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Ah, no joy I'm afraid. I tried a couple of browsers but, honestly, it's most likely my computer being outdated. It's telling that I picked up a book while booting it up. Windows 7 is pretty old by now.

Thanks anyway for trying, it is a neat game.

Oh, wow, thanks. I'll give it a go later, then. Sorry that I took so long to reply.

I love this. Not only is it a brilliant idea it works really well in practice too, with some really fun strategies like being able to drop other pieces through matches. It's also really well polished aesthetically, with fun visual effects and sound. 
My favourite LD41 game so far.

I think the concept is innovative but the game didn't seem to be working for me.

Units would move forward a bit and then snap back to the previous tile, so I couldn't do anything with them. Also the game window was so large that I had to fullscreen my browser to just barely fit it, despite the fact that it's a 1366x768 display.

Could just be something up with my browser (Firefox 60), but I can't say for sure. 

I really like the idea here and the presentation is simple, but charming. Couldn't beat it as I would always reflexively hit backspace at some point and reload the previous page, which isn't the dev's fault.

@Jupiter Hadley

Aww. thanks. I can't believe that I missed your comment.

Really clever title, I felt overwhelmed by the controls but the game proved simple enough. I love the screen transition effect, it feels very retro.

Plays well enough although it's frustrating that your focus meter depletes even if you don't make use of it. Makes it feel like you're forced to use it prematurely, otherwise it's wasted.

Super solid game, feels complete in every way.

Feels really complete with solid graphics, plenty of well thought out levels and a sound that really fits the Game Boy aesthetic.

The graphics are pretty cute and the game plays well enough. Although losing half of your coins when hit is rather harsh, especially when the pit at the end of level 2 makes it impossible to see if you're going to fall on an enemy or not. Coin pickup sound is a tad grating on the ears.

One of the most complete feeling games that I've played in this jam. Looks lovely with some really nice effects, sound is missed but that's a common issue. The main issue is that it doesn't convey it's mechanics to the player at all, without knowing about the ghost form or the grave diving the player is left to wander around a relatively confusing area, not knowing where to go until they realise that they're just looping around. The fact that ghosting is mapped to B button makes it unlikely to find when the player starts trying buttons near A; on top of being uncomfortable.

Visually I absolutely love this game, really stylish. The Undertale style battle system is fun, but the fight itself is rather hard due to the small screen size and lengthy attack duration. It's such as shame that the game's so incomplete, even death and winning haven't been fully implemented. I would love to see more of this in the future.

@ RnK

Cool! Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad that you liked the 'boss'; next time I hope I can put a proper one in.

The visuals are great, I love the aesthetics and there are some really cool effects going on; especially at the title screen.

The game's biggest weakness is it's level design, you are just dumped in a fairly confusing situation without first warming up to the game's mechanics; which left me to die a lot as I worked out what was happening. The beams on the purple layer are also quite hard to spot before they activate which does lead you to run into them. It's also quite confusing to navigate on the back layer as the pink layer blocks out some of your view, and as the brighter colour is more visible and distracting.

I enjoyed it, the enemies move in a satisfying way to gun down and the bombs feel great although I often fail to use them since the amount of enemies onscreen is fairly constant. My only realy gripe is that I feel that the chain timeout could be a little more generous.

The angular aesthetic is great and really helps set the game apart.

The core gameplay is fun, although the floatiness makes precision control difficult.

Things I would add/change:

  • Make it a bit clearer when the player gets hit, the current explosion sound kinda gets lost
  • Add an indicator when an enemy will fire
  • Make reflected bullets faster to make it easier to hit enemies with them

The core asteroid blasting gameplay feel rather lacking. The shots are far spread out to the sides, making aiming tricky and forcing you to aim off centre at the smaller asteroids. There's no feedback from shooting asteroids and your starting weapon is pathetically weak. Your only reward is points each time you shoot one and the randomisation on their health is so wide that even at max power you can struggle to bring some of them down. Managing to blow them up doesn't even have a reward, which is understandable given that you are far from guaranteed to actually destroy them, especially at low power. Blasting them apart and hoovering up the ore inside the asteroids might be more satisfying.

I like the look of the game, the aesthetic is clean and readable; even at high speed; and the effects are solid without being distracting.

The ship feels good to control, satisfyingly banking from side to side with the jets trailing behind.

The game's pretty easy, but I won't fault the longevity of a game jam game.

I love the two player concept, although it's rather confusing to control by yourself and can be a bit frustrating to have to do the same section twice; or more if you die. One complaint that I do have is that you seem to need to jump far earlier than you'd expect before it's too late and you just walk off the platform, adding a brief window where you can jump even while falling would be a great improvement.

Really clever mechanics. The lives are a bit harsh though, given the one hit kills.

The recoil mechanics remind me of Cave Story. Really fun, although pinning yourself to a wall makes things rather easy.




Thanks. Missiles do need some balancing,they're quite fun to use so I think that I'll tune them to being more of a regular attack than the smart bomb that they are now.

Okay, I've updated the game to support gamepads. I think. I don't actually own a gamepad so I have no way of testing, so any feedback would be highly welcome. Please check for the latest version.

@katana beetle

Sure thing, I'll get to work. I'm glad that you enjoyed the game.

I've updated the game to support gamepads.

Done. Thanks for playing!