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Turning the lights on with an active terminal will stop the ghost from chasing the robot and stop the ghosts from possessing the human (the shadows). It's important to keep the lights on enough to reduce possessions, while making sure you have enough terminals left to turn on 5 generators as the human.

The shadows are a death sentence for the human if you make a single mistake. It is harder than I intended but acts as a way to challenge you further if you want to maximize your efficiency, and enforce the need to keep the lights on.

There is another segment of the game left after power is restored and the ghosts disappear forever, plus a boss battle :)

I know some day I would need to use morse code. I applaud completely unique playstyles like this (I personally separate this from typing games). It felt overwhelming very quickly but you gave the player ample health to deal with it. Queuing up attacks makes you feel like a boss.

Very enjoyable! I loved when the more unsettling enemies showed up, and I suddenly became more aware of wanting to stay alive instead of just shoot mans. Good atmosphere, and great touches like the lighting of the trees and player reflection in the river.

I was very excited to try out the game after following its development. Excellent use of the game space. I had feared it would be to quick for the view, but it all worked out. Good job keeping the player and enemies clear against the warping effect. Enjoyable music and sound effects wrap up one of the best experiences of this jam.

P.S. Loved your random terrain gen, very clever!

Great art style! Music is functional, but I liked the sound a lot. I was able to fall into nothingness by holding left as the game started to reach the platform. I was hoping for some sort of fanfare after killing the big baddie. Great effort!

I really liked the voice chatter from the NPCs, and the game overall had a bit of an unsettling atmosphere. Very neat idea for the battle system, any advancement of the turn based/real time style RPG fighting is greatly appreciated.

I love quick draw games in any form. I got up to 20 and couldn't tell if I lost or if it started over. Difficulty seemed pretty forgiving.

I have to say outstanding game. I was stubborn (as players tend to be) and didn't seek out any instruction. It took a few losses to realize I was the blue guys. I really liked choosing what order to tackle cards in for the best result. After understanding most of the mechanics it made the random rolls seem much more forgiving. I loved how the music built up as you progressed through waves of cards. Fantastic art direction. I didn't need to fully understand the game to beat it. Really enjoyed it!

Excellent title screen! I liked the concept, it seems a bit constricted at this resolution, and I would love to see a faster-paced version with strafing. The music didn't pair too well with the aesthetic but I'm glad it was there. I did have fun with it though, and corralling up a bunch of enemies to knife in a row was enjoyable.

Very clever! Reminds me a little bit of how Krusty's Super Fun House felt. I did not manage to unlock the last square but I enjoyed everything up to it. I had a small hurdle by thinking the block to unlock the doors needed to sit on the energy tile, as they had similar markings. Great job!

The physics of turning felt really good, although nothing seemed to stop me from hanging off-road for any amount of time. The game gave a great sense of speed at such a low resolution. The art largely suits the resolution and the impression that trees and cars give as you zoom by them works just fine. I would like to hear some sound! I tried it in different browsers to be sure if sound was working or not. The retro style racer surely still has potential.

I really started to enjoy it when I got my hands on the yellow and red cars, they were nuts to drive at that resolution! I would prefer the view space of the blue car because I had the best time figuring out where I was going. It was smart to put 2+ turn arrows directly on the track before a turn came up, especially for times when the road fills up the entire screen. The engine sounds was a bit too loud early on but I didn't mind it later. The last track almost felt ominous and I hit the houses along the top when it seemed like I shouldn't. I hit random several times to see the sun, cow, and fruit. I felt like something hidden or a bonus could be snuck in somewhere! Otherwise, I enjoyed it.

Very enjoyable for what it is. I appreciated being able to create such a large circle to try to snuff out the fire. I would love to see this sort of effect used in a larger game.

In my playthrough I felt like the resource usage and gains were right in the sweet spot for comfort/challenge and made me want to push on. The bouncing enemies were exactly enough for the scope of the game and worked to not add too much danger on top of the challenge of controlling your fuel. Graphics, sound, and music were well chosen and wrapped up a cohesive theme. I would very much like to keep playing this as a new game with a larger scope!