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A member registered Jul 14, 2016

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corner next to workbench has some collision issues (or is that the hole you spoke of?)

yes, turned out that a glitch occurred during loading but, it maybe a good idea to draw the arrows a bit more fuller instead of making them look like angle-brackets.

Skip doesn't work, stuck on story.

Replied to D-Studios in Harm comments

That's what I was using, but the lack of visual feedback has made gun-accuracy non-existent. (there is making a game hard and making a game unplayable)

Posted in Harm comments

not getting any aiming-feedback, makes it nearly impossible to score a hit.

mushroom platforms act too wonky (player character falls through the fourth platform 99+% of the time), makes rest of game inaccessible.

bug: level 2 requires jumping over spikes on a 'slope'. but there is no sweet spot between hitting the end of the spikes and hitting the first of the spikes (due to their hit-boxes extending too far to the left and right)

the first drop seems too pixel-hunty to be possible.
(a spawn/save-spot just before the pit might have helped)

it works now.

 sorry for the wait, medical appointment prevented me from testing it earlier.

chrome, mac

the heart-icon stays constantly full, no matter how many hits the player has taken.

A. please include mute-button.

B. collision detection feels ... off.

problem: The heart/health icon does not reflect the player's actual health. 

interesting concept, but the action-select-system needs a bit of work. (moving to the desired action is a bit too sluggish)

perhaps you could map the numeric keypad (rightClick+number) to the actions.
(5= move, 8=hand,9 = teleport, etc. basically the same placement pattern as the current selectByMouse system)

You haven't checked it for comments for half a year?! (sorry, but that IMHO counts as borderline legal ignorance)

I've just checked the Kong version and it has comments in a broader but clearly similar vein to what I said, so "no one complained about "too high jumping after boosts"." is a clear lie.

you got my comment backwards.

I've gained enough boosts that the tolerances of some passages have become too tight.

bug/oversight: jumping is not throttleable, while some passages become nigh-impossible after a few 'insignificant boosts'.

it means it runs smoothly

originally tried it on Chrome on my work-mac

on firefox 56 (last true firefox IMHO) on my home-pc (win 7) it runs like a train

collision detection is seriously wonky.  

A. many platforms act solid when this would fully block further progress

B. trying to jump from a platform jetting out of a wall has a tendency to produce a wall-slide, ruing the attempted jump.

super laggy.

Only one out of ten times does it respond to moving the mouse

doesn't even switch from title-screen to main menu.

why don't objects have collision in the middle?

stand on the left or right edge and you're ok, but try to stand in the middle and you fall through.

set background to red, sonar to blue.

played on mac version of chrome.

sonar failed after a about a minute, can't even see the pulses anymore.

have tried it a few more times, the generated worlds are just too small and the world edges are unfenced.

fell into the infinite void in just a few seconds.

first boomerang puzzle is impossible.

boomerang's action-radius is too small to reach all the required barrels. (unless the solution simply doesn't register or barrels should relight boomerang)

too many deaths caused by lag making jumps untimeable. 



A. main menu doesn't scale with resolution, minimal screen-size for buttons to be accessible is a bit too laggy.

B. Need to jump to get free from backing into a wall. (collision detection should push character to the closest valid position, not just halt movement)

mislabeled: Windows-Only

doesn't execute. Webconsole shows no response when clicking either button, so can't rule out the button as not being registered by the 'actual console'.

Mac: file appears to be damaged/corrupted

It feels a bit too short and I'd like it if you'd include some stairs (too signify that we have reached the end of the puzzle/game-area)

Mac: camera movement is too spastic, really disorientating. (too many times that I couldn't tell how many times the camera was turned around during one movement of the mouse.)

I already suspected it was something like that.

on another note: I'm having problems with 'grabbing' the sliding stones.
When I pull grip is too easily lost, frequently resulting in the stone sliding back to where it was. (really annoying when I need to pull a stone pushed against another)
and pushing doesn't work if I'm practically against the stone.
solving both would improve the laser puzzles immensely 

I had exited via CMD-Q while in the first tunnel and when I went back to playing, the flashlight was turned back off and it didn't respond to "R".

attempting to 'fix' it by new game first resulted in the tunnel being inaccessible (I presume a leftover anti-escape block it should have deleted) and in subsequent new games WASD never activated, making the first tree 'inescapable'.

I think new game needs to be a bit more thorough in what it deletes.

Mac: Critical flags are corrupted when you exit after entering the 'tomb' but before the fall.

had to wipe ˜/Aplication Support/unity.smolhold.Disoriented just to get the game back into a playable-state.