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Thanks for playing! Coud you call them overweight if there are no other weight types around? :D

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! I love the way you dig deep into it. I don't want to dispel and dissappoint but I got to clear the air a bit.  Game uses default unity physics and there are no changes in physics as you progress, only thing that does is the time limit. The thing affecting the physics is player frustration which is created by the time limit. The harder you push, you get more resistance from other physics colliders around you. So I was going for a placebo feeling of progression in terms of physics, was not sure if it would work, greatful to know for some it did! It was also the only managable solution considering the short development time. I think many things in games development could be solved by faking it, becomes more impactful than complex systems. I'm glad you've enjoyed it and thanks again!

hmmm.. we'll see :)...

Thanks! No, not from Hong Kong, It's just me talking gibberish :)

Weird, I'm not sure what is the problem, you can try different web browsers and see if the results are the same.
Also have you tried the executable (for PC)?

Thanks a lot! 

Thanks! Good playthrough!

lol! glad you've enjoyed it

Nice play! Thanks!

Thanks!! Nice playthrough!

Thanks! Should be fixed now!

Thank you for the cool article! Glad you liked it.

Thanks a lot! Glad you've enjoyed it.

Thank you!

Thanks for playing!!

It may be a problem with web player acting weird with your computer. Have you tried downloading the executable and running that?

Thanks. Nice playthrough!

Heard that web player stucks more but executable should be ok!  But i agree, it's a constant struggle to find a space to fit...

Thank you! Happy to entertain.

There is a link at the top of the page, click "View Submission"

or here it is:

Thanks a lot!

Thanks. You did a great job! Glad you've enjoyed it.

Good mechanic that compliments the level design, even backtracking doesn't feel like backtracking. Using your gun to speedrun while in low-gravity is so satisfying. And for a 10 day made game, it got lots of content. Had lots of fun playing. Art is also neat, reminded me of Xeodrifter. Excellent job!

I think game is based around a very original idea, presented with great looking characters and pretty pixel art in general. Looks like a project worth chasing after. I had some "what if" s about the time mechanic, what if a turn, instead of being time based, was movement based? So it would always be about finding the shortest way leading to target, which may be the hardest way.. I think it would be much well suited considering the turn-based mechanic.. Even the level design calls for exploring alternate routes... or you've already tried all that and it didn't work :) Anyways I'm glad I played this cause it made me think a lot. Again this is a very unique entry, is also very much fun to play. Marvelous Work!

Great game! This instantly feels like a Nintendo-made game. Congratulations!

A big thanks to everyone who played, commented, rated and critted. I've uploaded a post-jam build with small updates and bug fixes. As Sean and benhhopkins suggested, modified the camera to lead according to the direction player faces. Definitely makes the game fairer. Thanks guys. To address the general difficulty, lowered the water consumption rate and modified the dash damage. Still, as Dachshund said, dash feels underpowered, so maybe later i can add a camera shake when you dash-hit to make it feel more powerful ..

This is hardcore, made my hands go liquid. That last level!!!
Tight, responsive controls and fun level design. Great job!

Good and simple mechanic, would definetly play more if there were further levels, like hundred or so :) Great job!

Art is looking so good, liked the clumsyness/cuteness of the chatacter as well. Also stuck at the second room. I think punching sides individually is cool (which i couldn't use in a meaningfull way cause i was stuck before finding anything to punch) but jumping felt needlessly hard. I got the idea of using your punches to jump but the need to press down to make the jump seems irrelevant, cause then you should also be punching to relevant sides using direction buttons..

Cool game! I really liked the art, would love to see more of it.

Art is top notch! Enjoyed the gameplay very much.It feels like a legit gameboy title..

Haha! Hard life of a tshirt printer.. Really cute game!

Very good game with tight controls. Loved the visuals and music. Kept me going for a long while..

Nice game, reminded me of Undertale. But after defeating the guardian, it switches to guardians attacking state and then nothing happens for me. I've never been able to get to exploration parts which seen in screenshots even after defeating the guardian for the 6th time. I would love to see it further, looks gorgeous!

Good and fun game. Super satisfying to strike the ball when you are used to it. Good work!