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neither space or left mouse button let me pick up the key.

Something has borked switching to full screen.

While it shows more than non full screen, it's clearly not the entire playfield.

You may want to add (invisible) walls along the edges of the level so that people can't fall into the void.

Currently the game comes to a complete halt when the player switches to a different tab, so could you please add background progress? 

Jumping has a nasty tendency to autocancel horizontal momentum making critical jumps practically impossible.

If that was the issue, the right-click thing wouldn't work either.

I posted this in the Itch App section, so it should have been obvious

I'm using the itch app on windows.

Until recently it was possible to open a game-page in a new tab simply by middle clicking it, but now this always results in the game-page being loaded in the active tab. (right-click and clicking on "open in new tab" still works, but I'd like to have the easier option of middle clicking back)

refuses to jump (over spikes/obstacles) too often, forcing otherwise unnecessary resets.

needs some kickback in addition to stun (enemy hits currently create an inescapable loop of restunning the player before the previous stun has run its course)

text is a little wider than the render area.

but for the rest it's a good start.

intro fps is in the single digit territory.

I suspected, but I wanted to be sure.

work pc, win 10, chrome

even if I immediately go to the meeting trigger, the scan 'gets done'.

doesn't load, webconsole reports:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'canvas' of null
    at xT (main.js:1362)
    at main.js:1363
    at main.js:1363
xT @ main.js:1362
(anonymous) @ main.js:1363
(anonymous) @ main.js:1363

Just tried it on my Home PC, seems that the playerLoop is being called recursively (which can easily lead to too many of the loop running simultaneous )

Work PC, win 10, chrome.

have been waiting for 30 minutes, how long is a moment?

doesn't load: webconsole reports code 403 for 6 resources.

level 3: last spike in initial tunnel doesn't leave enough room to jump over due to oversized hitbox.

ran out of memory.

diary page does not render. (I assume this to holds a clue for the codelock on the door.

playfield is too large even for full screen on this system. (made it look like the player character was no longer responding to the movement keys when I entered the first room, as the player character was placed outside the visible area)

bug 1: once you've entered the inventory screen, you can't leave it.

bug 2: choosing "OFF" does not reset a bit-panel back to off.

where did the game go?

you may want to rephrase the repeat of the clue, as I kept reading it as beyond the cave's right wall instead of the background wall just right of the entrance to the cave.

could be a rendering bug, but the infinite climb doesn't show ANY clue outside the right wall. 

and there is no discernible pattern for trial and error.

could you please add keyboard support? (unplayable on non-touch screens)

A. Never loaded in the first place

B. Waterfox classic.

Was busy with some other things but now I'm getting

TypeError: player is null

still happens.

As the game doesn't even start I think that we are dealing with a race-condition between the main loop wanting to call up the function/variable and the initialization routines not yet having defined it.

TypeError: player.reforged is undefined at gameJS:44:1

needs saving.

needs saving.

game has a tendency to lock up while buying the manual upgrade.

the playscreen has scrollbars, this might be fixed if you make it, let's say, eight pixels less tall than what the tab reports as its height.

question: why does the skeleton boss respawn the player with only one heart?