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Submitted by DANG! (@videodang) — 5 hours, 8 minutes before the deadline
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Your weapon is a magical boomerang, which, in addition to dealing damage, gives its bearer (that's you) the ability to teleport to it at any time.

Pros and cons are baked into the meat of every action: after throwing your boomerang at an enemy, do you teleport to it to reload faster, potentially putting yourself right in harm's way? Or do you wait for it to return to you, leaving yourself unarmed for those few precious seconds?

Some enemies need to be hit from the back -- do you risk warping around frantically, trying to get to their backsides before they can turn around? Or do you go for the more reliable, but often impractical rebound shot, requiring you to stay mostly motionless while other enemies take advantage of your position?

I don't know. It probably depends. Play the game and find out.

CONTROLS (these are also on the project page, but my gut says a lot of people will only read this):
Left click - Throw boomerang
Left click while boomerang is thrown - Teleport to boomerang
WASD - Move
Space - Jump

Third-party resources
Logic Pro X

Ben Caulkins
Sam Suite

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Really nice graphics and well made game! I included it in my Game Maker Toolkit’s Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Simple yet engaging mechanic. The difficulty is a bit tough from the start but makes sense when influenced by Devil Daggers haha. Highest I reached was Wave 3. Tall enemy that spawns flying heads turns a bit too fast to kill him but enemy types feel cool so far. Something about movement felt stiff, maybe lack of momentum? Or thinking the boomerang is back in my hands before pressing LMB, which causes me to teleport instead of throw. (Which I understand is part of the challenge.) BUT, fits the theme well, love the aesthetic, visual and musically and hope to see this expanded on!


Very cool. A simple idea, but executed really well - it's a tight mechanic.

The aesthetics are unique and there's an impressive amount of content to boot.

One of the best I've played this jam. Good work!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

This game was excellent. The graphical style is perfectly creepy, and the music fits that as well. The concept is fun and well-implemented. The controls feel snappy. The only thing that kept it from getting a perfect score is that with the enemies spawning at seemingly random locations, they tend to sneak up on you way too easily for a game where you can only take one hit. I bet you could rectify this pretty easily with some audio or visual cues. Perhaps some spawn sounds or impending doom sounds as the enemies creep up on you would be useful.

good idea! Yeah, the difficulty definitely needs to be tweaked a bit, or at least some enemies telegraphed a little better.


Really cool! Great visuals, soundtrack, and gameplay! I would, however, have preferred to survive more than one hit, especially with so many enemies coming from behind. Trying to hit the tall guys in the back was always an exciting challenge, however!


This is such an awesome game, I can't believe this was made in only the 48 hours!  I don't even know what to say as feedback.  The difficulty curve was excellent, everything was an A-level of creepy, the boomerang was satisfying and easy to use, like I don't really know what to say.

I guess the only issue I had with it was the pause to submit the score, since I'm not that interested in keeping track. Maybe just put how well you did with the option to put the score to a scoreboard, but also have a skip button?


wow! thank you so much! i'm flattered. that's a good idea. maybe even a way to set a permanent name so the score gets counted automatically without a pause? hmmmm...


This is so great! I love the concept and the lowpoly/pixelly artstyle is awesome.

One recommendation for a post-jam build would be to make global leaderboards. 


yeah, great idea! definitely gonna put up a more polished, fully featured version in a week or two. glad you liked it!


I like it !!!

The mechanic work well, it's just sad that you lose momentum when teleported, but it's still fun to play though.

And the art style is very cool !


Great game!

The art is really creepy and great, and the music also fits the theme really well!

The game play is really fun and responsive, and the difficulty ramps up nicely

definitely want to play more of this, awesome game!


Most Fun from this Jam, not a fan of score games but I like it how there are waves, wouldve been nice to have a crosshair option,  great mechanics though 5 stars


So creepy cool. The gameplay is fun and responsive. Instant quick and makes me feel all Antsy inside