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Bad JujuView game page

A GMTK Jam game where you kill stuff.
Submitted by Sean Noonan (@SeanNoonan) — 3 hours, 3 minutes before the deadline
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Kills enemies

Stopping Shooting:
Reloads your weapon
Sucks gems towards you
Increases movement speed

Using gems (Juju):
Slows down time making it easier to react
Increases the player's rate of fire
Increases the player's fire power
Slows the enemy speed increase (during use)
Slows certain time sensitive objects (the bosses weak spot)

I wanted to build a lot more but only had time for the grunt "floater" enemies and the mini boss. The mini boss can be killed conventionally but is far easier with Juju active.

Third-party resources
Construct 3

Built in Construct 3 and Adobe Photoshop CC

Created in LabChirp

A royalty free music track from Incompetech (credited in game).

Everything else I made myself during the jam.

Just me, Sean Noonan.

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Nice little game! I included it in my Game Maker Toolkit’s Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)

Enjoyed this game! Kinda reminded me of a faster paced Bezerk, and thats a good thing.


Love the game feel. The screen shake really sells the impact of each shot. The colors and minimal aesthetic work well. I like the subtle way the enemy speed and positioning is set up to make the time slowdown mechanic useful. I also like the way the boss emphasizes the importance of that time slowdown mechanic. It's perhaps on the short side, but it was really satisfying to beat after a couple of attempts. Excellent work!


Somebody watched mark brown's video on game feel!  Are you sure you don't work at vlambeer?  Great game!  Short and sweet!


Has a great game feel and the time mechanic is pretty satisfying to use.  


Great fun game :)


This game has the juice!

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

Great game and with it being this difficult, it's surprisingly rewarding getting to new levels. Nice to see Construct 3 being used, sorry to hear about the crashes though.


Scirra have since fixed one of the crashes that plagued me most during the jam \o/


awesome game,the sound effects mixed very well with the juiciness, it made me feel really good when i cleared the stage! 


This has really good game feel. Nice work!


Solid, engaging experience. The polish and feel made it stand out. Color, animation, music, overall aesthetic pleasing. My only criticism is that it was too easy. I didn't use Juju until a second run through and at that point, it was super quick to blaze through. The time slow on the Juju was really cool and I think that could've been pushed more. Maybe the enemies being fast enough that you were required to use Juju to make it through. 


Yeah, it was definitely meant to be an introduction level. The eye ball "boss" was meant to be a standard enemy - I just buffed the health to give the game more of an ending.

And you better believe I wanted to do more with Juju/time slow. Moving the player faster for example. I just ran out of time. Rather ironic :)


Game feels impactful and juicy, really well polished Sean. Lots of fun. Main gripe is that I didn't figure out how to juju until the boss xD


Don't recommend playing this on a trackpad. :-D

The floater's speed seemed to pick up really fast, and the benefits from the gems are perhaps too subtle. But the game feel is great. Good job.


Yeah, it wasn't until this morning that I realised this will be impossible to play on a trackpad due to requiring LMB and RMB at the same time. I'll add some alternate keys in an update :)


Very juicy entry! 


Good game! Only the screen shake was too much for me.. :D