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Wow, I love it! Love the low-key style ;) And it's actually not so micro-, there's so much content in that Lokia!

Very chunky


Wow... I'm.. Speechless. Thanks a lot! I doubt myself every day and this makes me feel much better and more confident in my choices. You just gave me a few extra kicks to get things done and keep working :) Maybe the execution is not as perfect as you say, there are a few bugs I am ashamed of haha :| I hope so too that the dedication will be rewarded, I mean, you just rewarded me, so, you tell the truth :)

The udpate to the Trails' will hopefully be done until the end of the month, and then I'm full time back on INFINLAND :)

Thanks again, means a lot! Keep following and I'll keep you informed

Woah this is amazing!

Thanks! Stay tuned for more to come :)

Check the other comment by Arethrid, unfortunately, your GPU probably doesn't support HDRP shaders. I will try to make the check before the game starts loading to inform you if they are supported

Thanks! Yeah... It must be GPU related, unfortunately. I had no idea. I will try to get a clarification from Unity. Sorry :(

Ah, most probably. I am using the new Unity HDRP rendering pipeline. It is pretty fresh and still officially in experimental phase, so it's possible it might not work on some systems. Can you send me the log to It might say something about this issue. The log should be in 'C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Nothke\TrailsOfTenere\output_log.txt'

hey, the "hold the handlebar to start riding" text should happen after you stand up, and now you can walk to the bike. Does it get frozen?

I might fix some bugs and clean up the code, but I don't think I will work on it much more unfortunately. I just have too many other projects to work on. However the source is out there and anyone could add to it.

You can press enter and go to the build mode from the menu

Congrats! :D

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I know, the fact is I totally overlooked the 64x64 rule, until I was about to submit :D So, adding in the low rez version was an afterthought, the game was designed to be played in 128x128

Bravo! I hate fun.

Interesting, on what system are you?

Yes, every player will find the same page in the same book on the same shelf on the same wall in the same chamber - exactly this is the seed for generating text. For exporting, it's not possible without modification. As for an external program.. Essentially if you had my book generation code you could do that, but isn't it more interesting to walk around and 'physically' find books? :)

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I used three.JS. You can actually inspect the source in the browser console (F12 in Chrome), under 'top/game_drop' element

Nice colors, but it really needs some juiciness. Also, I am not sure if it's a bug or I just didn't get it: when I am not hungry and not thirsty I lose health, even underground

This is amazing! I love the idea, the simple art and colors

Thanks!! :)


C'est genial

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Thanks! Yeah, I know drifting could happen, but I just never tried :P Going to fix it!

Wow, this is beautiful! :)

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Wow, this is really weird. I had EXACTLY the same idea for a game which I made back for LD33. Though I didn't have time to finish the people-part in 2 days, but you can read the description

Btw good job, really well done! :)

Hi, I used Unity and C#

If you were running on mac, it should work properly now, fixed it!

Thanks for reporting this! I made a major mistake with file paths, I've corrected it! No need for this hack ^

On what platform are you running it? It might be a permission problem because at that point I am trying to read from a database file

I would love to do that, but I think my code is currently really messy. You are much better off with making your own version =) I would like to refactor the code one day, if I have any free time

I don't know what you mean, I saw a few good ones with a similar idea or mechanics, but not exactly "stole" my game

I have no problem downloading any of the versions. Maybe some browser extension is preventing it, or popups blocker?

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Hi, thanks for the report. Are other Unity games working on your system?

EDIT: It could be that you need 32bit version of problematic modules, see the comment by HijackedBrain below. I will build the next update as 32bit+64bit universal so that should solve the module issues

[POST JAM] is newer. it's smaller because for the JAM version I accidentally included some debug files which when unpacked are ~150MB

I would really love to! I have some ideas, but very little time to work on it

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You are probably going in too fast so as you collide with the planet you get bounced back (since you can't die). You need to slow down, hold space to use a "hyperbrake" just before you approach a planet

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Several solutions (and several problems):

  1. There is a very simple image effect script by @Miguelito that pixelates the camera image, HOWEVER, it doesn't make the format square. To make it square you either have to enforce a special resolution through Screen.SetResolution, HOWEVER, not all platforms (GPUs I think) support non-standard resolutions in full screen and will just crash when you use the method (windowed is fine). Or, you can create some letterboxing squares that match up with 64 pixel width
  2. Using a camera that writes to a 64x64 resolution render texture, then that outputs to the main camera. HOWEVER, in that case, unity assumes the camera is 64 pixels tall and will scale image effects or shadow mapping for example

What I will do: I'll go with 1. with letterboxing, and if windowed then I'll force the square resolution. I'll use it primarily cause I intend to use real time shadows in 3d and I need them to be sharp and crisp