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Web build doesn't load due to Builds.loader.js 403-ing.

PC build has no safeguards against going out of bounds. (and no means for going back in bounds)

fails to load:

Unable to parse Build/! This can happen if build compression was enabled but web server hosting the content was misconfigured to not serve the file with HTTP Response Header "Content-Encoding: br" present. Check browser Console and Devtools Network tab to debug.

(1 edit)

Bug/Glitch caused replacement power plug to vanish.

frequently refuses to jump, even when at a standstill.

A. Camera needs sensitivity calibration.

B. Camera tends to clip through walls making it impossible to see what I'm doing.

C. character 'sprite' is misaligned with environment.

locks up after about a minute of play to such an extent that reloading requires a full browser restart.


extremely unresponsive.

I think he's talking about the old Kong game by the same name (from which this one is borrowing most of it's stuff from).

I like how this game plays with one's expectations what a 'simple job' entails.

needs death-planes

Took a lot of finagling, but I managed to get the rover out of bounds and into free fall by climbing one of the corners of the map.

same by simply falling down (I suggest placing some temporary death-planes at the edges of the playable area)

where's the attack-key?

beat the first boss, was that were you ran out of time?

top right flower-bridge can't be fixed (attempting to get in range of to the north-side flower causes the camera to focus on the south-side flower and leave the north-side flower outside the view)

except for title screen nothing loads.

jump doesn't work while on red dice, renders second checkpoint unreachable.

space doesn't do anything since last update.

Camera should center on player with some deviation to wards the direction of travel. (currently impossible to see enemies coming from the left, and this blindness is even worse while moving left)

finished, but the last stage is extremely unresponsive when it comes to jumping.

neither attack does anything.

True, but an all-conditions check would allow you to store the puzzles as just the conditions, which should
A. increase the amount of puzzles that can be stored.
and B. make it harder to cheat as peeking in the puzzle storage would only reveal what is already visible.

The current version doesn't check if the image produced by the player satisfies all the conditions, instead only checking if said image matches what its RNG produced, causing it to reject completely valid solutions.

It gave that impression though, but that could simply due to how it handles words it doesn't understand. (for example, any sentence that contains the word left is treated as a command to walk left)

In  all the previous situations in the game the parser limited itself to two word commands, which caused me to think this was all it could understand.

Spoiler doesn't help as no matter where I try to jump as soon as I add the direction the idiot decides to climb down and walk into the spikes. (which might indicate a defective parser)

dude refuses to jump over from the new tree.

Lags too much, causing the blade to always miss the boxes.

Full-screen cuts of a large portion of the screen, whereas windowed allows you to scroll to the otherwise cut-off areas

managed to jump on top  of the building and from there out of bounds with no way back, so you may want to add an extra invisible wall there.

got it to trigger this time, guess there was a glitch during initial loading last time (it's rare for this to happen and not be noticeable)

I've tried that, but (during my attempts so far) castling didn't trigger.

Minor issue: room 3 doesn't seem to have a clue for the safe.

There doesn't seem to be a valid way to get through the barrier that encloses the king.

There is no safeguard against going out of bounds with the knight. (simplest solution would be to make all-walls the layout the game falls back to when the map's layout isn't defined, that way the knight will never see jumping into an OOB area as valid)

 THAT computer was recently replaced, so that should not be the issue.

Doesn't load.

Game needs mouse lock (if it has it in code already, it's done in a way that currently can't be triggered)

Managed to get it to run today, but it seems that it's suffering from a FS.syncfs memory leak. (having 10 FS.syncfs operations in flight at once is bad enough, but this game reports triple digits.)