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I'm sorry, but this is an old project, I don't even know where I have it already, and I never compiled it for windows back then.

Oh sorry buddy, I can't build it for mac computers :(

If you mean the online version, it uses Javascript which is blocked by default on modern browsers, I encourage you to download the standalone version which runs way better and has more options and it is completely free :)

thx! :)

Thanks Jupiter! I really appreciate the work you do reviewing all the games from these jams,  you're great! :D

cool little adventure

It was funny to be the virus and not the defense towers, had fun playing, kept me concentrated, nice job!

Very cool concept, its difficult to maintain a game like this free of bugs just because the time limitation of the jam so they are no "bugging" me that much, nice work so far and it will be much better experience after working on it a few weeks more!

I'm sorry you couldn't play my game, but if you really want to play it, you can use an android emulator for computer, you only need one finger so its perfectly playable with a mouse :)

I liked your game, already rated!

Good looking game, I really miss some sound, but the graphics are good enought to hook you up, controls feels a bit too sensitive and you maybe want to make the laser hitbox a bitt wider and the special weapon a bit less powerful, maybe increasing the cooldown time, boss fight was very cool. Nice work!

Nice color palette choice, fits perfect with the game theme, cute story, cool!

Nice little game, simple but nice graphics, music fits percetly, good work!

Love the color palette! nice sprites and sound, good gameplay feeling, nice work!

Nice clean graphics and nice concept too, missed a bit of sound but nice work!

Nice concept and very coon space feeling! loved it!

Missed some sound and music but the rest is pretty good!

Great graphics and nice gameplay feeling, very nice work!

very nice and challenging! cool graphics, good job!

Nice race game, felt like playing an actual gameboy game!

Cool! I've been my whole life skating and the feeling is great for a 2D skate game, missed the possibility to do a few tricks but I understand is a lot of extra work, nice job!

Great graphics and mood, loved the texts! well done!

@Eendhoorn @Noxi thanks! the gamepad should be working fine now :)

Cool cute graphics and sound, the fire is a bit frustrating when it falls on the edges though xD well done!

Loved the time stopping effect! game feeling is nice too, sad you couldn't add more features because the time limitation of the jam.

Cool idea, nice graphics and gameplay, well done! You maybe want to tweak the dead zone for the gamepad, I recommend you to set it at 1 instead of the default value.

Can't imagine how those sprites can be drawn in just 10 days, great work, the game is feeling is great as well!

Impressively detailed, amazing work!

really nice game! love fast-paced action games and yours is pretty good!

Man... loved it xD

Surprisingly addictive, nice work!

great! I wish I could have those graphics on my game!

Very cool graphics style and colors, good game also!

Oh man this wasn't easy at all! I had frustration and fun, nice little game!

Charming game, loved it!

Nice style! Not easy but smooth enough to get used and smash the ball like a pro, nice work!

Challengig but catchy! Nice graphics with simple style, had fun with it!

Very cool game, loved the graphics!

Nice game, passed through all levels!

super cool!

thanks for your comment! The color palletes are just a color ramp filter, my sprites are drawn in a four colors grayscale and the palettes are 4 color pixels images that tint my sprites from darker to lighter colors so I just have to switch between them :)