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YAZG - Yet Another Zombie GameView game page

Wave based zombie shooter. How long can you survive?
Submitted by CoffeePowerUp! (@QoffeeGameDev) — 8 days, 11 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Overall Enjoyment#213.8463.846
Game Feel (playability and control)#373.8083.808
Aesthetic (sound and visual)#534.0004.000
64x64 Authenticity (was it truly lowrez?)#944.6154.615

Ranked from 26 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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nice game, i really liked the lighting effect, it make the game more interesting :D


The game has really good potential for post-jam update.

Also, I like to set my E below 30 since it recovers faster.


Really fun! There's a lot you can do with this. Could be a great mobile game.


Probably the BIG update will come after the jam.
Will include a lot more zombie types, weapon statistics screen, boss fight, some bug fixes, maybe more weapons. Also I listened to some feedbacks so I already fixed the mouse lock issues, and the tree shadows cast only by the flashlight.

I'll make the shoots more powerful, there will be some screen shaking, mini explosions on some type of bullets, and many other things.

And thanks everyone for the feedbacks, it means a lot to me, I already learnt a lot from this jam!


Nice effects, graphics and good lighting work.

There seems to be a few zombie games in every jam, but this looks well made and good fun!


I like the lighting effect and how shadows are rendered in your game :). The atmosphere is great too.

The game is very good, even if the gameplay remains classic.

Nice work :)


Very enjoyable! I loved when the more unsettling enemies showed up, and I suddenly became more aware of wanting to stay alive instead of just shoot mans. Good atmosphere, and great touches like the lighting of the trees and player reflection in the river.


I was following the development of this game on Facebook and I have to say your light and shadow engine looks really good. I'm doing something similar and I know how difficult it can get. I had some issues with using an Xbox 360 controller where the my character would be moving even without input. I'm guessing it was an issue with the stick's deadzones. Otherwise, great job on your game!


Oh, and a couple more things:

The introduction/item help page would've really really really helped if it was in the jam-ready version, but alas!

Downloaded a newer version mostly to read the tutorial and it was quite helpful and encouraged me to wander around.

The enemies do lack some sort of a reaction to being hit - in my experience, they just absorbed bullets until they dropped dead, which is kind of lacking in terms of satisfying gunplay and player feedback, so it might be worth giving a look.

Also it would be nice if the powerups were a little bit more animated, like, I don't know, floating a bit and having a small patch of light underneath them (like the purple projectiles/orbs). Not sure if it would fit the style, but a just feeling I had.


Quite an lovely game!

Liked the ligthing (maybe I saw you on /r/gamemaker? or was that someone else) and the music a lot. Gamepad controls are a nice touch (haven't read the game page to find out about them, but I had my gamepad lying on my desk upside down with a stick pushed left, so I wondered whether your game was a scroll shooter of sorts at first - silly me).

Enjoyed the weapon pickup system, but I only discovered it after I tried to go exploring - on my first run I mostly just remained in a small starting area. It's a really important system, as without it it'd get stale quite fast - nice that you avoided that.

Once again, the music really fit the mood and when some fairly hellish enemies started spawning, the creepy atmosphere really got to me - well done!


Awesome graphics! Especially the lighting really sets the mood. Also love the weapon sound effects. Having the window mouse lock would've been nice. Great job!


Very fun game, the 2d lighting is very cool and I like all the weapons. Awesome entry!


Uploaded a patch of the patch... Accidentally, a v1.1-pre was hellish a little bit. Started from wave 15! I fixed it. Still at least one patch to come... Trying to put the things into the game I already planned and couldn't finish before the voting session.

Also, still on my mission to play and rate all the #LOWREZJAM games! Only at around 1/3 of it! Yikes!


Nice game! Interestingly, many LowRezJam games played with 2d lighting (yours and mine as well, and also some others), I wonder why...


Uploaded a new version with brand new menu, lots of texts, reworked enemy spawn code, fancies water! And possibly more glitches. Yep, pause menu still doesn't work in fullscreen well.


Score: 3880

Pretty nice game, looks and sounds great and very atmospheric. I really liked the sprites and all their rotations, and the beam being wider when facing vertically, good attentions to detail. The trees are nice, but I'll tell you a tiny little thing that bugged me becaues I kept noticing it, and that's the shadows; they simply face away from the player rather than from the flashlight, for me this breaks the depth a little when it's been kept so well everywhere else. But that is nitpicking I suppose. It is a great looking game! :)

I enjoyed it!


What a cool little game. Has a lot of atmosphere.

Iove the use of the controls and the torch.

An interesting touch is the greying of the torchlight on things like trees. Good stuff.


Great work in the light effect, game really fun, congratulations for the work.


Nice little game! I love the lighting, and the sound work is excellent.


It was fun to play it! Nice controls and I've liked the difficulty ramp, nice job!

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