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Yeah, I did! There were a few times where I got myself stuck and had to replay the level from the start, so that was a tad frustrating. Especially the parts where you pick up a key, only to find out that you SHOULDN'T have, as the next area forces you to lose it! Besides the few hiccups, most of the levels were pretty well-designed, teaching the player what happens without needing text, like when you pick up the last heart. I really respected that!

It's possible I missed something, but I tried to make sure that there was always a way to escape a room or regain a key. Often it's a case of losing health to get through a door or two or losing health to drop a key (so that you can pick them up in a different order) :). 

That's the odd thing: Sometimes, upon losing health and holding keys, the key doesn't drop and is lost forever. Not to mention, there's a danger of dropping keys over spikes and being unable to pick them up because you'll never have full health (although this doesn't happen in any of your levels).

Ah! There's the issue. I never made it clear enough in the game, but if you lose a key it reapawns where you originally found it :)

Ooooooooooooooooooooooh. Well, then it's all hunky dory on that end, then! But yeah, that sounds like an important thing to let the player know~