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I don't have a tutorial written up yet (it's on my to-do list), but you can try poking around the source code for the demo program:
GM:S 1.4: https://github.com/mstop4/FMODGMS/tree/master/src/gms/FMODGMS%20Test.gmx
GMS 2: https://github.com/mstop4/FMODGMS/tree/master/src/gms2/FMODGMS%20Test

Great job! It reminds me of playing Dodge Battle in Bomberman Generation. Speaking of which, I think Bomb Parade would make a fun multiplayer game.

The graphics and music are both great and the gameplay is solid!

I feel the windup for the charge attack is a bit too long sometimes. Maybe you can vary the length of windup depending on the charge level. Adding windup animations will help immensely for visual feedback; it reassures the player that their inputs are being acknowledged.

Overall, I think this is one of the better games I've played in this jam.

Great graphics and an interesting mechanic. Loved it!

Great game! I especially like the quiet "mew" the cat makes when it takes damage.

Love the sprite work. So cute!

I was following the development of this game on Facebook and I have to say your light and shadow engine looks really good. I'm doing something similar and I know how difficult it can get. I had some issues with using an Xbox 360 controller where the my character would be moving even without input. I'm guessing it was an issue with the stick's deadzones. Otherwise, great job on your game!

This was surprisingly addictive once I figured out the gameplay. :P

The game is much more moodier than I expected going in. Despite the simplicity, the music and the rain really give that "one guy against insurmountable odds" feel to the game. As others have pointed out, navigating around fences was a bit tedious; perhaps you can add a map feature to make navigating the town a bit easier. I would also to see a bit more variety in the encounters with the criminals. Maybe you can have more than one input during the fights.

I like the whole Warioware-style gameplay. My only concern about the game, which you have addressed, is at higher speeds the randomness of some the games has a huge effect on their difficulty. Hopefully, you can find a way to balance it and maybe add more microgames. :)

The graphics are great and the main game mechanic of picking things up and throwing them worked very well. The jumping sometimes felt a bit stiff which made it a bit difficult to land precisely where I wanted to. Overall, I think it's a great game.

I thought I was the only one who remembered CGA palette #1 in this jam. :P
I think the graphics are good enough for this level of detail. The controls feel nice.

Those chickens must exist in a higher dimension for them to pass through walls like that. :P
The graphics are cute and nicely done.

I saw the thumbnail for this game and thought to myself "wow, this looks pretty intense for a low-res game". The game was surprisingly expansive.

Hi, it's me again. I tried running the game on another computer and I got the audio to work. As I said before, the graphics are cute and nicely-coloured and the gameplay is great; and the audio really compliments it well.

@Rohbert Thanks for the comment. I encountered the slope glitch early in development, but since it wasn't game-breaking I left it alone to focus on other parts of the game (mainly the dual worlds mechanic). I've managed to fix the slope glitch; turns out it was something really dumb and minor that caused it.

The game was surprisingly expansive. It reminds me of various Zelda and Zelda-like games: Link's Awakening, Minish Cap, Secret of Mana, and Soul Blazer. The animations and colours are really well done.

Ah, the good old Stroop test, now even harder! The game is simple yet effective.

The graphics are cute and nice, but the sprites and backgrounds move at a sub-pixel resolution. The music is amazing though. :)

I'm having trouble getting the audio; the game isn't playing any sound. I already had OpenAL installed, or that's what the installer claims. The graphics are cute and nicely-coloured though and the gameplay is great.

I would like to give the game a rating, but I want to try and fix the audio problem first.

I got 59%
Neat little game. The graphics and sound are great and the gameplay and controls is pretty tight.

If I remember correctly, the levels are procedurally generated, correct? The game has an interesting way of randomly placing keys and locks without making the level impossible, something I haven't been able to figure out. I think the visuals do their job well even those they are 8x8 sprites. One recommendation I have is to give the player more than one life. It is a bit frustrating to see all your progress erased just from making one mistake, even if it's just a small one.

Also, I think I somehow broke the block counter :P

Is the demo program crashing or is the extension crashing your game?

You can try Deflemask. It emulates the Game Boy's Z80 soundchip.