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A member registered Jul 14, 2016

Recent community posts

Glitchy as all heck:

A. ladders rarely respond.

B. Environment has a tendency to launch you in random directions (frequently while climbing ladder when THAT is working)

C. Environment frequently not loading properly after death.

nice, but I would have liked it if there was an ending-cutscene instead of just an ending-text.

(by the way the first thought on 'running out of space' was the player getting stuck in an shrinking room until until he has run out of space to maneuver in.)

I was thinking I+P.

W reacts, but up-arrow (which reduces the chance of accidentally using Q/E) does not.

up does not interact with objects

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visual bugs:

A.  the current cash display has a tendency to show 1.2.345 so it may be a good idea to add an explicit  conversion function/routine.
B. except for the current cash display, all numbers are written down in full, instead of a shorthand, which allows them to overlap each other in a manner that makes them unreadable

minor glitch: game reports a time of ?45.10000000000002 and -1760.9 seconds

but I liked how I had to jump-block to get them lined up for the final leg of the last level

missing 9 copper on level 2

could you please add left/up movement (can only move down and, to an extent, to the right)

Please add mouse-lock

try-again button does not respond

does not render

Would have been farer if the game counted down to one's last live instead of counting up the deaths and creating the illusion that there is no last live to worry about.

bug: runs out of memory when one fails into the bottom of the first hole (the one that should teach the player how to teleport)

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can walk, but how do I pick things up? (It's clearly not automatic, and there is no text telling you what key to use.)

I've just switched to a different computer and it seems that the problem isn't timing, but the game having jumps that depend on a too infrequently occurring collision glitch boosting it.

Why does the top of the screen kill you? (bottom I can understand)

Have you tested it under various 'dummy loads'? A common mistake among new developers is to assume that their unstrained A-grade system is a good benchmark for load sensitive coding. (system load being the primary cause for lag)

suggestion: replace the fixed idle-gain of RESTING ACTIVITY with a percentual idle-gain.

EG: idleGain=activeGain*(RestingActivity/(1000+RestingActivity))*idleCap
This will converge around but never reach idleCap, preventing a situation where idle-gain exceeds active-gain from occurring.

It happens to often that trying to pull out the next worker in a chain produces the demolition bomb instead.

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in many sections where one has to dash through a pack of enemies the level-reset-mechanism frequently creates a time window of zero (forcing one to take deliberate hits just to get the section passable again)

B: Chrome OSX, keyboard

A: Seems there is a disconnect in how the jump is performed (apparently lag-immune) and how it is charged (clearly lag-sensitive) allowing the jump to complete while it's still charging, making the rest of the charge useless

jump-control is practically non-existent.

A:jump height doesn't correlate to anything the player can control, making otherwise easy jumps impossible to perform
B:responds to the jump-command way too late.

unless one is running most of the jumps abort  without reason.

auto-advance oversight: when one does not have the storage for the required amount of food it will stay in the current section even if it does not provide all of the required materials. 

EG: section 10 (10000-11000) requires 500 food, but section 9 does not provide stone (and as water is not yet harvestable, stone is not mineable by the old man) which is needed for expanding food storage to that point.

needs a load-splash. (I though it had crashed)

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have to enable/re-disable auto-advance on reload to get it to stay in the area I want it to stay.

A. most of the lag seems to be gone, but jump control seems to be glitched when not running. (thought it was part of the lag)

B. You shout set the bottom of the deep spike-pits to insta-kill as suicide is the only way out of them if you fall in.

It might help if you lock buttons meant for future expansions and give them under-construction signs.

possible cause found:

water-storage has no/corrupted post level-1 upgrades (also makes dessert unreachable)

displayed values have gotten corrupted, makes it impossible to know how far back I have to go to complete a quest.

A. the game has a tendency to lag like hell (especially during jumps that require (medium-)precision timing).

B. the gamescreen is twice the size of the browser-window. (fixing this might reduce the lag)

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webconsole keeps reporting  key(X) not  found in ds_map[06] when moving L/R

OSX version:

A. lighting option keeps turning itself back on.

B. I have to manually set it to windowed mode every time I run the program

A. black on blue text is hard to read.

B. passageway to last chamber on first screen doesn't allow any travel.

if this is an idler, it would help if it adjusted for off-tab time when returning to the tab.

Adoored_OSX.dmg doesn't open

the problem was internal to the .app (Contents/MacOS/Mac wasn't set as an executable)

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boss site has no exit.

(correction: exit is too invisible to be properly noticeable)

after unzipping OSX reports that it can't open the file.

checking the content it seems that it lacks a main executable to run.