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Lovely art! Really liking how much personality these character designs have.

Thank you! It's a little rough right now, but I hope you'll enjoy the finished product!

Glad it's working!

This looks so cute! Light-hearted platformers are pretty firmly in my niche, so I'm really excited to see where this goes!

Inspired by Corey Thompson's intriguing cart:

More to come!

I love your art here! This is looking seriously stunning so far, and I'm intrigued by the premise!

Seriously, seriously spectacular taste of what's to come here. The passion and polish poured into this thing are evident in every corner of the demo, and the fact that you're doing the majority of work by yourself inspires me in a way I haven't felt since I first played Cave Story as a freshman in high school. Just gonna gush for a minute about the things I really enjoyed:

  • Expressive dialogue boxes/sounds - I love what you've done with the dialogue effects here. The character "voices" give each a unique personal flavor, and the myriad text effects complement the "speech" nicely. Maybe more understated but very much appreciated is how economic they are with the screen real-estate; their semitransparency and adaptive movement really help clear space for other interesting character and entity blocking in the immediate environment
  • Immersive sound design - The positional audio worked wonders in creating an engrossing atmosphere here. I really loved hearing Keu's sound effects pan as she moved around the screen-space. It seems like a lot of work went into creating the audio system here, and it certainly shows.
  • Intriguing setting/great environmental storytelling - NYKRA strikes me a game with a heavy focus on setting and atmosphere, so it's greatly to its credit that you managed to create such an interesting world. Spaces feel lived-in, the world design is organic, and the notes, ships, and mysterious entities that make appearances in the demo have me clamoring for more.
  • Slick and intuitive UI - The user interface was an absolute joy to interact with. Once I was accustomed to the game's "verbs" (namely, the importance of the up arrow) every aspect of the UI felt completely natural to me. Beyond being functionally superb, it looks damn good, too. The visual design is cohesive, and I love the radial menus as a consistent design element in-game.

With that all said, here are a few potential areas of improvement I noticed:

  • Obstacle placement - I felt like there were a few outdoor sections in the game where the presence of those red matter-shredding obstacles broke an otherwise fairly calm, exploratory flow. Being stopped to execute some precise platforming jumps in the middle of a relatively open area seemed to conflict with the "tone" of the space, if that makes sense.
  • Jump height - There definitely needs to be a minimum jump height in this game; having a reliable "hop" height for when I tap the jump button would be awesome, but I'd definitely hold onto the "variable jump height" mechanic beyond that.
  • Enemy knockback - I felt a little frustration facing some of the game's first enemies, because it seemed like a hit from them was unavoidable. If each attack could cause a little enemy knockback, instead of every other attack, that would be very much appreciated.

And I'd just like to clarify this again: you've put together one hell of a demo here, and I have no doubt the full thing is going to be a masterpiece.


At a lot of fun w/this, dude!

I can't believe this only took you 10 days! The movement and shuriken-throwing felt amazing, and the frequent save rooms and infinite lives kept the game challenging without being frustrating. Really spectacular work!

I really hope you end up expanding on this one! Definitely one of my favorite games of the jam.

Really good work, guys! Felt incredibly polished and complete.

A ban warning really wasn't enough to stop you from making this tasteless thing, huh?

Hey everyone! I've going through the entries page for a little while now, and even just glancing at some of the thumbnails blows me away. There are some tremendous looking games out there, but there are far too many for me to review on my own, so I thought I'd outsource the job and get some of you playing/talking about each others submissions.

Here's how it works: If the poster above you submitted a game for the jam, play through it and write a few sentences about your experience with it. If you didn't finish/didn't participate, make sure to pick a game from the submissions page for the next poster to review.

I've been having a great time this past hour with Shuriken, by rxi. It's a fast-paced, twitchy action-platformer that pays loving homage to the graphical quirks of the GameBoy (the screen fade effect was pulled off especially nicely) while incorporating some more modern design elements (frequent saves, infinite lives) to keep the gameplay flowing smoothly. I still haven't finished this one, but I can tell from what I've played that rxi put in a ton of effort to get the movement, the jumping, and the shuriken-throwing feeling punchy and responsive. The whole package is tied up with a lovely art style and a catchy soundtrack, making for a thoroughly cohesive, enjoyable experience. Really hope rxi decides to expand it into a full-sized game!

(The next poster will review One Small Favor, by nadia)

I loved what I played of it! I think there's a tendency to go overly hammy when contemporary authors try to write in older English, but I thought the prose was really well done.Hope to see you finish this at some point!

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The Sea Between Us is a short narrative adventure in the vein of To The Moon about a girl's search for her sister in the aftermath of a devastating tsunami. The game begins a few hours after the landfall, when all the stress and panic settles and gives way to quiet and uncertainty. Give your company to other survivors along the way. Talk to them. Listen to their stories. Help them cope, and they might just point you in right direction.

While the people, places, and experiences in this game are fictitious, the events they're based upon are very much real.


- Ana (art & maybe sound)

- Me (design & programming)

- My friend Josh (programming)


The Sea Between Us takes place in the fall of 2013, in the small seaside town of _______, Japan.

[ doesn't have a "save draft" feature, so more to come!]

I love the look of this! My teammate and I are working on an adventure game with a similar mood right now, so it's nice to see someone's else's working on one, too.

Just finished the demo; spectacular work! Definitely looking forward to the full version.