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Uffff. Kaće 4??

Uff, namučih se, ali dobra!!

I'm glad to hear this!

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This game is like made for me! I'm the kind of a person that loves watching every single astronaut report when they passionately talk about their experiments, and then in the end say that they actually have no idea what they do, they're just there to flick switches and push buttons and the real scientists are on the ground, and then proceed talking about food. :D I've dreamed of making a game that feels like that and this is it! All the little technical details are so cool and I enjoyed every little bit of it!

Edit: Oh also, the game made me paranoid about fires now, I'll be looking out for crimson glints around the icy hills. Thanks for that! :D Нет войне! ♥

This is what Tenet should've been about


Haha, yes, of course, because I apply torque to the car so it applies the torque in the same direction even if reversing. Should make it flip when reversing :P

...Correction :P


Ahhh, so close!!

I made some updates btw, now you can setup spring and damper in config.ini. Seems like softening it (e.g. 20/2) can give you faster times (as wheels are more often in contact with the ground)

Aaaa! That's crazy!

Yup, it works now! I thought there was an issue again as it hanged for a bit and went into "not working", but I just waited a few seconds and it worked! Cool game! Both of us have 3rd person racing games :)

Aaaah, that was short lived, I'm sorry :D Beat this!

Wow, great, I'll put your record up on the game's page :D

Hmm I downloaded the windows version but it freezes as soon as the godot splash appears..

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Very liminal!

love it! I just zoned out playing this :D Very meditative

Experience I guess :P I've done it a couple of times already. If you're interested, I streamed the whole process, you can see it starting from here:

Thanks! It didn't actually work smooth as butter on my laptop, but I found out it was because of lit particles, I fixed it now :)

Thanks! I am actually working on a rally game :P But in Unity. I don't think I'll continue with this in Godot.

Btw, my current best time is 55.913 :)

To anyone wondering why you can't open the page, I'm sorry, I didn't finish it in time for the deadline so the page is locked, but I will put it up in a couple of days!

Follow me on to follow the progress or join my discord:

Hey! I've finally open sourced it and put it up here:

Hey! I've finally open sourced it and put it up here:

I used this:

Woa! Is this the Enviro-Bear 2000 sequel?!

Send me a mail to

Ahahah pokidali ste, BRE!

Woaaa. That's super cool! Thanks!!

That is amazing!! Thanks!

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Yes, indeed, there are a lot of pixel lights. We are using deferred rendering, there aren't too many light overlaps, and also no point light shadows, so it is quite efficient. There is no special activation of lights, they get spawned together with walkways, but since in deferred rendering it only matters how many pixels on screen one light covers, rendering distant lights is actually very cheap. Btw, runway lights are just bloomy billboards, not true lights.

Ooooh. Win or Mac? Are you playing on an old GPU? It probably doesn't support compute shaders as my sky requires them.

Love it!


NUTS community · Created a new topic Furst!

Yeah, I just wanted to do nuttin' else but be the first, sorry :P

Oh, and looking forward to playing the game, it looks amazing, Good job everyone!

Thanks! Glad you liked it! Yeah, the perfumes and smells are procedurally generated.

Yeah, we could add "invert mouse" as an option

Oh, thanks for that, I might rebuild it in a newer verison of Unity

Very nice story and unique look. Loved the disgusting bouncy sausages!

Glad you liked it! Yes, the colors of aircraft are completely random, and their livery can be any of out of a dozen designed shapes.