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Could it be missing a null check on an object? Or perhaps destroying an object rather than setting a 0 lifetime and letting the Orx framework clean things up? Just guessing.

That was a lot of fun. I really liked the idea... seemed to be inspired by old world amusements? Keen to see updates.

Was great to meet you at the PAX Rising stand this year. I covered Longspur in my article here:

Really hoping you get some great voice artists for this.

Thanks Soulldev for the comment. It was a lot of fun to make in a few hours with the Orx game engine. I should convince the guys to do another jam again.

Yep was my fault. All working. Great game, very tough and I really like the art style.

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Really nice music. Above it says joypad is recommended... but if you don't have one, what are the alternative keyboard controls?

Thanks, Jupi. Was looking forward to our entry making it onto your videos! Very much appreciated.

This game looks really good from the screenshots but I couldn't get it to run on linux. The error I get is about a missing I do have libcursor installed so I don't know. Running on a recent Kubuntu.

I'll try the windows version instead.

What a cool little game. Has a lot of atmosphere.

Iove the use of the controls and the torch.

An interesting touch is the greying of the torchlight on things like trees. Good stuff.

The start of a good game. Nice graphics and characters. Control is a little sticky in places, maybe the movement a little slow? Some nice touches in there.

Got it working. What a crazy concept. Really original. Well done. This is something to really have to knuckle down on the five morse codes and be able to recall them quickly is the challenge.

Ah the music grabbed me straight up, reminiscent of Escape From New York which I love.

And the game.. a little like Nexus on the c64, which I also love. Some animations for the main character would have been nice. But even so, there's a lot to like with a good atmosphere.

Was the mission complete title, a bug or was it an objective complete marker?

Good job on this. Something worth taking further.

This game design is brilliant. The controls and transitions are very fluid and enjoyable.

Music is nice. Graphics are really nice.

The font was just a little tough to read. There were constrains with 64x64 pixels but perhaps text could have been floating tooltip style offset somewhere else on the screen.

But overall, a beautiful game.

There appears to be a problem downloading this. Gets stuck at 50% download on both firefox and chrome. I really wanted to try this out.

Maybe check the archive and re-upload. Not sure if this is an issue with but I did download some other games so far.

This game reminded me of the daft punk movie. Not a lot going on but you can't stop in case something does happen.

And I was too bloody minded to stop. At least I was going to use up all the fuel to see some sort of an end. And I did. And there was an end. And I won't say. Because in life, these are left for discovery by others.

But I never did stop to enjoy the scenery.

The music was good... but felt a little creepy after a while. Is the singer mocking me???????

Excellent stuff. Great looking enemies for such little sprites. Really challenging and keeps you on your toes. I really wanted to make it to the boss but couldn't quite get there.

I loved the "sampled speech" effect.

The intro animations and the menu systems were great. Overall, this had a great 8 bit feel and gave me real SEUCK retro feel.

Would be great to see this concept taken a little further. I wonder too if the player should be able to stop?

Hi Guys, if you are looking for a great 2D engine for the lowrezjam, there is a beginner's guide to the Orx Portable Game Engine located here:

The main site for Orx is here:

A good starting configuration for 64x64 pixels on a 256x256 screen is:

ScreenWidth  = 256 
ScreenHeight = 256 
Smoothing    = false 

Camera = Camera 

FrustumWidth  = 64 
FrustumHeight = 64 
FrustumFar    = 1