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to put it simple, the timing window for wall jumping seems to be all over the place, often causing the player to miss what should have been an easy jump. (normal jumping, on the other hand, seems to have a decently stable timing in sync with the timing for left/right movement)

sorry, but the wall-jumping is way too inconsistent for this 'game' to be considered playable.

resolution options are broken. (instead of changing the resolution it forces the game-window into a near maximized state.)

Constantly have to repress a direction to get the character to stop walking in that direction.

Please fix.

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boss camera/area-locks do not reset after death. (fortunately only has detrimental effects on first boss, as second, and final, boss fight has spawn point inside boss area)

Could you please do something about the random shutdowns? (I do know, that they seem to trigger after one has closed either a letter or the menu).

While it automatically turns around, it doesn't give enough distance to reach the other side, meaning that one needs to actively move to get close enough for the next wall-jump ... and the timing for that is extremely finicky.

only 5 percent of all wall-jumps register, making it practically non-functional.

can't jump onto block after first enemy. (no functional means to increase jump-height)

Not what I meant.

Is the (current iteration of the) game-map meant to be one screen in size?
(If not, then the lack of screen flipping or scrolling is a bug)

is it supposed to be only one screen in size?

there are at least 4 combinations that do not trigger a 'flames out', but only one of them opens the chest.

one hint: the garage has one item that better fits on the other side.

Where did the gamepage go? (only getting 404)

Same issue. (win 10)

and the environment doesn't scale with screen-resolution, so perhaps the problem is that the navigation doesn't scale either. (Good luck clicking on an icon at 1880,1040 when display maxes at 1600x900)

Immediately closes on its own.

Have the same problem... to be honest, I think that the chest is supposed to open by solving the torches but that the chest is failing to trigger.

minor issue: could you add the ability to kick the can backwards, there have been a few moments where I overshot.

index.html:8 GET net::ERR_ABORTED 500

It seems the previous version had a minor fault with one of the objects not switching away from their page-1 state that borked the proper ending. 

from the water lady quest onward, all had this issue. (not going to reset simply to test something that is technically just a luxury)

I've only just read this post but, the Nearest-Checkpoint button is nonfunctional in that regard.

controls are nonfunctional (can't jump left while small, going small while jumping left cancels the jump... etc)

There doesn't seem to be any result other than "You died".

managed to get back to the playfield after finishing (wall just low enough to glitch yourself onto its top) and kill myself, now it reads:


After my first successful attempt to jump to the planet on the right I jump to just above the walkable area right of it. this soft-locked the game, instead of either pulling me into the walkable area or pulling me back to the planet.

I've just tried again, and it seems that floor/ceiling collision juts out further than wall collision. 

Fortunately the top right corner is the only spot where this is actually an issue as that is the only place where that tiny piece of extra floor-collision causes automatic canceling of a jump when one is trying to be careful. (the other walls are either too big to hit that piece during a directional jump or, in one specific case, too small for the floor to let you underneath in the first place.)

I know I was pressed against the wall when I made the jump, so the thorns should not have killed me, therefore collision error is the only logical cause.

collision in upper-right corner is messed up. (was killed the moment I jumped away from the key)

crashes in the exact same way.

every third maze the player spawns outside of its confines, and the previous map is kept.

(the latter may be an attempt at doing it mapless, but forgetting to clear the previous-level map.

Seems that it has no handling for lack of microphone.

bundle.js:7668 Unhandled rejection NotFoundError: Requested device not found    (No stack trace)From previous event:    at promiseMic (    at Object.promiseVolumeTracker (    at Object.13../Alley.json (    at s (    at e (    at
printWarning @ bundle.js:7668

locked up

c2runtime.js:332 Uncaught TypeError: this.Xa.setVelocity is not a function
    at y.La (c2runtime.js:332)
    at (c2runtime.js:352)
    at c.Yv (c2runtime.js:140)
    at c.La (c2runtime.js:137)
    at Er (c2runtime.js:98)

here's an idea: when an apple lands on the spot where one already resides simply add 1 to the latter's count and despawn the former, there are only so many places where they can land so this should (in theory) keep memory usage in check.

The problem is that said cart only activates the stone gathering, it does nothing for the Help Water Lady quest. (or was the intention to also obtain a cart in the first village?)

chrome, windows 10

(just tried it on my home-pc, firefox, win 7: works)

game ran out of memory.

Doesn't run in the background

first stuck on "hello", now stuck on "continue".

options menu is accessible, but none of its buttons do anything.

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The Help Water Lady quest doesn't work.
While it claims to need a cart like the First Stone quest, at the moment there is no means to obtain one for the former.

Due to the issues with water in the previous versions, I assumed that this meant that this quest is meant to activate water gathering, but that water gathering itself has not yet been implemented.

(1 edit)

It seems that some of the current quests depend on things not yet coded.

I think it may be better to use the following color scheme:

Purple: requires not yet coded feature(s).
Red: depends on item/resource/feature provided by another quest.
Yellow: need to collect required resources/items
Green: click to spend resources/items.
Cyan:  go back to finish.
Blue:  completed.