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Subtitles are allowed! Mixing up the words and other craziness is also allowed, as long as your game still shows up somehow if someone searches for "Cyberpunk 2077". 

Amazingly clever battle system, I'd love to see this being used in a JRPG (I secretly hope that's your intention for the future!) The palettes are cool and original. Rumble Road has tons of potential! :)

Awesome puzzle, really smart. I love movement puzzles, and this is perfect in its simplicity and execution. Nice job! :)

Awesome entry! Loved everything about it: the palette, the crystal ball and the teleport mechanics, the sprites and tileset. Congratulations, Sparrow, I wish you keep working on this game after this jam is over. We deserve it :D

So short! :) I wish there was more. I loved the palette, the camera movement, and also the way the character jumps around (like a little tick!). I'd love to see this game further developed!

Amazing entry! Loved the protagonist and what seems to be his power armor, the enemies are interesting (particularly bosses such as The Hand of Fate), the music enticing... As others have said, a polished and fun game. Congratulations!

Very curious entry! I loved the game's "weird" aesthetics, the pink in the palette makes it very creative. I couldn't really play the game for a long time, because of the clamped camera movement: it's particularly confusing. I love the weapon variation, it always feels cool to get a new weapon upgrade. I also liked how cube progression at each stage is saved between sessions. Nice touch!

Hey, I like the idea of having a "walking simulator" for the GB! :) Didn't take me long to find all the stones, thanks to the map at the game's page. The ending is cute! Missed music and sound effects, though, they could really add to the game's experience.

Could totally see the Zelda influence o this one! Pretty basic at this point, but a solid base to build a cool dungeon crawler upon. The rooms are nicely laid out and the main character is really cool. Maybe he could grab beers instead of potions (as he resembles a dwarf)? :D

This game has great, great art (kudos on the palette!), and the concept behind it (using punch for everything, like jumping and getting a second push) is really cool. This version is a little glitchy, and short, but it is a good prototype. Congratulations on your entry! :)

Really complete entry. The art is fantastic, the main character's animations are fluid and great. As are most of the game's effects. The level design is cool too, even for someone who usually don't play this kind of platformers. The controls are great as well. I missed the music, though! Anyway, kudos! You did great :)

Really cool entry. The town is a lovely place, and I like how many of the chores you do to get money use your knowledge of its streets and passages. The palette is a little dark but pretty. Oh, and the wood chopping mini game is really fun! Congratulations :

Simple and fun! With a sound track and more variation (different enemies? weapons) this game can quickly become more challenging and even more appealing. Using the cannon is really satisfying! ;)

Simple but fun!

Amazing entry! This is a very smart game, the palette and the visual style is perfect, the level design is infuriatingly clever, te mechanics are simple yet challenging. Triangle Rotation In Space is one of the best games of this jam! :)

Lovely entry. The assets you created are cool, I felt a little bit like Alex Kidd throwing punches around with my giant hand. And I LOVED the twist at the end. Fix some of the bugs, add more enemies, moves, etc, and you're done! :)

Cool entry, I see a lot of potential in this one! Awesome assets, the tileset and characters are amazing. While I had some problems with the battle system and had a hard time figuring out the relation my daily activities have with the dream dungeon, this idea is truly cool, and I'd love to see it polished and developed further!

It's so cool to see Drop Dead Twice's prequel here! :) I liked the dark palette, and this game is as fun as the original one is! Oh, and special praise goes the the Zombie Elvis boss. Congratulations, Nownew Games! :)

Cool entry! I loved the palette on this one, and the spaceship sprite is awesome. As others have said, once you reach power level 3, the game gets considerably easier. Before that, it's hell! :D

As other have said, excellent entry! Tight concept, the graphics are lovely, and the game's experience seems very complete. You nailed the GameBoy feel as well, congratulations on that. The game was a little bit hard for me (as for others), but keeping a band together in heavy incoming traffic is probably not an easy thing to do. ;)

Really cool entry! Loved exploring around the dungeon and loved the deity choices. Combat was simple but fun. I'd love to have a "charging up" mechanic where I could hold the fire button and throw a bigger energy ball at the enemies :)

Also, I realized you used Love2d (like we did!) which is always cool to see. I saw on Twitter that you wanted to try Love2d for this jam, how did that work out for you?

Cool and addictive entry! :) Loved the palette, the sprites and effects, they all go together real nicely. My top score was 211 (don't know whether this is low or high). Congratulations!

Yay, nice game! :) You mentioned that you still wanna fix some bugs, but I say: leave Daydreaming as it is, it looks glitchy but I think that's ok! It's its charm. It feels more dreamlike in this way. I loved the "two dreams" mechanic, and this game share some similarities with our own GBJam title (you should check it out!). Congrats on your entry! :)

"Defeated by a gun, who would have thought?!" Hahahaha funny and beautifully drawn entry. I think the moving mechanic is clever, but somehow I think that maybe the "pistol" ammo could be unlimited? I'd love to see Gunsheep further developed. Ah! And you also might wanna check Slugcaster, as it shares some similarities with Gunsheep. Congrats!

Wonderful aesthetics. Too bad there's only a small level, once I started getting the hang of the color swapping mechanics the game ended. Keep working on it! :)

Amazing entry! Incredibly addictive, a game that I feel mixes Luftrausers and Downwell very nicely. I loved the shooting/floating mechanics, the animations and effects, the sound and music, everything. You should really expand this concept, it totally deserves to be a full game. And you're also using Love2d (as we are)! That's very cool. Congratulations!

Pretty cool concept and likable main character, I'd love to see it developed further!

Cool entry! The controls for the wall jump take some practice to get the hang of, but then it really feels good to beat a stage. You should add a timer to this game, I think it will work really great for speedruns! :)

Nice! I loved the dash mechanic and its uses (stealing powers, dodging the eletrical fences). I made it as far as the Charuto Galaxy :) Cool entry!

Yay! Really well done. The game is solid, the GB feel is incredible. I made it to room 13 (although I'm not sure this is good or bad, I'm not the best roguelike player). I'd love to have some sort of ranged attack, I think this could easily increase the strategic aspects of the game. Oh! And I loved the intro :D


Amazing entry! Loved the ghost mechanics and the grave searching and the perfect use of the 2d lighting in this game (particularly for the "hidden" doors!) The palette is beautiful and made me think of Roguelight.

In my head, Nightwalk is a "sister game" of our own entry, Soulstice, for both of them are love stories that have "body swapping" mechanics in them. Check it out! ;)

Cool concept! I managed to survive two level 4 storms, and that was it. I'd love to see some more build options and more scenery variation, but LOVED the main character's animation. Congratulations!

This is amazingly done. You nailed the Game Boy feel and the ball throwing mechanics are a blast! :) Congratulations!

Simple game, but really thorough execution!

Great entry! Loved the puzzles (they can get really tricky!) and the open-endedness of the rooms. Nice one! :)

Congratulations, the game is amazingly pretty. As others have mentioned, the game feels very claustrophobic because of the sprite size. Don't know if that was intentional. I'd love to see this game at a higher screen size! :)

I've never wen't bankrupt in a game so fast in my life ;) This seems... realistic. Fun betting game, loved the horses and the races, they're so cute!

This game is incredible! The art and the gameplay is amazing: the colors, the controls... don't ever touch in any of those! It's a shame that there are no sounds or music in this one, as others have mentioned, but a great entry nonetheless! Congratulations!

Nice game! Interestingly, many LowRezJam games played with 2d lighting (yours and mine as well, and also some others), I wonder why...