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Enjoyed this game! Kinda reminded me of a faster paced Bezerk, and thats a good thing.

Thanks i'm able to download it now. Chrome was just being goofy.

Demo is no longer up?

I'm a fan of the shmup genre (Cave, Raiden,  Treasure). And Guns of Mercy is already part of my daily gaming that I make time for throughout the day.  So therefore, had to try this out once i heard about it.

I found this game to be a bit bizarre, not in the bad sense but just different. And perhaps thats a good thing.  Everything from the graphic styling to the music was very different than what I'm use to seeing in other shmups.  Its kinda like a mix of the typical bullet-hell genre, mixed with the teleportation of Velocity Ultra/Penelope. Slightly slower paced but still has many tense moments.

I didn't quite enjoy the first level too much. I initially thought those diamonds you first see were powerups or collectibles - to my surprise they weren't. The level pacing and patterns felt strange. The music was also bizarre. The whole entire time i forgot that I can even teleport. But that was just the first level.

The second level i thoroughly enjoyed quite more. It kinda reminded me the second level from Ikaruga. Obviously now I had to make use of the teleportation. The same with the 3rd level. However, this is trial by fire type game. Even skilled shmup players will die many times (perhaps a bit much from the looks of it) until they can actually memorize the level properly. 

I did enjoy the boss fights though. They were insanely overwhelming but it was fun and done well.

All in all, i enjoyed the game. Definitely looking to see how it all turns out.

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This game is bare knuckle brutal - hence the name. But addictive at the same time always making you want to try it out just once more. Definitely one of the better games I've played in a while.

I lift and i still find this game hard.

Holy shit this awesome. Its like going back to the early 90's and playing a VR Wolf3d!!!!!!!!!!! The wall collisions kinda tripped me up a bit though.

Pretty insane game. However, it seriously needs control pad support.

Woah...how did you get the CRT shader on there??

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just testing...and I'm first :-D.