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A jam entry

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turn your face away from the garish light of day
Submitted by gaminghand with 13 days, 22 hours before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Aesthetic (sound and visual)#643.9333.933
64x64 Authenticity (was it truly lowrez?)#1094.5674.567
Overall Enjoyment#1732.8332.833
Game Feel (playability and control)#1832.8002.800

Ranked from 30 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Nice game --- would be good to have some music and info-feedback on screen about "whats happening with player"

Others have already mentioned that the biggest flaw is just that there's nothing really to do and while I do agree, I think the addition of a clock would have helped greatly. The clock would give you an easy way to know when sunrise is coming and for how long until sunset, but it would also help you keep track of the days.

Just that one touch alone would immediately convey how futile surviving for an extra day is when the world has ended. It's a solid game with nice pixel art and I didn't really notice any bugs. Good job.

Really nice graphics work, love the palette. The unbearably bright daylight was well depicted too. Nice job!

I really loved the concept and graphics. I included it in my compilation video series of the Low Rez Jam games, if you would like to take a look :)

Good concept. The game itself needs more polishing though.

Great concept, brilliant art! Cool game, bit confused with what I was doing - maybe a micro tutorial to break players in?

Fantastic pixels, each one.

nice game, but i miss some inventory or some type of more interaction with the world, some walk-able area's are actually not walk-able.

Nice art!

I didn't really know where I was supposed to go but i loved the aesthetics!

Really cool entry! The game is a tad difficult, though, and I died from exposure to the sun while I was underground in a bunker.... Still, it has a LOT of potential!

Great concept, would have like the pace to be faster to convey more urge and anxiety. The lighting fx are great and the game over image superb!

Pretty good concept, but I would have loved to see some scoring to motivate the player. Also when the radiation comes, you don't have too much time to escape. Other people would be cool to walk around (and die).

The graphics are cool, I love the game over screen, also the walk cycle, especiall the side view looks really nice. The game needs to be improved, but it's not bad. With more gameplay element and variety, it could be better. Like on some days, something special happens. Breaking the monotony, giving the player new challange.

damn UV radiation! damn u!!

Interesting idea for a survival post-apocalyptic game... Scavenging gets boring quite quickly as there's nothing more to do than opening things and eating, drinking, eating, drinking...

The character is also hard to navigate and control in tight spaces, you can turn it to a side to interact if there's no space for him to move... (turning doesn't need moving...?)

I think the only missing thing here is more interactions. While resource management is great, after first day I didn't feel like playing because it's scavenging and going back to home all over again. It would be great if there was inventory and static storages and some other interactions with the world. The collisions also don't work as expected. What I mean is seemingly walkable areas are not walkable. You should also fix those z fights somehow. I can walk on earth underground btw.

The graphics do a lot with so little, and successfully convey the desperation of the landscape. Game play would improve drastically with a brief tutorial, imo. Just didn't know what to look for when the sun starting showing up. Understandably, in a jam we don't really have time for all that.

The game looks very nice, but I felt lost many times. And the pace felt a bit slow at times, it would have been cool to have some other survivors creeping you out at night. :)

Nice colors, but it really needs some juiciness. Also, I am not sure if it's a bug or I just didn't get it: when I am not hungry and not thirsty I lose health, even underground