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Woa! Is this the Enviro-Bear 2000 sequel?!

Send me a mail to

Ahahah pokidali ste, BRE!

Woaaa. That's super cool! Thanks!!

That is amazing!! Thanks!

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Yes, indeed, there are a lot of pixel lights. We are using deferred rendering, there aren't too many light overlaps, and also no point light shadows, so it is quite efficient. There is no special activation of lights, they get spawned together with walkways, but since in deferred rendering it only matters how many pixels on screen one light covers, rendering distant lights is actually very cheap. Btw, runway lights are just bloomy billboards, not true lights.

Ooooh. Win or Mac? Are you playing on an old GPU? It probably doesn't support compute shaders as my sky requires them.

Love it!


NUTS community · Created a new topic Furst!

Yeah, I just wanted to do nuttin' else but be the first, sorry :P

Oh, and looking forward to playing the game, it looks amazing, Good job everyone!

Thanks! Glad you liked it! Yeah, the perfumes and smells are procedurally generated.

Yeah, we could add "invert mouse" as an option

Oh, thanks for that, I might rebuild it in a newer verison of Unity

Very nice story and unique look. Loved the disgusting bouncy sausages!

Glad you liked it! Yes, the colors of aircraft are completely random, and their livery can be any of out of a dozen designed shapes.

Yes, see here.

Yeah, the physics is kinda hacked together, there's a lot of weird behavior I also noticed haha. I won't be fixing it, unfortunately.

Sorry, I didn't have time to reply.

Just press the left key again. I don't know what's the problem exactly, but once you press (and release) the same button again it should "unstick".

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Send the log to my mail, see here

See here

Yes, one is coming in a few days actually

It's already in the game! The DLC post was just a joke :D There are no actual DLCs!

Sorry about that. Can you send me the log file? See here

Sorry about that. Can you send me the log file? See here

Sorry, can you send me a mail? See here

I am deeply pleased and honored to receive this prestigious praise from the one and only Fernando Ramallo

Hi! Thanks!

The reason tall stacks run slow is because there is a large amount of contacts, when bricks overlap (in contact) they need to be "pushed away" from each other (aka depenetration), this is the expensive part. When you blow up the tower bricks go flying and the number of contacts falls significantly, that's why the game suddenly runs smoothly.

The game currently uses 8 cores for physics, and even if spreading to more cores might sound good, the Havok devs told me that there are diminishing returns and spreading to more cores does not seem to improve performance. However they also told me they are working on improving that, so it might've changed in the mean time. The next version will come with the option to set custom number of cores used for physics, so you'll be able to try it yourself.


  • Q/E up/down - A few people already suggested it, will add.
  • Space to pause - not bad, will think about it
  • Detonate on impact - once I figure out how to properly do collision triggers, I'll add the option
  • I have replaced the UI backend and one of the new features is ability to scale the UI, so it will be available in the next update :)

Btw, thanks for your additions to the Command Terminal Plus, I've been using your fork :) not on this project tho.

what about:

 randomize_colors("#FF0000", "#00FF00")


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This game is awesome. Been competing with my friends for a few days.

But please, please, please add "," - thousand delimiters for large numbers, it is very hard to see and every time I need to count digits to be sure. All my friends agree as well.

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Beautiful! Was looking forward to this for a long time!

The game works really slow on my PC tho, didn't expect for something that's PS1 quality. Wasn't sure if that was intended or not. And there's only the "medium" option - lol.

I noticed that you deform the snow.  Not many people would notice that tbh. Terrain modification every frame I presume?  Could that be the culprit for bad performance? Would be nice to have it as an option to turn it off (or whatever else is making it really slow).

Another thing I'd love is free look while riding on the ski lift, I always enjoy looking around while chilling on the lift irl. The ski lift sounds are on point!

I know, it happens often. Not sure what exactly causes it. Probably won't fix it. If you are interested, the source is here

classic_tower is identical to the old default tower. stick_building works just fine for me. Can you send me the log file, not sure if this is a bug on my side.

See this section in troubleshooting

Good idea. I'll try adding that in the next version!

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I know. I tried adding sounds, but it didn't sound good. It would take a long time to make it really good.

I don't know what you mean by raytracing, there is none.

Can you send me the log file? How to find the log file

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There should be little difference. Make sure to use "variable" timestep mode, because if you use the "realtime" mode and tower loading is a little slower, the first frame will be slow and the tower tends to explode. I'll try to fix for the next update.