it doesn't seem to actually do anything.


needs save.

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launch only creates relics. (no environment reset)

no means to get coal, progress halted.

Browser crashed, please add autosave

Created a new topic Manual save required.

While the game autosaves it doesn't always save on close/reload.

So could you please add the option for the player to manually trigger a save?

Created a new topic Key window non-functional

while one of the upgrade-windows is open the window for buying patches and the like doesn't respond to any clicks.

Doesn't help that the upgrade windows can only be closed by buying something and clicking on the workman icon.

auto-clicker needs a third digit.

Just tried it again, and now was the first time the 'use mouse to interact'  hint was shown on start.

I think it would help if all hints show up during actual gameplay at least once.

no matter what I try the 7492 puzzle doesn't seem to do anything on mac.

While I'm not exactly fond of it, I appreciate the honesty in your answer.

is it supposed to 'soft-lock' while seated in the diner?

could you add some 'buy X' buttons? (having to spend too much time on buying on the higher prestige levels)

just tried the portal again, with the-java console open

While it worked this time, the java-console gave a few seemingly non-fatal errors involving sw.js

after going through the portal only a black screen was the result.

found portal, would like an end-screen.

A. Camera keeps turning in random directions (makes navigation impossible).

B. Left-clicking at the end of a conversation doesn't close the dialog, it restarts it.

As it was the only part that didn't seem to be affected by the bugs, I can say that the second level was challenging but fair.

Major problem: There is nothing to stop you from forging tools when you don't have any resources, sending you back to square one.

A. Removing the power cell when this glitch has occurred causes it to ' unwind'. (if it has rotated, for example, 780 degrees then it will take 780 degrees of reverse rotation to get back to its starting point.

B. I'm talking about the retracting floors. (The moving pillars haven't shown this problem, but that could be due to the colliders having time to catch up)

C. I had tried to jump on the rotating platform, but I know from some personal experiments that box-colliders can fail if your velocity exceeds their size. The simplest solution i've found is to give the player-character its own velocity-sized box-collider. (EG: when falling at 40 points per frame, this collider goes from the top of the player to 40 points below him/her to detect objects he/she would otherwise 'warp' through.)

Posted in Retina comments

A. Have to retoggle english after every stage.

B. Camera and Character continuously fight over who decides focus, making navigation more of a hassle than it should be.

C. just an observation, but her blindfold suggests that she's gone through eye-surgery and has to wait for her eyes to heal.

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It would help if the moveable platforms could be painted as well. (Had one too many cases of the ' air'  next to the platform's black stripe being indistinguishable from its top-side.)

I'd aslo like to be able to paint slopes downwards. (at the moment it only works when painting them upwards, preventing one from noticing a hole in the slope until it is too late if you're climbing down from it.)

but the concept is GOOD.

A. rotating platform in third level is borked, placing the blue ' power-cell' while it is still returning to its unpowered position causes it to forget where to stop when powered.

B. It seems that seems that the collision detection for moving objects does not match up with their visual position, making it insanely difficult, if not impossible, to jump on them. (exacerbated by the lack of contrast between brick walls and brick floors/ceilings) 

C. please add a negative-elevation-kill-field, I just glitched outside of the map into an 'endless abyss' .


invalid file :(

lags like hell.

too dark to properly judge the jump from the second platform to the ' retracting' one.