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Beautiful! Was looking forward to this for a long time!

The game works really slow on my PC tho, didn't expect for something that's PS1 quality. Wasn't sure if that was intended or not. And there's only the "medium" option - lol.

I noticed that you deform the snow.  Not many people would notice that tbh. Terrain modification every frame I presume?  Could that be the culprit for bad performance? Would be nice to have it as an option to turn it off (or whatever else is making it really slow).

Another thing I'd love is free look while riding on the ski lift, I always enjoy looking around while chilling on the lift irl. The ski lift sounds are on point!

I know, it happens often. Not sure what exactly causes it. Probably won't fix it. If you are interested, the source is here

classic_tower is identical to the old default tower. stick_building works just fine for me. Can you send me the log file, not sure if this is a bug on my side.

See this section in troubleshooting

Good idea. I'll try adding that in the next version!

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I know. I tried adding sounds, but it didn't sound good. It would take a long time to make it really good.

I don't know what you mean by raytracing, there is none.

Can you send me the log file? How to find the log file

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There should be little difference. Make sure to use "variable" timestep mode, because if you use the "realtime" mode and tower loading is a little slower, the first frame will be slow and the tower tends to explode. I'll try to fix for the next update.

Hi, I'd be very happy if you included Throw Cubes into Brick Towers To Collapse Them in the bundle!

And congrats on $3mil and counting!

Interesting! On my computer it occupies all 8/8 threads. I didn't put any limitation myself, that could be Unity or perhaps OS limiting the number of cores per process? I will put a little debug in the next update to see how many worker threads the game spawns.


We'll definitely have a dev post for each update, including when we provide a Mac build.

Unfortunately we dropped the mac build because it had mouse input issues. We believe that it is a problem with Unity, and until we find out a solution, we won't be providing a mac build. As for webgl build, the game uses some not-browser friendly features, so we won't be making one either :\

We're aware of the issue and can't figure out what's exactly going on. We're still looking..

Best review

Thanks! Flying trees? You must be seEeEEEEeeeeEEeing things.

I won't be updating it. But the source is available so you, or anyone else, can add features yourself.

Sorry about that. I still don't know what exactly causes this issue. Can you send me the log file located at C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Nothke\Tower\Player.log to

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The recommended way to play the game is via the itch app. It will also automatically update to the latest version.

See this

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See this

Hi, I'm not sure I received your email. Can you resend it (to

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That actually is a07, I just forgot to rename the download on itch, sorry :D Fixed it.

See here:
You need to export the file as POINT file and put it in <GamePath>/MagicaVoxel/

Can you send me a mail on

Hey, sorry, I missed the message. There are problems with paypal sometimes, send me a mail at and I'll send you the key. Sorry about that.

Hi, can you open and build any other towers when clicking on "Load Tower"?

There is an infinite number of books. Does reaching the top shelf make any difference? 

If you are using the itch desktop app, then the game will automatically update. If you are just using itch via browser, then the download on the page is the newest version.

If you paid and didn't get a link, send me a mail.

I've sent you a mail

Can you try the game again with the new update? The compiler update should have fixed that.

The log file should be in C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Nothke\Tower\Player.log, if it exists can you please send it to

That is really strange. what kind of drivers did you revert?

It's a mystery.

It's possible the game is not compatible with your PC. The app requires a 64bit system. What are your specs?

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There is a new Havok physics package that uses the new DOTS tech. You can learn a bit about it here.

I am aware some people have issues. Can you please send a mail to with your account and game page. If they are unsuccessful at solving the problem contact me via mail:

Hi, that could be an issue with Itch. Send me a mail to