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C'est salement addictif. Manque plus que des achats in-app et je serais ta baleine.

A jouer avec cette musique dans nos écouteurs: 

J'en ai sauvé que 6.


Je pense que le système est fantastique. Par contre, soit je suis très idiot, soit j'ai eu du mal à comprendre l'impact qu'il a dans le jeu... J'ai beau communiquer avec mon Bulbizarre, mais il me répond souvent par un message différent. Du coup, j'ai du mal à savoir comment mon message est vraiment interprété par la bête.

Ca reste une très bonne idée :).

C'est sûrement ca alors :).

Le boss de fin est difficile, seulement si le joueur a négligé quelque chose durant la partie. En gros, il faut faire attention à plusieurs choses pour s'assurer la victoire (dont le loot, la zone, la discretion, sa santé, etc...).

Qu'il abat en un seul coup, c'est souvent signe qu'il te manquait un bon gilet/casque ou que tu n'avais plus assez de vie :p.

Pas faux!

Le meilleur moment du jeu, c'est lorsqu'on récupère une carte:

1) "Bonjour"

2) Distribution à la DSK

3) :bruitdebouche: :epilepsy: :bruitdebouche: :epilepsy: :bruitdebouche: 

Moi j'ai compris :D :D

Bien tordu comme il faut.

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Excellent, rien à dire tellement c'est beau.

Mon héro d'enfance, salow.

Ca met dans l'ambiance :D. Cyka blyat.

Peux-être que ca serait plus fun de faire varier la position l'action "tirer" (pas uniquement sur la droite).

C'est sympa! J'aime bien le style et ca ne fait pas trop trash.

Ca reste assez fun malgré tout. Bon au bout d'un moment, la transition entre les niveaux est un peu longue je trouve, mais ca reste indispensable pour découvrir le jeu en même temps.

Il y a juste le niveau "Sext" dont il m'est difficile de savoir pourquoi ca ne passe pas.

Heureusement qu'il y a les soldes d'hiver, j'ai du acheter de nouveaux slips.

Pas faux!

Peux-être pour une version 2.0 :p.

I like the lighting effect and how shadows are rendered in your game :). The atmosphere is great too.

The game is very good, even if the gameplay remains classic.

Nice work :)

I played the JAM version:

I feel like playing a 3D game with a forced 64x64 render. The result is between originality and illegibility. This adds an unique style to the game, but I find hard to see some elements in the game (for example, platforms).

The game is fun by the way! Nice level design. But I think that you can add more feedback when the player shoots enemies (there is no sound or effect in this version).

Nice little game. I like it :).

There is no real feedback when the player act, except to see something appear on the map, and it's hard to understand what we have done. You can add some SFX to solve this (or effects).

Finally, I think it lacks background music, for the atmosphere ^^.

Not a game.

But a nice simulation :p.

I can understand the 64x64 restriction. But, in my opinion, I think that you can improve your simulation by adding graphic details (difference between adults or childrens, for example), or by adding more "states" or "goals" to your characters (for example, psychological states).

The other idea is that the player becomes the "god" of this simulation, and can affect it. For fun :p.

You have a great concept but it needs more work :).

Your game is not made for epileptics :p.

On my screen, the game uses a bright color palette (yellow on white) and uses flash too often. I had to stop playing because my eyes don't like that.

This is sad cause the game seems fun. But I can't play.

I had trouble moving my character. I think that you can improve your game control by allowing the character to follow the mouse cursor when the player hold LMB.

And your game need more feedback (when you hit something or when you get hurt, for example).

Except that, this is a nice minimalist game you have :).

Nice minimalist game with good challenge :). Nice work !

However, waiting that your laser disapear to shoot again, is... a strange idea. The optimal way to shoot lasers is to stick against your target.

Very good little game. Quite addictive :).

There are few glitch with the collision system. It's a little frustrating, but it's good.

[PART 1/2]

I find it strange having to choose between two graphic styles, when they are both nice. Why not, I say. But what style I must rate, in the end ? The default one ? My "personal" choice ?

Except that point, the aesthetic is good. But there is no sound (except the cool music) which penalizes the feedback of the action.

But the biggest problem of this game is its levels. From what I understood, levels are randomized. However, it happens that I encounter some blue moving aliens in the first level, before fighting the static brown ship in the second level. The first level - my first play - was hard, when the second level was really easy. Two or three levels later, I meet my first red guy, which kill me in one hit.

I'm not saying that the game is really hard, but levels are unbalanced. Sometime you feel you are very good, but in the next level, you can be f*****. Or vice versa.

[PART 2/2]

By the way, the gameplay is classic "space invader"-like, but this is not bad. There are challenges. Nevertheless, I feel like this can be a very good little game if there is a true progression curve.

A charming game :). Only after you understand how to play it :p.

Nice aesthetic :). The idea is not bad, and you can feel the pleasure of catching a fish ... at the beginning.

The beginning is very slow. It becomes faster after I upgrade my hook. However after the second upgrade, you can feel that you are doing the same thing, again and again. The gameplay doesn't evolve (or I miss something ?).

Otherwise, you miss the opportunity to implement a great atmosphere into your game. There is no music, no effects, nothing that can make the experience better. The game is too "static", and it seems that we need to work hard to get that boat. But the game is boring (for me) after the first upgrades.

In addition, I dont' like when the camera is too close to the character, showing nearly nothing around him. But this is my opinion :p.

Nice and original puzzle game :). I like it.

In my opinion, the aesthetic needs more work. For example, you can change the map every X levels, for the feeling of progression. And i find the music... weird ?

Well, the start is a bit... harsh. Maybe, wait for the user to press a key to fly, before starting the game.

Nevetheless, mobs are glitchy and the SFX "on hit" is scratchy. And when you understand the game, it becomes really easy to play, and boring quickly. There is no challenge after you know how to fly.

Your art is not bad by the way ! :). But you need to polish your game.

I have the feeling of playing with an unfinished game, or a prototype. The idea is cool, but the game need more content ! (or, at least, a music).

Note: I'm french and my english is not quite good. I will do my best to describe my feeling.

The game aesthetic is awesome. Not because this is beautiful - only if you love pixels. But the astmosphere of the game, its environment, its musics, its harmony... everything immerse us into the game. That's a great experience and that motivate me to explore the map.

The gameplay is classic - puzzles - but they are quite good and we don't need more, in order to enjoy the exploration of this universe.

There are very few mistakes (for example: Frustration if you miss one "blue triangle" on your road, for the "last map"; No Alf-F4, and if you kill the game instance, it re-opens automaticly; The end is a little bit awkward, like I miss something). But overall, the experience is very good.

Very nice game :). Hard to tell if you respect the 64x64 grid with all these effects :p but this is a 5/5 for me.

Nevertheless, the flip control is not very intuitive.

The game is not bad. I like farming game. But the mechanic are not quite good and the game need some explanation (more than a commands list). In addition, the small font doesn't help to understand the game.

There is a potential. But it needs more work, sadly :(.

Minimalist, but nice game :). I like it!

When I see I'm going to live an aaaarrrrdventure, I press the 5/5 button.

This game reminds me of Rocket League. But a little more buggy ahah :p.