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Thanks for checking it out! Yeah there is only one puzzle left after that. So close yet so far away. We are working on some post jam refinements now and working out how ot add some well thought out puzzles that take advantage of that one mechanic. Burning stuff is fun! Just remember kids, only you can prevent forest fires.

Love the simplicity, and absolutely hooked on the classic side scroller style. This is an exciting little game that I would find myself playing alot especially if it was a bit more flushed out. Way to go!

Potential there. Feels pretty good. I like the concept. Its straight forward enough and easy to get playing right away. Actually felt really difficult to get a game over though. Might just be I am a glutton for punishment

cool thanks! Had fun making it

wow thanks for taking the time. We’re going to have to send some people your way!

Feels like this would be a fun mobile game. I could see myself pretending to get things done at work while climbing to new heights.

Very cool, and impressed by the character artwork and animation. Feels like its on its way to becoming a serious game that could make its way out of this jam and into the hands of gamers everywhere. Don't stop 

yes indeed, a dark minded individual after my own blackened heart :-) more darkness he says. Very helpful feedback actually.  The whole fire mechanic is going to open up a whole gambit of possibilities to experiment with. Thanks for the input, and I hope you follow as we learn to navigate the world of game dev in a dark place, hopefully not setting everything we love on fire along the way :-)

Pros: The dash is cool and i enjoy latching on walls. The tie to the health makes it a game that takes some strategy. 

Cons: Rough gameplay, I feel restricted and slow, And after dying I had to sit and wait. 

Keep up the game creation, keep refining, and way to go

Thanks, we are experimenting with another option for torch (sorry vintage flashlight) that seems to give better control. Excited so many people have checked it out

indeed an oversight... or was it... yeah :-) it was. Thanks for the feedback, that will really help us refine it.

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Dude! our favorite dyl youtuber comes through! Thanks for checking it out

And more levels you shall have my good man, more levels indeed

Tough Game, worth checking this one out. Im a sucker for challenging games. I grew up in the days of nes snes and n64, where you were dropped into a world and had to fend for your life. A game about brightly colored balloons to protect while rapidly attacking and dodging incoming fire. the contrast is fun and the game is addictive

This one took me by suprise. Middle of the night without my sound on I almost lost it when my controller vibrated on my desk. Instantly excite to have a game with controller capabilities. Great style, awesome looking characters, easy enough to start playing right away but challenging enough to make me want more! Way to go

This style is just kickass!  Really love the idea. It feels maybe a bit over complicated. I found myself moving through very slowly and having to overly think the controls. But overall this is an amazing job for 48hours

This is a very creative concept! I love the approach you took. Feels like a puzzle game I could get addicted to. And I love the chill vibe. It doesent capture the theme as well as it should, but it is a fun game and cool mechanic

Awesome work! Its a cool style, and the game mechanic totally captures the theme. Would love to see this put to an in depth story and a full game

Thanks, great point. Its frustrating enough burning your house down looking for an iPhone. Really appreciate the feedback!


Wow! So humbled. Thanks for your glowing review. The music was the skilled piano work of my brother David Bulchak, by the way. Corey Conrad is to thank for all the creative influence that made this game, including naming Kyle Vonhipster. And making the mechanic work was the programming genius of Andrew Williams and Janek Winkler. So truly thankful for all the great feedback we have recieved

Cool appreciate you checking it out!

Read my mind! That is exactly how I would love for it to eventually be. If we ever find time to refine this game into a truly playable title, I think we need a robust fire system. Something that naturally catches and burns the objects in a more natural way. Would make it so much more satisfying!

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Cool thanks! Yeah playing myself I notice how tough it is waving that torch around while also trying to move through the game. Also find out the hard way that running around with fire while navigating the real world is kinda of tough... Don't play with fire kids! GI JOEEEEEE

Thanks, kinda ripe for all kinds of puzzle ideas

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Yeah, for now Im adding controls to the description page, until we can update after the jam. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for taking the time to do this! Watching someone played it helps so much to know where to fix things. 

Thanks! I think we just may develop this further, there's a bunch of puzzles we never got to integrate. Plus all kinds of fixes we want to do now that we got such great feedback.  

So creepy cool. The gameplay is fun and responsive. Instant quick and makes me feel all Antsy inside

Great art, Punchy animation (ya see what I did there ;-) Pretty cool game

The quick snappy feel is what sells it for me. Really great foundation and totally nails the theme

Its got a great feel. I enjoyed playing, and felt challenged to kill these bosses! although all that blood... feeeling.... queezzzzyyy ......................... ok just regained consciousness. Nice job

Not a bad mechanic. Pretty fun

The artwork makes my lil heart sing

Love the simplicity. Was a fun little game! Easy to start playing right away but hard enough to keep me challenged

Very clever! The sky is the limit

Feels like its easier to not dash and just hold still. I like the back and forth use of dash and punch on the mouse. Hope you keep working on this one

Its a genuinely fun game to play. Quickly addictive

This is a tough game! I'm a sucker for challenges, so I had fun! 

Good call! When we add some levels, we will have to think of better ways to handle controls

Thanks! This is our first time as a team finishing a game for a jam. (Artist Nick: for me personally the first completed game lol) So exciting to be a part of this.