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ULTRA SkySiege PokketView game page

Slice your foes from the sky for GBJAM5!
Submitted by benhhopkins — 57 minutes, 49 seconds before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Overall Gameplay#513.5383.538
Gameboy Feel#1473.2693.269

Ranked from 26 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Really nice, well made game! I included it in my compilation video series of all of the GBJam 5 games, if you'd like to take a look :)


Probably one of my favorite art styles in the jam so far. Wished the clouds in the screenshot were in the game floating by to give a sense of forward momentum. Not sure if a bug or ran out of time... Otherwise, a solid fun experience! Would def play an expanded version of this with bigger Ultra's to unlock :D


The angular aesthetic is great and really helps set the game apart.

The core gameplay is fun, although the floatiness makes precision control difficult.

Things I would add/change:

  • Make it a bit clearer when the player gets hit, the current explosion sound kinda gets lost
  • Add an indicator when an enemy will fire
  • Make reflected bullets faster to make it easier to hit enemies with them

Love the color palette! nice sprites and sound, good gameplay feeling, nice work!


Thanks for the comments folks :). Yeah, I will probably revisit this idea since the basic mechanics and art style feel pretty good. I only had a couple days to really work on this so unfortunately couldn't get to everything (like the clouds in the preview that was my first mockup).

As for the waves and scores -- it has preprogrammed waves up to around the time you get ~200 points, then there is a bit of a lull and it spawns enemies more frequently as time goes on. Getting through the preprogrammed waves is pretty good, after that it becomes a battle to keep the screen clear enough but you'll eventually get overwhelmed. I think my best was around 500.


Cool game! I really liked the art, would love to see more of it.


Cool and addictive entry! :) Loved the palette, the sprites and effects, they all go together real nicely. My top score was 211 (don't know whether this is low or high). Congratulations!


Nice entry! This has a lot of potential and could easily have been one of my favourites with a bit more polish. As it stands, it's a solid start for a side-scrolling shmup, though the lack of backgrounds and enemy variety make it quite repetitive. The difficulty also didn't feel balanced at all; I played without taking any hits until about 300 points, and then suddenly got wiped out in one wave.

Great colour palette btw!


Fun little game, I'm sure it could become a great little arcady game if you would add more mechanics :D


Very good


Thanks for the comments guys :D. You're right that the gameboy couldn't technically display this color palette of course, but it does use four colors. If I had more time I would have implemented a classic color scheme mode for sure.


Very good graphics, but they kinda break the 4-color rule.

Decent music, felt a bit too laid-back and repetitive for this kinda game.

Otherwise, nice job.


Really fun and well made!


Really fun, I love how you can hit the bullets back at the enemy.