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A jam entry

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Submitted by JunoStriker with 10 hours, 57 minutes before the deadline

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The player can shoot sideways using A and D, and shoot downwards with A+D. Shooting both attacks and moves the player. The player must move in order to intercept bullets, destroy enemies, dodge obstacles and collect money.

Go to the main game page for more details! Also, leave your top score in the comments, cuz why not!

Third-party resources
bfxr.net - Sound Effects
abundant-music.com - BGM
fakemusicgenerator.com - BGM
Audacity - Cropping BGM
GXSCC - Converting BGM to 8-bit
GraphicsGale - Pixel Art
Microsoft Powerpoint - Non-pixel Art
Unity - Game Engine

Justin Oon - Designer, Artist and 'Composer'
Yuen Theng - Programmer

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Five stars! I love it, the aesthetics are nice, the feeling it's great and the double porpuse mechanic it's used in perfect way here. 
Maybe a few improves can be, first enemies with less life, to make it easier at beginning, and the sfx of shoot, it's a little repetitive, nothing more. 

This game is great! I feel that it really embraces the purpose of the theme. It's really tough, but really fun. My only complaint is that maybe the game should start off a bit easier before the difficulty ramps up. The interest curve would be a lot better if the game had a wave based system. There's a lot of depth to this game wrapped up in a two button control scheme. I was gonna complain about not having a way to go down fast until I realized I could spin all the way around and shoot up. This game is incredibly elegant it its simplicity. Amazing work!

Side note: I noticed the vertical aspect ratio. Are you planning a mobile version? Because that would be sick! This would be the perfect thing to pull out on the bus.  I'd love to play a mobile version of this expanded with waves and unlockable guns/characters.

Really cool game. Killing an enemy and collecting it's money is really satisfying

Fun game, challenging. It took me a few tries to get the hang of the controls. I like how you managed to do so much with so few buttons. Good job!

Very fun, super cute and crazy hard. I really enjoyed this little game and thought it was a perfect fit for the theme.

Tough Game, worth checking this one out. Im a sucker for challenging games. I grew up in the days of nes snes and n64, where you were dropped into a world and had to fend for your life. A game about brightly colored balloons to protect while rapidly attacking and dodging incoming fire. the contrast is fun and the game is addictive

Great game!! Was a lot of fun trying to avoid meteors and shooting at the same time!

Great little game. I just wish the movement was a little quicker. It can be pretty difficult to get out of the way of the meteors. I also had a couple issues where I got turned horizontally and  couldn't continue rotating.


Thank you for the feedback! The physics are a tad buggy, as it was the programmer's first time dealing with the system, so it's not perfect, unfortunately. There's a warning when meteors are about to fall, and you SHOULD, in theory, have enough time to angle your balloon and boost aside... If possible, we'll tweak the numbers and do more playtesting!

This was super challenging to control (move left to move right? mind blown) really interesting mechanics and I like how everything is on 2 buttons

would be great if the balloons felt more like floaty balloons, also wish there was a way to drop down faster/add some gravity to it (or I haven't discovered it yet?)


Thanks for the feedback! Our programmer had to get used to how physics worked, so we had to settle for what we have now. And yes, you can go down faster... by turning upside down and shooting!

Super fun little game, feels nice to play and polished! Everything fits together.

Might be a little hard to learn but it's difficulty is also a fun part of it! :)


Revenge for your insanely difficult game! Mwahaha!

But thanks for playing, anyway!

haha! Indeed :D

I had fun playing it. I liked the health showcased as balloons and the overall score counter makes the game even more competitive !


Thanks for the feedback, and more importantly, for playing the game!