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There is unflip button: press F

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Thanks for that info about uploading to BBS, I'll look into it when I have time.

The info sign is a joke supposed to be Finnish sounding English (Finglis?). If you say it in phonetical Finnish it will sound like English, so: 

Keys: arrows to drive, x to start rally, z to handbrake. You steer better off throttle and handbrake even more. Be fast.

Thanks ♥

That's fine, you can change the parameters of the demo car freely. What you can't do in the demo is load different cars and tracks.

What do you mean? 😅 The demo doesn't have maps/finland, you can check that.

Hi, send me a mail on and I'll send you a key

Hahaha! Nice!


It is possible to reverse the track by loading the track in blender, reversing the order of checkpoints, and flipping the start position, then reexporting the glb.

It's all blender geometry nodes! Check my streams on YouTube to see how I do it.

Hi, sorry for the late reply, I was on vacation.

Yes, stuck inputs means you have controller attached, see here:

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See about here about rebinding controls:

For reverse you have to go down in gears, by pressing "<" by default. I will add automatic reversing when stopped and holding back in one of the next builds.

I cannot reset to nearest track point yet, but you can press F to unflip if you end up upside down.

The new build will have persistent best times. Coming hopefully today.

Thanks a lot! ♥ Will make it even easier in the future :)

Haha, I will correct that. Thank you very much! ♥

Hi. Sorry for a late reply. The game supports most analogue inputs including wheels (you need to configure axes through config.ini). But it doesn't have any force feedback, so it's not really a wheel friendly game. You might be better off playing with a gamepad for now. in planning to add force feedback in the future.

Thank you for your kind words ❤️

Loved it!! Eugeeeenioooo

It's not a bug, it's a feature 🙄

I will tweak the lights for sure.

Hi! Sorry for late reply. Thank you very much, I will be implementing all the things you mention. You will be able to make a codriver VA mod.

Maybe you have a controller attached like a steering wheel? Some controllers use 0.5 as the "idle" position for some axes. If that's the case, you can either unplug the controller or edit the axis bindings in config.ini to something that's not an axis on your controller (set axes to -1 for example).

Thank you very much! Glad you loved it!


Love it!

That seems like a bug, you should be able to go up to 160+ km/h. What are your specs and can you send me the log.txt from the game folder ?

Just alt+F4. Plain and simple.

Thanks for your thoughts!

Struggling with particles? Hmmm, I don't have that problem even on my 6 year old laptop. Are you also on a laptop with 2 GPUs? It's quite possible that the game is using an integrated GPU instead of a dedicated one. When the game starts alt+tab to the console and see what it says on the top for "GL Version:". If this is the case you need to go to your windows "Graphics Settings" and set the game to performance mode. This is an annoying problem with OpenGL - it has no control over which GPU is used, the OS is the one which decides.

Falling off the map: Yeah, I should add some fail safe for that, the track is really not finished tho, it's all WIP, a lot of objects and props are missing, and those include stage blockers as well preventing you to stray too much off track.

Shakedown Rally community · Created a new topic Mods

Post your mods here!

And please make sure to provide the build number that the mod is compatible with because updates might break them.

You must be playing an old version. The first version had an issue where auto shifter would switch to neutral, that's has been fixed in the first update.

Thanks for that suggestion, I added them here in the docs:

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Hey, enter is the toggle for switching between neutral and auto shifting modes, it's not a gear switch key. You switch gears by "<" and ">" (by default). To put to reverse you need to gear down until you reach reverse.

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Yes,  I know it has holes, still need to go through the whole 3D track again and patch them. For now I'm focusing on fixing bugs and adding a few new features. And I also agree that it's quite fun to explore the bounds of maps, I always enjoy that in other games :)

Hi! Sorry for late reply.

  • First gear is a bit long, I agree.
  • For rear gear you have to gear down (default: "<") until you reach it
  • The restart key is Esc, you don't need to exit the game 😅

I'm glad you like the handling, thanks!

Yes :D Even I forgot that..

Uffff. Kaće 4??

Uff, namučih se, ali dobra!!

I'm glad to hear this!

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This game is like made for me! I'm the kind of a person that loves watching every single astronaut report when they passionately talk about their experiments, and then in the end say that they actually have no idea what they do, they're just there to flick switches and push buttons and the real scientists are on the ground, and then proceed talking about food. :D I've dreamed of making a game that feels like that and this is it! All the little technical details are so cool and I enjoyed every little bit of it!

Edit: Oh also, the game made me paranoid about fires now, I'll be looking out for crimson glints around the icy hills. Thanks for that! :D Нет войне! ♥

This is what Tenet should've been about


Haha, yes, of course, because I apply torque to the car so it applies the torque in the same direction even if reversing. Should make it flip when reversing :P