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Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing and for the feedback.  We will look into the jumping bug you've mentioned.

Thanks for the feedback.  Most of the issues you've mentioned have already been rectified and will be implemented in the updated version.  We will look into the web error you mentioned.  Thanks again for playing!

The game runs great in chrome,  I hope you'll give it another shot!

Hey thanks for the tip, we'll look into it!  and thanks for playing!

Thank you for the valuable feedback!  I watched you play and for the most part I totally agree with you.  

I understand that the game has issues running in some browsers but seems to work fine in chrome.

No restarting when you die, understood.

We will make the lamplight and cast shadows align with the pixel aesthetic in the updated version.

It appears that the jump sound is broken and the music was a poor last minute addition.  We already have someone working on a whole new score and SFX library.

The game is a lie by way of the misdirection used in levels e.g. fake platforms, invisible platforms, arrows pointing you in the wrong direction, etc.

Again, thanks for taking time to play and give criticism!

I love the mechanic and how you implemented it!

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Would be fun on mobile.  I don't see how it relates to the theme though.

edit: I've been reading some of your comments and I'd love it if you'd roast my game! :)

The tie to the theme is tentative at best however this game carries an important message on life that is worth the price of admission!

Interesting concept but fell short in execution in my opinion. 

Loved the narration! 

Nice game, loved the creepy art!

Pretty interesting start here.  Impressive audio.

I'm glad you liked what you saw!  I was getting that error in safari as well but it works in chrome.

nice little puzzle platformer.

Thanks, we are pretty into the idea too :)

I really liked the beginning but I felt like the platforming left something to be desired.  However, even though you used assets from the asset store I think you will find success in your future game endeavors as your level design is pretty cool.

I can agree with you.  Everything will be punched up in the updated version, I hope you'll give it a try then.  

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Nice graphics, short and sweet with a great ending!

Great old school looking game.  The only issues I had were with the controls.  I would have also liked to jump with 'w'.  Overall a well done little game!

Short and sweet!  The graphics remind me of Papers Please.  Great job!

Thanks for playing!  The issues you mentioned will be fixed in the next update.

It got a few chuckles out of me.

Nice video!  I enjoyed watching it very much.  Great eye on the movie item

These are really great!  You're amazing for giving these away!

I'm amazed at how scary this game was.

I really liked it!

Pretty fun!

I've never had so much fun mathing! Great job!

Oh yeah, this game rocks!

Very complicated, I'm not even sure I was doing it right.

Pretty fun, pretty tough


Pretty addictive.

Pretty fun! The graphics are cool

Really fun and well made!

Pretty fun!

Couldn't figure out how to interact with anything.

Interesting idea!