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[PART 1/2]

I find it strange having to choose between two graphic styles, when they are both nice. Why not, I say. But what style I must rate, in the end ? The default one ? My "personal" choice ?

Except that point, the aesthetic is good. But there is no sound (except the cool music) which penalizes the feedback of the action.

But the biggest problem of this game is its levels. From what I understood, levels are randomized. However, it happens that I encounter some blue moving aliens in the first level, before fighting the static brown ship in the second level. The first level - my first play - was hard, when the second level was really easy. Two or three levels later, I meet my first red guy, which kill me in one hit.

I'm not saying that the game is really hard, but levels are unbalanced. Sometime you feel you are very good, but in the next level, you can be f*****. Or vice versa.