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Thanks for playing it!
also I like how you put Hindi translations from google translate straight up XD

Thanks for trying it!

Thank you! I had to put out an early prototype version of it because I didn't got to work on the weekend because I was sick, but will update it soon.

I was kinda worried about it too, good to know that you guys are taking care of it too.

Just got to know about the game jam, will start working from tomorrow.

nice game, i really liked the lighting effect, it make the game more interesting :D

nice quality, loved it :D

its a bit difficult to understand whats going on in the beginning, but later it become easy and nice :D

nice game, i m not going to do any other criticism, but as everybody said, u know hmm...

i love it, i want pastries :D

simple game, but really really addictive ! :D

Its not loading for me too! i m also in Firefox, but i guess its not browser its the file uploaded, it was corrupted :(

Nice game :D

Nice Game, but it's damn hard too, but i enjoyed playing it :D

Nice Game, but it's damn hard too :D

nice game, but as everybody said, i too get confused finding exit :P

i enjoyed it, but a character animation would be nice

i like the game, it will be nice with some more things to check around...

love the game, easy going and sweet game :D

nice game, i like the way in which it changes from top-down (Ortho) to Perspective :D

nice game, but game freezes when room changes -_- ah...

Really Cool Game, the graphics and effects were nice, and its a bit difficult though.

Nice one, but i like to play it if it has some objectives...

Lol, its Funny, with nice graphics :D

Nice Concept, but Will be More better with some Polishing :D

I played it until the end, and at last i only found found empty rooms -_-

and yes, is there any role of Maze Solver Objects...

Nice Idea but take me a while to understand what's going on -_-

Hey @DreadKnight I have found a solution For my Game "The Sheriff" in HTML5 Version :D

- Try Right Clicking The Frame And Then Choose Frame In a New Tab.

Please let me know if it works :)

Hey @sil i have found a solution for my game :D

Try Right Clicking The Frame And Then Choose Frame In a New Tab.

Please let me know if it Works.

i like the game graphics :D

Nice Game, the Animations were really Cute.

nice game, but i miss some inventory or some type of more interaction with the world, some walk-able area's are actually not walk-able.

i like the concept, but there is nothing to do, the players wont moves on key-presses.

Nice idea, but there is nothing to do now, even i don't lose when i collide with the walls.

nice but hard, enjoyed playing it !!!

nice game, remind me of my old Video-Game Console.

cool little game, i really like the effect when there is fruit splash on the floor and our jar get slow :D

sound effect is also great, but u should add some background music to it.

good game, but i got bored playing it, hope u add some more things in the game, good luck.

@BrazMogu thank you for playing, and thank you for your suggestions, i will add the features u have said in the future updates :D

@stuartlangridge I suggest u to use windows version of the game instead of HTML5 because its a bit buggy now.

but really i have tested this HTML5 game on many browsers, but not get the problem u r getting,

it seems that your browser's iframe got out of focus and scrolled down, u should try it on other browsers or try clicking the iframe to make the browser focus the iframe :D