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Nice video!  I enjoyed watching it very much.  Great eye on the movie item

These are really great!  You're amazing for giving these away!

I'm amazed at how scary this game was.

I really liked it!

Pretty fun!

I've never had so much fun mathing! Great job!

Oh yeah, this game rocks!

Very complicated, I'm not even sure I was doing it right.

Pretty fun, pretty tough


Pretty addictive.

Pretty fun! The graphics are cool

Really fun and well made!

Pretty fun!

Couldn't figure out how to interact with anything.

Interesting idea!

Overall I dug it but it was a little laggy for me.

There is no point really, more money = more fun I suppose. Thanks for playing!

Love the tunes, I'd love to work with you in the future!

Check out to see my stuff!

Awesome idea and execution!

That looks awesome! I'm definitely going to play that after the jam!

look for a font called 5x5 rounded, it's free and works great for low res stuff.

I really like this, let me know if you need any help with the animations. pink-blue is cool I also dig that green and red.

Hunker Down

Please leave a comment if you play it, I'd like the feedback.

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My team's game involves printing so we based our color scheme on CMYK

I sent you an email.

Looks like Tezuka drawing Astro Boy in that first thumbnail. Love the graphics and gameplay, feels kind of like Kirby on the NES.