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This is great stuff!

This is cool! I like the aesthetics and music.

Good stuff!

Interestingly, i actually had a game planned out very similar to this.

Not such a big deal but is there anyway to turn off the loading music when Game Creator loads up?

For some odd reason, i keep thinking of Tron 2.0 when i see this title....anyways, off to try out the demo!

How do we exit this game??


Enjoyed this game! Kinda reminded me of a faster paced Bezerk, and thats a good thing.

Thanks i'm able to download it now. Chrome was just being goofy.

Demo is no longer up?

This game is bare knuckle brutal - hence the name. But addictive at the same time always making you want to try it out just once more. Definitely one of the better games I've played in a while.

I lift and i still find this game hard.

Holy shit this awesome. Its like going back to the early 90's and playing a VR Wolf3d!!!!!!!!!!! The wall collisions kinda tripped me up a bit though.

Pretty insane game. However, it seriously needs control pad support.

just testing...and I'm first :-D.