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nevermind works now, stupid chrome webgl settings had to be reloaded

Appears to be stuck on loading screen


I got to Assorted Horrors. This game is nuts. I love it.

This is pretty cool.

Cool game! What did you use to make the music?

This looks as if it should be playable on mobile.

Love it!!!

This is great stuff!

Good stuff!

Interestingly, i actually had a game planned out very similar to this.

Not such a big deal but is there anyway to turn off the loading music when Game Creator loads up?

For some odd reason, i keep thinking of Tron 2.0 when i see this title....anyways, off to try out the demo!

How do we exit this game??


Enjoyed this game! Kinda reminded me of a faster paced Bezerk, and thats a good thing.

Thanks i'm able to download it now. Chrome was just being goofy.

Demo is no longer up?

This game is bare knuckle brutal - hence the name. But addictive at the same time always making you want to try it out just once more. Definitely one of the better games I've played in a while.

I lift and i still find this game hard.

Holy shit this awesome. Its like going back to the early 90's and playing a VR Wolf3d!!!!!!!!!!! The wall collisions kinda tripped me up a bit though.

Pretty insane game. However, it seriously needs control pad support.

just testing...and I'm first :-D.