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Simple but interesting game! Took a bit of getting used to, though.

Very well polished game with nice art! Very good call in making the movement and falling really slow, doesn't make the game feel claustrophobic. Good job!

Holy shit. That's a really nice game! Managed to squeeze all that into such a tiny space... Great art, great sounds, well-polished, and most of all, well done!

Interesting, but short. Has promise~

Holy shit. That's a seriously complete game you have going on there. Interesting mechanics, challenging levels, great art... Also, took me a while to figure out how to use the shuriken. Nevertheless, good job!

Really cool entry! The game is a tad difficult, though, and I died from exposure to the sun while I was underground in a bunker.... Still, it has a LOT of potential!

OW, my ears...! The game was glitching out quite a bit, with extra archers flickering in and out of the game. Also, simply pressing one key and staying to the side meant you couldn't die. The game has promise, would be nice to see the final score at the end!

Could use a score system to keep track on how many notes I managed to sing to the top. Shows a lot of promise!

Pretty neat game! The exploration was fun, although the combat could be frustrating at times. Thankfully you're quite liberal with the powerups! I'm looking forward to see more!

Not entirely sure what the point of the game is, although it looks like it has some promise. Was looking forward to wandering around and discovering new things...

An interesting control scheme, although it was quite difficult to use at times when I panicked and tried to run. Still, I love the feel of this game, and shooting lasers at monsters is fun!

Pretty cool game! Easy to understand despite the limited graphics, although it's not immediately intuitive. Still looks very nice with 3 colors!

@FinisQuartusLuna Well, if the host is cool with it, why not. Besides, time's not up yet, at the time of this comment. I'm sure an extra few minutes for bug fixing and tweaking is fine, you did the bulk of the work properly.

Interesting idea! Unfortunately, there's no penalty for guessing wrong, which means spamming up and down is the most efficient way. The game also bugs out at the word 'a', not allowing me to progress.

Pretty novel idea! It's interesting how the gears are randomly generated each time, and the pixellation filter thingy gives it a nice classic feel!

Simple, fast and fun! Very nice aesthetics, giving it a funny arcade game feel!

Hadoken OP pls nerf

In all seriousness, nice game! Really captures the spirit of old arcade fighting games.

A pretty cool gameplay mechanic! Only problem is that I didn't die when time ran out, which meant that the only way to win was for someone to die. Which meant points didn't matter at all.

That is an incredibly clever mechanic! Well done!

Simple game with pretty nice art!

That's a pretty interesting mechanic you got going on there! The score and timer appears kinda out of bounds, though.

Well-polished game, with an interesting mechanic. Realized the percentage was the success rate of chickens getting taken when Pequod missed a 95% chicken. Bloody good game!

Surreal choice of theme, but an interesting take on 'competitive' DDR!

A simple game, but it really nailed the whole 8-bit bootleg vibe! The way the colors would flux made my eyes hurt sometimes, but still pretty neat!


Either the cars are moving really slowly, or these old men can really book it! A bit easy to play, seeing as they can outrun cars rather easily.

This game is all kinds of silly, and I have so many questions. But I still love it.

This took me back to the days of playing Pokemon Red on a Game Boy Emulator on my com. Very nice ROM hack feel!

You clever bastard, you, using the theme like this... And it's surprisingly functional, too!

Log best dancer.

What did I just play.

I love it.

The game's rather wonky when you move and punch, but otherwise the whole bizarre theme does make it feel like a bootleg game!

Love the minimalistic art that is still easily identifiable despite lack of details. The asymmetrical gameplay looks cool, too, but I don't have any friends to try it out with TwT

I like how the mechanics of golfing were simplified down to one variable. Makes the game rather easy once you can gauge distances, though. Like the intentionally bad terrain!

Reminds me of Jazz Jackrabbit! Simple and straightforward game, although the hitboxes are a tad wonky.

Legend of Zelda in a nutshell. A bit weird to control, having to spam shoot to move, but otherwise a nice game!

Simple gameplay and graphics, and really captures the essence of poorly translated bootleg games!

The Ice Bomb is... I'm not sure why that's there, it feels like a power down, since I can't kill the player immediately with it. compared to a regular bomb. Still, a very well-polished and pretty game!

Nice blast from the past, feels like I'm on my old Nokia again! Interesting mechanic where eating makes you faster as well and more prone to accidents...

Rather simplistic game, where jump-shooting is the best strategy. Very authentic bootleg vibe, though!