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Hi, ShdowLink.

Sorry for late reply, was very busy. Thank you for your interest of usage on my asset.

Basically, I still don't have the answer for usage on open source.

Regarding usage of 3rd party assets of the open source project, I did some quite researches for a while but still hasn't found conclusive answer yet specifically from unity asset store as example (since that's the search result I managed to find). The answers I got were vary.

Some suggests that if you can exclude the assets from being distributed on the open source, then it is fine. In that case, you can use my assets if it can be excluded when distributed on open source.

Thank you for playing! ❤️❤️

Yes, smaller adventure can be exciting too! ❤️❤️

Hi again, Marillmau5!

Just added the whole original sprites with blur. 

Let me know what you think. :)

Hi, Marillmau5!

Thanks for the feedback! I think I will try with blurry one.

Thank you for playing (*´▽`*) 💖✨

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You are welcome.

Also, just tried it again several days ago. 

This time no memory leak anymore in 64 bit version.

Great job on improvements.

Hello, thanks for updating the game.

I just tried it again. The game still lagged from memory leak which caused the ram usage to be over 4 gb. 

However, the 32 bit version ran without lag 👍👍👍. Seems only the 64 bit which had lag. 

Hello. I experienced the same thing.

At beginning, the game runs smoothly. However, from beach scene, the game started to lag. Also, checking the task manager, the app usage used over 4 GB.

Sexy game by the way, keep up the great work!

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Oh i see, there is another different bundle. my bad. 

I thought you were referring to the previous bundle.


Sure, I am ready.

okay, joined :)

oh, my bad, the notification about invitation didn't appear.

Oh I thought my asset need to be invited by you?

Since that's how I did in my last co-op bundle UwU

Hello there.

Sure, I am interested.

Thank you so much for the invitation! 

you are welcome

Planted one seed, and to be continued :D
Looking forward for next three seeds adventure :D

Big shoutout and thank you for generous person who just donated to Kelin's Delivery yesterday! It's been over several years since first donation! 🥰💗💗

Thank you so much! Will add more in future 💖💖💖! 

Thank you very much! :3

Obrigado por jogar! :-)

Thank you very much for playing the game 🙏🙏🙏

Congratulation! Keep it up to the deepest level ;-)

Sure, one day after I am better at animating : ).

Thanks for the suggestion! : )

Whoops sorry, there will be delay for the halloween variant update.

Been doing well in making fan art that I forgot to do update. My bad, my bad. hahah. 

But here some peek:

Yes agreed. I will relax with mine though. So, it is optional but very appreciated :3.

Also, I changed the license again so it is optional to credit me, which I forgot to change earlier to that after I released the new Dot Battler Pack asset :3.

Also, thanks for the comment!

Completed the game with all golden radish :D.

Also, love the subtly next level after finishing the boss ;).

Nice short game and the mystery.

I finally doomed the world :D.

Finally got conscious, but will the Roomba stay as Roomba when it is conscious? ;)

Nice game :).

Finally sent that Melvin to detention.
I enjoyed the game. I even played it again from beginning to see the response of the dialogue :D.

Also there was a bug after choosing choice dialogue with Gilbert, the choice appeared again in next dialogue. 

Other than that, great job.

I love the lonely atmosphere.

Yes, I am a free fly now, hahah :D

Thank you very much! :) 

Glad they fit perfectly in your game. :)

Thanks! :)

Thanks everyone for the replies.

Now I can more safely edit my page. Can't stand with the current plain page.

Hello, Everyone!

Is it okay to update the game page after deadline?

The game itself already uploaded into the page.
However, the page is still plain and I am planning to update it after done submission deadline.