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This is super useful! The end result is so professional; I can hardly believe it's procedurally generated!

Oh, thanks, totally slipped my mind! Link has been added!

Just wanna check and make changes to my entry if necessary. So far all the games I've played were in fullscreen, so I'm hoping I didn't misread something somewhere.

Noooo, I was one minute late from being able to rate your game! The game itself was pretty cool visually, and the energy system was certainly interesting! That extra layer makes that game a bit more challenging. The combat's pretty tough, too, as you have to move close to the enemy to use your sword, and you can't attack when you're actually inside them... All in all, an interesting experience~

An interesting entry~ While the mechanic itself was quite novel, the level design created a sort of... tug of war. It's definitely fun to jump on enemies and dash, but at the same time, the levels were designed in such a way to discourage you from doing so. Kinda like the water levels in Sonic. Still, it's a neat idea with promise!

Ooooooooooooooooooooooh. Well, then it's all hunky dory on that end, then! But yeah, that sounds like an important thing to let the player know~

Yeaaaa, balloon buddies! Seems that we think alike! While your game is pretty similar to mine, I do like the differences in mechanics that you have! It's both easier and trickier at the same to move around by aiming with the mouse, as it becomes impossible to stop your momentum when you have to click outside of the screen. I like how even when you have no balloons, you can still keep yourself in the game for a bit longer... plus the limited range of your gun forces you to move in close to enemies to kill them in hopes of getting extra balloons! All in all, a fun game, well done~

That's the odd thing: Sometimes, upon losing health and holding keys, the key doesn't drop and is lost forever. Not to mention, there's a danger of dropping keys over spikes and being unable to pick them up because you'll never have full health (although this doesn't happen in any of your levels).

Yeah, I did! There were a few times where I got myself stuck and had to replay the level from the start, so that was a tad frustrating. Especially the parts where you pick up a key, only to find out that you SHOULDN'T have, as the next area forces you to lose it! Besides the few hiccups, most of the levels were pretty well-designed, teaching the player what happens without needing text, like when you pick up the last heart. I really respected that!

That was... surprisingly addictive! That gameplay loop kept me hooked for far longer than I'd like to admit! I like how we can decide how fast or slow to farm by choosing to sell or harvest the goods, leading to this balancing act of having enough plants growing, but not too many at once... At one point, the calm music certainly didn't fit the frantic clicking I was doing! You have a gem on your hands, even though it doesn't quite fit the theme! Good job!

I, uh, don't know how this game relates to the theme... but that was certainly something! It becomes a bit too easy once you figure out you can just fall and spam space... Otherwise, interesting an entertaining~

Ooo, a really pretty-looking game! I really dig the pixel art and animations! It takes a while to get used to the jumping mechanic, and I barely noticed that my health was tied to the dashing... but otherwise this game has potential! Quite satisfying to jump from surface to surface and hit monsters!

This game is surprisingly big for the time that was given to make it! Rather expansive, makes me wanna explore the whole thing... The mechanics need to be explained a lot better, though; I found myself lost and having to figure things out on my own or check the jam page. Other than that, a nice entry! It looks so good!

This was a delightful entry~ Great art, interesting mechanic, smart level design! Only gripe is that the wood blends in with the hallway wallpaper, so you don't notice it until it's too late... Other than that, great game!

A very nice game~ Remembering all the commands are a bit difficult, though... and I did manage to crash the game by accidentally standing under a platform and throwing the box. Other than that, the gameplay is pretty fun, and the art is gorgeous! Well done!

A pretty clever puzzle game, surprisingly~ Has promise, just gotta explore the concept more!

Aah, the juice flows freely in this one~ It took a while to get the grasp of the mechanics, but soon I figured out it was just circling around the enemies, building meter, then spending it all and killing everyone, and then spending 3 bars again! Doesn't mean that it was easy, though... The game feels great, plays well, good job!

Had to admit, I was pleasantly surprised~ You truly took advantage of this mechanic with very clever puzzles! I didn't figure out that I could refill health by standing still, but after that, it was pretty interesting~ This definitely has lots of promise, well done!

Pretty cool entry~ Fun to shoot and jump about, although the portal grenade could use some work... Takes way too long to settle down, and ends up throwing me elsewhere in the level! Otherwise, a promising game... A boss battle would make things interesting~

Pretty cool entry! It's a shame that the weapon doesn't immediately begin charging when you hold down LMB early... Otherwise, the game's pretty challenging, and in a good way~ Well done!

Hell, this is a pretty great game~ Not much critique, it was really well designed, and looks and sounds really nice! Well done~

Pretty sweet entry! Sure, it's the usual slider puzzle game, but you seem to be able to keep things fresh with different block types that form rather interesting puzzles! I especially like the warning mechanic that lets you know going in that direction means death, since there are off-screen hazards in your levels sometimes. Well-designed, good job!

Thank you for the feedback! The physics are a tad buggy, as it was the programmer's first time dealing with the system, so it's not perfect, unfortunately. There's a warning when meteors are about to fall, and you SHOULD, in theory, have enough time to angle your balloon and boost aside... If possible, we'll tweak the numbers and do more playtesting!

A really neat concept! Besides the fact that the lighting sometimes makes it hard to see where you're shooting or jumping, the core gameplay is pretty fun~ I like how you just let the player continue where he left off even after he died; no need to redo all the platforms you've already made! Really smart!

Pretty cool game, although there's nothing to actually attack... The idea is sound, though, has a lot of promise!

Hm... Not too sure if it really fits the theme... The wall-jumping is rather unforgiving, as I can't consistently jump upwards. Maybe with a bit more time and polish, you can salvage this and make something interesting. I certainly like the trail effect, though.

That's a really cool mechanic! Juggling between swinging your mace effectively and moving out of harm's way at the same time is really fun! There are a few problems with spawning, though, where sometimes enemies would appear in the middle and get stuck on the column, and sometimes even hearts! The laser obstacle was also rather unfair, as it was impossible to react to and difficult to keep track of. Still, it's an amazing idea, good job!

A really clever game! It's really challenging to avoid boxes and charge your jump at times, though, and sometimes you can trap yourself by accident, but I suppose that's part of the challenge. If the enemies didn't spawn out of thin air, it would look a lot more polished, but otherwise it's a really pretty looking game! Well done!

Interesting, but really hard game. Killing enemies still damages the player sometimes... I assumed the enemies' sizes depended whether they were in the background or foreground, but swiftly found out it was not the case... They can hit you basically anywhere, but the perspective was very deceptive, always making me think they would pass by me as they were closer to the camera. Still, it's an interesting game with nice art!

Talk about not judging a book by it's cover... Didn't know what to expect, but I certainly didn't expect that! The animations and graphics are hella polished, and the gameplay is actually reasonably challenging! The patterns of enemies and spikes were done pretty masterfully, slowly ramping up in scale and difficulty... All in all, I had a blast. Well done!

A very pretty game~ A little TOO abstract, maybe; took me quite some time to figure out what to do and where to go.  The mechanics were a little vague, too, but I understood one thing: boost to the end. All in all, not a bad game at all~

A rather nice exploration game! The puzzles are actually pretty interesting, although when they're spread out so far with no clear indication where the next switch would be, there's a lot of backtracking that gets tedious after a while. Still, I enjoyed it quite a lot! Good job!

Interesting game... Never really felt the need to jump, as all I had to do was throw bibles forward constantly until I broke boxes and converted people, then pick up the bibles again. Also, the shooting options are odd; when I use the mouse, I expect the bible to fly towards where the mouse is facing, but it shoots where the player is facing. And spamming with the shift key = StickyKeys. And a bit sad they don't tell you your final score! Still, not a bad game~

Really cool game! You certainly nabbed the Downwell aesthetic! The gameplay itself was actually rather interesting, although I found myself resorting solely on the shield. Getting hit means getting one step closer to death, and it didn't seem worth it to get one bullet that couldn't kill an enemy in one hit. Plus, the shield regenerates faster than the health! All in all, a pretty fun game!

Thanks for the feedback! Our programmer had to get used to how physics worked, so we had to settle for what we have now. And yes, you can go down faster... by turning upside down and shooting!

Revenge for your insanely difficult game! Mwahaha!

But thanks for playing, anyway!

Hm, let's see... Your health constantly drains slowly, so when I start shooting with no bullets, I hardly notice that I'm losing life. I played through half the game not realizing there was an ammo counter. Could be fixed with some visual feedback, like the player getting a hurt animation when shooting, or turning the bullets a different color... Something to warn them.

For the increased crosshair damage, again, there's no proper feedback when it happens. I did see that sometimes I dealt 15 damage instead of 10, but there was no indication of why that was the case. Maybe making the crosshair change when hovering over a target, or shooting a bigger bullet when in that state?

All these are just small suggestions, but the main gist is basically giving some form of feedback to the player to make sure they understand something is happening. Maybe you can think of a better way that fits your game!

I normally try to give some proper critique, but... I'm not entirely sure what I just played. It certainly was interesting, though~

A really nice-looking game! Controls are a tad wonky, though, and you have to tap up twice really fast to begin flying, otherwise you just hit the ground again. The attacking is odd, too, as sometimes the hits don't register when standing in the enemy, not to mention your character's orientation is retained from BEFORE the jump. Which leads to weird moments where you fly left, and land facing right, and accidentally attack the wrong way and scooch over the ledge. Still, it has promise~