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Wow, thank you all so much for the comments. This is the first thing I have ever uploaded for anyone else to play and your comments encourage me to do more.

Really fun, I love how you can hit the bullets back at the enemy.

Really great, want to keep playing, but I need to go to bed. Keep up the great work.

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Yes this is exciting news if you are interested I will send an email soon, and listen to what you have in the meantime while I code my games menu. I had given up on finding a musician and almost decided to create some really terrible tune just to have something.

edit, email sent, look forward to hearing from you. also you can check my for a bit of stuff I have posted about my game.

Right on, thanks for the reply and I followed both twitter accounts because I do really like the music you make.

Oh wow, this has a lot of wonderful stuff going on it it. Keep up the great work.

Hello it's my first jam too. Planning on an abstract twinstick shooter. I like that there is no theme beyond gb themed, sounds like there will be a really nice variety of entries. Good luck everyone.

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If you have time/interest you could make one with or there are a ton available here not sure what the "use policy" is on those though.

yeah just listened to some more and am really liking it, thinking Lindar's style will definetly jam with my idea for a game.

thanks, just looked around a little better and feel a bit embarassed, think I found someone.

Oh hells yes, I only just listened to a bit of your stuff but I would love to team up. Heading over to listen some more...

Cool, I did see some of the posts but it looked like they were all snatched up. I'll post in those threads and check it out. Thanks.

Hello, this is going to be my first jam ever (also my first finished game ever) I am looking for someone who wants to make music and maybe sound effects. No real idea about type of music could probably be anything really, I am open to any ideas. My idea for the game I am going to make is a twin stick, kind of abstract, endless-ish shooter. Lemme know if anyone is interested.

Ian Ford