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Guys, the boss is just kinda hard to beat, but you shoot him in the mouth when it it open.

The combat was amazing, and really delivered on the feeling of death. When a character dies, you feel it.

The story is basic, but sad as well.

I still haven't won, but the graphics and presentation makes me wanna keep going.

This game is great! The music's upbeat, the mechanics are great, and it sticks to the limitations. Nice job, bro!

It doesn't have any music, but it makes up for it in a nice story and great visuals.

Very good graphics, but they kinda break the 4-color rule.

Decent music, felt a bit too laid-back and repetitive for this kinda game.

Otherwise, nice job.

Can't run it. And this looks cool too!

It's a endless game that doesn't have the prettiest graphics, and there's no sound, but it's decently fun.

Definitely not finished, but what he has is functional.

Very good music, Nice graphics, pretty inventive gameplay.

The game seems a bit challenging with its ice platforms.

Graphics are great, sound is good, and it somewhat feels gameboy-like.

It's a shooter, as standard as they come.

The graphics are nice, and the sounds are pretty good, but you could definitely expand on it.

Still, very nice presentation.

I can't run it. After clicking start, it transitions, then stops working.

Saw you livestream this man, it was great.

Tried the game out, it's got pretty good gameplay.

GBJAM 5 community · Created a new topic Music Questions
I just have a few questions, because this is really bugging me.
  1. Any recommended Trackers?
  2. Do we have to stick with the GB limitations precisely?